The Masquerade Master is
in lower PE this year.

The Masquerade of Liars is a seasonal event that has a unique team structure. Each year a belt-slottable full character transmute is available. The transmutes are a witch, scarecrow and werewolf (for 2019). Last year’s transmute looked like the Razorwood companion. Our alliance largely joined that team and won. If you want to see the subsequent party that ensued after our victory, check out the Groot page we created.

Once you select your team, you need to fill the task bar to be eligible to receive the transmute. You do this by completing the daily quests documented below enough times to qualify for the reward.

The progress bar for
qualification for the transmute
Last year’s reward is bound to account so you
don’t need to worry about grinding for all your toons.

Note: The contest master is a red ghost under the big tree, the Tree of Elemental Balance, in Protectors Enclave.  The Cloaks Alliance is choosing the Howling Lunatics for 2019, so talk to Gibbous Wayne.  You will receive a mask you have to wear as you talk to other ghosts (see the Daily ghost Quests section below). If you’re running Gibbous Wayne’s (that’s the name of the werewolf) quests on a second character choose the option that says ‘I need a mask’.

How to participate

Visit the Masquerade Master to collect quests. There are three quests you will need to do daily.

  1. Secret and lies (daily quest): after speaking to the Masquerade Master (image above) go to the Moonstone Mask, speak to the Masquerade Loremaster, and go back to PE to hand in the quest. The Loremaster is on the lower level in the room underneath the stairs to the lower level.
The Howling Lunatics are the Alliance choice for 2019

2. Trade of treats (daily quest): trade 5 Liar’s Charms (you get charms from the pumpkins around PE) with the masquerade illusionists in PE to receive Illusionist’s Bags, hand in the quest and then get Gathering lies quest that asks you do collect a Liar’s Charm outside of  PE (you get this as a drop from a battle or from a skill node; I went to Omu, fought two mobs and had one drop).

Note: the Secret and Lies quest, and the Trade of Treats and Seek and Treat quests, are daily, but you only need to talk to the contest master once when you begin doing Masquerade activities.

3. Seek and Treat (daily ghost quests)

Make sure you have the mask on. Found in PE, Caer Konig, Port Nyanzaru, and Mantol Derith. Ghosts are big or small, red or blue/white. Be warned! Some give treats some transport you as a trick. Once you collect 5 treats from these zones, you return to your team leader.

Getting Masquerade tokens: Collect the pumpkins and trade them for Bags of Illusionist Goods.  The bags will have the tokens and drop the occasional Beholder Piñata. They also drop the Illusionist Mask artifact and the Mask of Veils and Mask of Shadows which are needed to refine the Illusionist Mask artifact.

Don’t worry about doing this quest on a daily basis. Just keep the quest open as you adventure and collect the addition Bag of Illusionist Goods when you reach 50.

Illusionist Mask Artifact: There are two versions of this artifact. The first is the same mask you’ve received every year for the Masquerade. You have to fully level this version of the Mask to buy the Empowered version of the Mask, which makes a full artifact giving 1,000 Power and Recovery and 600 AP gain. As with each year, the first version of the Mask requires refining items that can only be received during the Masquerade by doing the daily quests for the Masquerade Master.

Artifact Progression Tip: When the first mask you level up is still blue, you can buy the Memento of Leira and Mask re-agents needed for the artifact mask from the masquerade store for Masks of Veil and Shadows (which drop from Illusionist Bags). Once you upgrade the Mask to purple, however, you can only get Mementos of Leira and Mask as a reward from the daily quests you do for the Masquerade Master.

Getting the Enchanted Broom: (bind on pickup to account, bind on equip to character)

  • You need 200 liar charms to buy the knotty wood;
  • You need to open Beholder Piñatas that drop the Enchanted witch’s sash (1), as well as;
  •  Twenty five (25) enchanted bristles (25) which drop from Illusionist’s Bags;
  • Once you get all the parts and have 50k AD, you can purchase the broom from the store. As noted, the Broom is bind to Account until a character equips the mount.

Other goodies: Dyes, potions, Masks, Fashion and Companions as Splinters. Note, the Splinter broom companion can be great for new players given the three offensive slots and three ring slots.

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