M15.smlA ton of changes dropped on November 6th with the Module 15, the Heart of Fire. Where do you start? Here’s our attempt to distill everything to key activities:

  • The K-Team Dungeon Challenge
    You need to run this random queue dungeon, which changes weekly, with the new minimum IL and hardcore mode options to earn the IOUs from Omin which allow you to buy the IL 600 gallant gear as well as other loot.
  • Neverember’s Recruitment Event
    Any level 1 new character can participate in this event until January 1st 2019 and receive bonus loot. The only connection to the Heart of Fire campaign is that leveling characters can receive incentives for buying loot from doing Mod 15 tasks.
  • The Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign
    There are new boons to be had as part of your internship with the Acquisitions Inc. team. Get started by grabbing a recruitment flyer in Protector’s Enclave. There’s one posted on the wall of the new Acquisitions Inc. headquarters.
  • The Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish
    This new skirmish comes with the Heart of Fire campaign and drops M15 campaign currency, RAD, new IL 500 shirt and pants.
  • Free Pack of Goods
    From the Rewards Claim Agent in Protectors Enclave. You can claim the free pack of goods, which jumpstarts your progress in the Heart of Fire campaign, on only one character per account, so choose wisely.
  • Professions Overhauled
    Whether you liked the old professions system or not, you’re being thrown into the new professions system.

Other Notable Changes:

Good hunting in Mod 15!