The overhaul of the professions system as well as the value of gear, new salvage rules and new RAD sources are significant changes.

Anything with a Final Update designation has been updated post Mod 15.

  1. Salvage everything you’re not using. Final Update:  Don’t salvage Stronghold Masterwork Weapons. They receive a significant boost automatically and become BIS. You may not want to salvage the Bronzewood and Beaded rings either. They receive a similar IL bump up.
  2. Collect the VIP character rewards on every alt, every day (if reroll tokens are account bound you want to maximize the keys on every alt). Update: As of now on the preview server, reroll tokens are not character or account bound. Final Update: Reward Reroll tokens are character bound in Mod 15.
  3. Spend all seals to buy salvage gear and salvage those purchases. Final Update: You can exchange 100 seals for 1000 RAD in Mod15, but this recommendation makes sense if you get bonus AD from VIP. You will net more with this strategy (with VIP RAD) than after Mod 15.
  4. Save your Tomes of Experience and burn them after Mod 15 hits. You get guaranteed RAD and Refining Points with every rollover experience reward. Yes, the RAD and RP is not huge, but the amount certainly beats 5 black pearls.
  5. Open every Leadership bag with RP on October 18 (during the double stones event); you might already be planning to do this independently from the Mod 15 release. You will not be able to make and open these Leadership items again.
  6. Get any profession you’re working on to level 25 on a character. Update: If you have the gold, leveling tasks (especially Gathering) will be easier in Mod 15. There is no need to get every alt to level 25. Final Update: You only need one profession maxed out to get level 70 Gathering (the new leadership) for free.
  7. Get nine professions slots open on a character. Update: We are still investigating but having more slots open appears to provide for more initial Gathering and crafting slots available. In the official forums this is currently noted as not available for testing. More to come on this. Final Update: This is still a good recommendation. For each slot you have open you get the choice of a single artisan in Mod 15. The first three are common, the second three are blue and the last three are purple artisan choices.
  8. Covert any 4 green professions items or people to blue; any 4 blue to purple. Update: If you have one or two greens or blues on an alt, consider moving that to a single character to upgrade that gear. On the preview server currently you’ll be able to move your “legacy” professions gear and people using mail as we can in the pre-Mod 15 world, but once you trade in your “legacy” professions equipment the new items are bound to character. Also, auction house prices for professions resources have gone up since the announcement of Mod 15; do not feel you need to buy these to upgrade anything from green to blue and blue to purple.
  9. Hoard any stone or gem worth Refining Points that you can sell (i.e. unbound). Update: Refining points may be more readily available (and cheaper) in Mod 15 for two reasons: a. all the gear now salvaged for Astral Diamonds will be used for Refining Points, and b. our initial Mod 15 professions testing indicates that those already highly invested in professions can generate more than 4000 times the unbound Refining Points production of pre-Mod 15.
  10. Hoard Black Ice overload enchantments (the Black Ice Profession is going away). Update: Lesser black ice prices stay the same in campaign window (i.e. purchased with campaign currency). Greater overloads will now only drop from Kessell’s Retreat,  much like the dragon overloads enchantments which only drop from Epic Lair of Lostmauth, Epic Shores of Turin and Tiamat.
  11. If you’ve got Jewelcrafting, get that to 25; raw refining points are going to be refined with Jewelcrafting.
  12. negSave your gold if you plan on doing professions in Mod 15. Gold will be used in the new professions. If you have radiant enchants or prosperity insignia, keep those to boost your gold production. Radiant enchants in utility slots boost gold gain, as does the Stronghold Explorer’s Boon and Prosperity Insignias in mounts. The most effective way to convert Guild Marks into gold (if you choose to do so) appears to be converting Silk Thread from the Tenterground (or Moonsea Salt from the Bloomery) in the Stronghold (roughly 750 copper per Guild Mark). Update:  While saving gold is good, there are currently ways to make more gold with professions than you spend. Workman’s Balm in Alchemy is such a task. This update is not considered final because this may get adjusted at some point.
  13. Masterwork resource maps will still be needed, so save your Guild Marks. Update: If you currently buy Professions resource maps in the Stronghold to sell the ingredients for AD, continue doing that. If you’re going to do Professions in Mod 15, consider converting Guild Marks to gold (see #11). Final Update: Save your Guild Marks as there are new resources that you need to make the +1 gear in the new system and you’ll need to buy Stronghold maps to acquire those.
  14. Keep making campaign keys. The secondary chests in dungeons will still require keys, either the campaign keys or legendary keys. Epic dungeon chests appear to give between 2,500 and 7,000 RAD. Update: As of right now in preview 50 voninblod can be exchanged for 1,000 RAD, but making the campaign key costs 2000 voninblod; so save your voninblod. Here’s the thinking: the most RAD that the 2,000 voninblod campaign key will net is 10k, whereas 2,000 voninblod will net 40k RAD. The break even exchange would be about 500 voninblod per 1000 RAD but at the current exchange rate, save all your voninblod and make keys later if the price rises.
  15. Running the weekly for each campaign will keep up the flow of campaign currency up for keys. Update: Campaign currencies can be exchanged for RAD in Mod 15. Zone currency is probably going to be part of the common strategy to hitting your RAD daily cap.
  16. Depending on the price of Ultimate Enchanting Stones (UES), you may want to sell those now since the re-roll tokens for those chests (you get up to 4 re-roll tokens per run) will increase the number of UESs harvested from a single run. Other valuable commodities, like the Key of Stars or Orcus Wand, may be similarly affected. Update: there is an Incentive Trader that will allow you to buy a UES. Final Update: Running the new K-Team queues (hardmode with lower ILs) each week will net you Incentives that will allow you to purchase UESs and other high-end goods.
  17. Pick everything up off the ground and sell what you’re not going to use for gold. If you are doing professions, gold will be a key cost for you. If you are not doing professions, the trade value for gold will increase substantially, and is an easy way to prepare.

There’s a great tour from the Infernal Paragons about Mod 15 with lots of visual images as well that you might want to check out.