With mod 12b the entire refinement process is changing and this article is a breakdown of the process. Many seems afraid that this will be a big problem but I hope this article will help ease the fears.  Please feel free to ask any questions below and I will do my best to answer it

Refinement Points

With the new system we will only have a refinement currency and it will not take up space in your inventory. Do not be afraid though we still get items that can be converted into refinement items. This include the items that drop from Wanderer’s fortune, Dragon hoard enchantments, etc. We can now also break down a vast number of items that include gear.. those green unidentified items can be identified and then converted to Refinement point. Finally a use for VIP scrolls  🙂


Regents are being simplified with basically just 2 types of regents. The Mark of potency we have now and the new Enchantment stones.

Enchantment stones can now drop in Dread ring and dungeons with the new Superior Enchantment Stones only dropping in end game dungeons(currently Tomb of the 9 gods)

The standard (blue) enchantment stones can be easily farmed in Leadership Professions.

Mark of potency can be bought on the auction house or Wondrous basaar.There is also a rare chance of it dropping in dungeons in Dreadring

PLEASE NOTE : We will no longer need a 2nd of same type during refinement

Refinement Chart

Enchantment/Runestone Ranks:


Rank Chance Success RP Required Materials Total RP Required(from rank 1)
1->2 100% 2 Minor Potency  2
2->3 90% 5 2x Minor Potency  7
3->4 80% 20 Lesser Potency  27
4->5 70% 75 2x Lesser Potency  102
5->6 60% 300 Potency  402
6->7 50% 1200 2x Potency  1602
7->8 40% 5000 Greater Potency  6602
8->9 30% 15000 2x Greater Potency  21602
9->10 20% 30000 2x Greater Potency + 3x Enchantment Stones  51602
10->11 10% 40000 Superior Potency  91602
11->12 5% 50000 2x Superior Potency + 3x Greater Enchantment Stones  141602
12->13 3% 55000 Ultimate Potency  196602
13->14 1% 60000 2x Ultimate Potency + 3x Superior Enchantment Stones  256602

This means , to get from rank 1 to rank 14, you only need :

  • 257 Black opals or
  • 51 Blood rubies or
  • 1711 Aquamarines



Gemstones are changing too with a few new ones being added

Rank Refinement Points
Quartz (new) 1
Faintly Glowing Citrine 10
White Pearl 10
Amethyst (new) 25
Peridot 50
Black Pearl (new) 100
Aquamarine 150
Resplendent Citrine 180
Dravite 250
Emerald (new) 250
Dread Spinel 250
Flawless Sapphire 500
Black Opal 1000
Amnian Jadeite 2500
Blood Ruby 5000
Alexandrite (new) 10000
Brilliant Diamond 25000
Violet Diamond (new) 50000
Teal Diamond (new) 100000

Example :

I made a enchantment and here is the screens of the process.