Here is one of the few opportunities you get to laugh at yourself and experiment with builds and gear and its called K Team.  What is K team you ask? K team is where a dungeon every week can be played for a weekly reward of IOU for the level 600 gear. The catch is that you are are reduced to minimal item level, the dungeon is in hardcore mode and no deaths are allowed or you start again.

While I personally skipped CR, we have successfully completed VT and Esot, but gave Msp up after the ball refused to appear at the first boss.  Every dungeon has a different minimal item level which means your hit points in MSP will be different to your hit points in Malabogs.  This is where the fun and the challenge kicks in, completing it with the unexpected.  This week the K Team challenge is Malabogs, easy you say.  Did we mention that Valindra throws enough damage that is twice the amount of your hit points at the end?

Yes, you can die in K Team and you will have to restart it, but the experimenting with builds, gear and even guild boons makes it fun especially if you don’t take death too seriously because guess what, in every group nearly, death happens. Don’t kick the person who died in the team, don’t yell at the person who died either (for I am sure they are learning by their mistakes). For those who remember Mod 6 and the one shots by the archers in ECC you know what I mean. Just pick yourself up off the floor, have a laugh and go again, maybe tweaking something different.