The locales in Neverwinter provide an immersive experience for running content. Running content mostly supersedes stopping to take in the environmental design. The “From Another View” series features multiple entries focused on the player environment. In our last entry, we covered Illusionist’s Gambit (IG) in the Gauntlgrym Throne Room. This version covers the IG instance in the Castle Never (demon version) portal room.


For purposes of this IG instance, the players are immediately dropped onto the Mad Wizard Layer disc in the center portal of the five they would normally enter separately in Castle Never. As with all the IG instances, we have spectators watching the battle. These spectators reside on platforms around the center which would normally be accessed by the portals in Castle Never which line the outer ring of the room.

The first spectator, who stands alone, is a Balor. The second spectator set includes Lukan, our illusionist host, who interestingly looks behind him, perhaps with a sense of nervousness?

Is Lukan nervous because Orucs is not one of his planned illusions? Yes, our final spectator is the demon lord Orcus himself. He stands at the back end of the platform, however, so players may never know that the demon lord is present.


For our final view we strip away the pervasive green and fog that the content artists apply across the entire instance. The remaining view leaves a cold, skeletal feel to the platforms. This view, however, clearly shows the IG disc applied on the center platform.


If you’d like a closer look at the images above, click on the thumbnails below.