On January 1 2019 Alliance member Kinst L’er passed away.

Kinst L’er streamed on Twitch as KodeReader. He was a long time Neverwinter streamer. He always welcomed new players and offered advice in stream for any questions about the game. At the same time he was always delighted to see experienced players return to his stream and welcomed them like family.

Kode was also Legit guild member. He brought the inclusiveness of the Legit community to his stream and always offered to help where he could. He was a vocal player who was passionate about many things:

  • the unlimited potential of Neverwinter;
  • playing the game your way (which he practiced with his own CW build); and
  • getting new players engaged in the game in a positive way.

Our Alliance discord has filled with remembrances, condolences and a clear sentiment that Kode will be missed.

Our fallen comrade and Neverwinter ambassador of welcome and goodwill, Kinst L’er, is now a ranking officer in Greycloaks. May he rest in peace.