The announcement on the forum today outlined the changes to refinement, enchantments and runestones.  There will be new level 14, reduced rp costs and increased stats all round except for bondings. Some of the refining drops will be simplified. Bonding will proc for 15 seconds and a cool down of 30 seconds with reduced stats and companion’s gift.  Eldridge runestones that gives pets stats in defence slots have been increased. Check it out here: Forum news post

If you want to read the breakdown of the new stats, here it is:

This has yet to hit preview and there will be plenty of discussion before it hits mod 12B.  We will keep you posted as more information comes to hand.  It may be worth considering not upgrading your bondings this weekend and take a wait and see approach until more is known and pick other refining goals.

update 1/9/17 – see comment below

update 2/9/17 the patch for this is available on preview