The locales in Neverwinter provide an immersive experience for running content. Running content mostly supersedes stopping to take in the environmental design. The “From Another View” series features multiple entries focused on the player environment. In our last entry we covered Illusionist’s Gambit (IG) in Castle Never. This entry covers the IG instance in the Old Dragon’s Lair.

The IG disc hovers above a pathway in front of an approach to a dragon lair similar to the structure in the Lair of Lostmauth. Also similarly to Lostmauth, the battle takes place underground.


As players battle, red dragons fly overhead, circling the area in a broad arc. Here’s a good look at the fully rendered dragons that circle the battle since players will never get this close to the dragons otherwise.


The path below the disc in runs well beyond the player’s view. The entire subterranean environment is rendered, even though players don’t interact or see most of the environment. The path is can followed in Chapter Four of the Maze Engine in the quest Adventures of the Lost Artifact, where you team up with Makos to retrieve a quest-related artifact.

As with all IG instances, we have spectators. In this instance Lukan of the Mystic Veil, our illusionist host, stands with our Old Dragon host.


To the right of our spectators players can see the approach to the Old Dragon’s structure, where you approach and reclaim the quest artifact in the Maze Engine campaign.


What lies at the foot of the door, far back from the player’s view? In our last image we see the expected, gold! As we know from Lostmauth’s Lair, as well as Dungeons and Dragons lore, dragons love to keep lots and lots of treasure. Too bad players can’t grab this gold; they certainly would have an advantage in Module 15 Crafting. (If you’re interested in Mod 15 Crafting, check out our guide.)


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