The locales in Neverwinter provide an immersive experience for running content. Running content mostly supersedes stopping to take in the environmental design. The “From Another View” series features multiple entries focused on the player environment. The Lair of Lostmauth entry presented some views not often seen while running content in that dungeon.

This entry focuses on some of the details just beyond player’s views in the Battle to the Bridge version of Ilusionist’s Gambit. There are many other environments for Illusionist’s Gambit but those are not covered here.

The disc on which players battle is dropped right into the same bridge that you fight across way back in your early levels.

01 Battle of the Bridge at Night

You might be asking how this the disc is inserted into the existing environment. A sneak peek below the disc shows us the answer is that the disc simply floats over the bridge.

02 Under the disc

Just out of reach, players see that there are spectators taking in the battle.

03 IG spectators

What’s that in the foreground, a random ghost? A closer look shows us that the ghost is actually our headstrong friend Private Wilfred. Although Wilfred remains expressionless, surely he rooting for us.

04 Wilfred

Conversely, Valindra, her dracolich and Lukan of the Mystic Veil watch on, no doubt hoping to see the adventurers fail.

05 Valindra

While adventurers may fail in the Illusionist’s Gambit we know that in the end each of these foes are bested, but you won’t find spoilers here.

If you’d like a closer look at the images above, click on the thumbnails below.