Main NPCs for the Feast or Lanterns

The Feast of Lanterns is a new event. This year, 2019, celebrates the Boar, as seen in the banners hanging around Protector’s Enclave.

The Festival Crier appears in front of the event dais in Protector’s Enclave. Festival participation starts with her via the quest to needed to open quests from the other NPCs on the dais.

Behind the Crier, from left to right in the image to the right are: the Festival Vendor, the Far Eastern Envoy and the Far Eastern Pyrobolist.

The Festival Vendor is your point to shop in the Feast of Lanterns store. Items include the Boar Shoat augment companion, the New Year’s Boar mount, fireworks and food buffs.

The Festival Vendor also has a quest you can complete for event rewards. You need to interact with the Far Eastern Envoy and listen to his explanation of the festival in order to complete the quest.

The Feast of Lanterns Festival Vendor also has an event quest

Event items are purchased from the Festival Vendor with two currencies: Lunar Coins and Boar Coins. You can earn repeat Lunar Coins by continued completion of quests from the Envoy and Pyrobolist, but Boar Coins are limited to two a day.

The Far East Envoy, Lord Taishi Fei, who says you can also call him Shulun, gives you a repeatable quest to deliver Red Envelopes to specific individuals in Protector’s Enclave. The map below shows where these individuals are located, as indicated by the red circles.

The Far Eastern Pyrobolist also gives you a repeatable quest to prepare the firework mortars for the event and to initiate a fireworks show. The map below shows the locations of the firework mortars:

To initiate the fireworks, look for the sparkling floor between the staircases near the upper fountain in Protector’s Enclave, here:

The Pyrobolist also gives you a quest to earn a new emote, specifically the “Pet” emote:

Find the Cowardly Dogs can be visually difficult

The quest has you find dogs around Protector’s Enclave where you pet them via the “F” interaction mechanism. There are 30 spawn points and 8 are up at any one time.

The dogs are somewhat problematic to see as often they blend in to the environment well, especially given the lower light levels of the festival.

The dogs often whimper when you get close to them and this audible clue can help in finding them, but unfortunately the sound from the fireworks streaming into the air is near the same hertz as the dog whimper, which had me guessing if I heard a firework or a dog whimper.

Finally, there’s a new companion and hairstyles available from the event. Check out the official Neverwinter news posting for images of both the companion and the hairstyles. Here’s what the companion, Yojimbo, looks like as a legendary companion. The Iainuki and Kawari powers are notable!

Best wishes for the year of the Boar and we hope you enjoy the new Festival of Lanterns event! If we missed anything critical, drop your comments below.