The locales in Neverwinter provide an immersive experience for running content. Running content mostly supersedes stopping to take in the environmental design. The “From Another View” series features multiple entries focused on the player environment. In our earlier review of the Illusionist’s Gambit Battle of the Bridge, we focused on the content just out of view. In this entry, we present Illusionist’s Gambit (IG) in the Gauntlgrym Throne Room.

01 - ToDG discThe Gauntlgrym Throne Room arena already had a nice open space which was perfect to just plop the IG disc into that space.

02 - outside ToDG room

Interestingly, the entire dungeon architecture is populated outside the throne room. This leads me to believe that the developers just took an existing instance of the throne and built up from there. I’ll cover clues in our next photo as to which specific instance they used. In the screen capture to the right you can see on the far right hand side that the large gears you partially see in the corridors are complete oversized gears that extend well out into the void beyond your view.

03 - Spectators

As with most IG instances, we have spectators looking on at our progress. Appropriate to the setting, Thibbledorf  Pwent vigorously roots us on, Bruenor Battlehammer raises his mug of ale to our excellence in battle, and Drizzt exhibits elvish characteristics with a “I don’t really care” pose on the right side of the throne. This scene is clearly repurposed from the celebratory epilogue of the Maze Engine campaign.


Lukan of the Mystic Veil makes his obligatory appearance as well, kind of like Stan Lee in a Marvel movie.

Did you know that not only does Bruenor have a foamy mug of ale on his shield, but he can also magically pull out a mug of ale from behind his shield at any time? It’s good to the king!

You may not have noticed, but behind the throne is a door that leads to what you might suspect is a vault. What would you expect a dwarf king to keep in this vault behind this throne? Gold? Clearly Bruenor is working on his Mod 15 professions because all the gold is gone.

Finally, to give you another view of the throne room, we zoom out to a perspective high above the entry doorway. This is a great image where you see the likeness of dwarves in the entire room architecture. From the fire pits and the vault to the stone dwarves holding up the ceiling on top of the pillars, you definitely feel the dwarven theme of the throne room.

06 - Dwarven craftmanship

If you’d like a closer look at the images above, click on the thumbnails below.