The Versatile Oathbound Paladin

While we don’t know what Mod 16 will bring, we do know that Oathbound Paladins are currently a desirable addition to about any party composition in Neverwinter. This entry is a case study of one of our Alliance members and their journey to a 15k IL Oathbound Paladin in 30 days on a budget of about 2 million Astral Diamonds (AD). We attempt to present the strategy in 12 steps below.

NOTE: Building a 15k OP for 2 million AD in 30 days isn’t achievable for your first character in the game on this kind of budget. Being a member of a large, supportive guild with resources also helped make this OP possible on a 2 million AD budget. Without guild support you can easily add another 1 million AD to the budget. We’ve included a sourcing table at the end of the post to help guide your search for resources.

Building this OP leverages an existing “end game” character and adds a new OP to your existing character list. The definition of “end game” here is that you are no longer prioritizing resources for that character and have a modicum of resources from some of the major events already in hand. We call these out in our case study below. In this case study our existing “end game” character was 16k IL and has completed all PVE content, thus allowing us access to all the Account Unlock PVE content.

Ideally the addition of an OP comes between modules, when Refining Points (RP) are plenty (you probably have a backlog then anyway) and time can be focused on the OP.

12-Step Strategy

  1. Build: Target a specific build to narrow the focus of you build. OPs have lots of options, from full tank to devotion with options in between like a dps/powershare/buff build. Check out the OP Discord server or a site like to select a build that will serve as your plan. This case study selected a dps/powershare build. We did not select a dragonborn; that choice would have blown our budget.
  2. Enchantments: Get Azure enchantments and plug them into utility slots. You’ve probably got rank 8s in your bank or guild vault. (If you want, you can use Regal Insignias in mount slots, but the 30 day timeline was achieved without those). Grab Radiants for HP and Power. You’re targeting Rank 11 Radiants and you’ll probably use those Preservation Wards from your main toon getting what you start with up to Rank 11. You’re probably starting with some Rank 7 or 8 Bonding Runestones. You’ll want to get your Bonding Runestones to as high as you can go with your existing AD and refining stones.
  1. Neck/Waist: Use AD to buy your neck and belt items. We had every piece of the Skull Lord’s set already in inventory so we slotted those items. You’ll want to upgrade those neck and waist items to IL 500. Another great option here is the Barovian set if you can get your hands on that set for a bargain.
  2. Getting to 70: Grind out the into quests to get to level 70. Running around doing HEs with guildies in the Stronghold can accelerate this greatly. Check your inventory for a free XP booster; if you already have an endgame 70 character, odds are you’re sitting on at least one from some event. Also turn on the guild XP boon. You’re not going to have all the boons when you hit 15k and those can be obtained over time. Getting to 70 should take 2-3 days and weekends are perfect times for this. Check to see if there’s an upcoming Double XP event and target that weekend. After you hit 70, you can throw those Azure enchants on to your companion in offense slots to boost your critical chance and put traditional utility enchants like Darks or Quartermasters in those Utility slots.
  1. Weapons: Once you hit level 70, head on over to Chult for your Primal weapons, Upper Primal Pants and hopefully a Shadowstalker Ring. Use your RP to bring your weapons to IL 500. Prioritize your Main Hand if you’re short on RP or refining stones.
  2. Starting Gear: Next head over to Ravenloft for gear. Start with the Vistani gear. Then grab hunt posters from the AH and guildies to help your grab the specialty gear for your build.
  1. Other Gear: Pick up the Adamantine Chausses +1 from the AH (around 9k AD) and slot those with a Radiant enchant.
  2. Rings: You’ll want at least one double Offense slot ring and a Bronzewood Raid Ring (IL 560) will quickly get you there. Those are less than 400k on the AH now but make sure you ask in guild or alliance chat if someone can craft one for you. The free alternative would be the Ring of Offensive Action from Makos in Omu.
  3. Artifacts: As far as artifacts go, target those desired for your build but also look to see if you can achieve the primary objectives (more power, ArP or HP) by using an easily obtainable class artifacts. Check your guild bank for possible artifacts as well. Artifacts on the AH can be quite reasonable as well. If you’re buying artifacts, target at least Rank 60 and save the RP for other upgrades.
  4. Weapon Enchant: For weapon enchantments, a moderate Feytouched can be found on the AH for around 200k AD, but only select Feytouched if you’re committed to ranking that to transcendent. Again, check your guild bank for options here too. You can always contribute to your party with an alternate like Terror if that can be had for cheap or found in the guild bank. Good options here include Plaguefire, Terror, Frost or Holy if you’re not going to rank your Feytouched to transcendent.
  5. Companions: You’re probably sitting on a free companion coupon. Use that for a tiger from the Zen store. Odds are that your guild also has companions to flesh out your slots. You’re going to have to forego the Razorwood, but archons and the Deep Crow Hatchling are all in the 200-250k range.
  6. Mounts: You’ve also probably got a free mount or two sitting around. Slot those in with the cheapest Insignias for now, or if you have to, buy the cheapest mounts that get you the Insignia Bonuses you need. If you bought a mount from the Zen store for your first character you can claim that again for your new OP. Here’s a great site for mount insignia data.

EXTRA: If you’ve got extra Zen to spare, buy the campaign buyout bundle and use patronage tokens for the Cloaked Ascendancy and Jungles of Chult (or buy those out too if you’re super wealthy).

Sourcing Guide

In Hand
Azure Enchantments
Radiant Enchantments
Bonding Stones
Preservation Wards
Refining Stones
Refining Points

Options (if available or desired)
XP Booster
Bronzewood Raid Ring
Regal Insignias

Neck gear
Waist gear
Adamantine Chausses +1

Bought As Needed
Bonding Runestones
Refining Stones
Ravenloft Hunt Posters

Enjoy your new Oathbound Paladin!