News from Uncensored creator J0shi has finally been posted on the Unblogged website.

J0shi’s life has changed and he no longer has time to meet his new obligations and continue churning out Uncensored content at his prior pace.

J0shi’s passion for Neverwinter can’t be questioned. For four years he produced an amazing amount of content from web-based tools, videos, polls, test results, weekend content roundups, opinion articles and strategies to in-depth guides for every single module. The vast majority of his content was designed to help players maximize their enjoyment of Neverwinter.

Recurring Series Content

The fact that the Neverwinter Unblogged site has 100,000 users a month indicates that not only did J0shi produce material that was valuable, but also that there’s a demand for Neverwinter information his site filled. His Unblogged site, in particular, provided a way to immerse yourself in Neverwinter material when getting into the game wasn’t possible (e.g. between classes; on a lunch break).

While I’m happy to hear that J0shi’s life is changing in great new ways I don’t think I’m the only one who will miss his daily content. Thank you J0shi for sharing you passion for Neverwinter through your Uncensored project.