The Tales of Old event started on Feb 14 2019 and brings the Lair of the Mad Dragon back to Neverwinter players.

If you’re ready to have adds swarm you while you take on classic dungeon content in a new mechanic, the Tales of Old are for you.

The screenshot to the left shows that the dungeon only runs for 7 days each time the event drops.

In terms of game mechanics, the Tales of Old are a combination of the private hunting instances Cryptic tested in the Ravenloft Mod 14 module and the K-team scaling and conditions (e.g. no deaths) developed in Mod 15.

The Mad Dragon

So what do the old dungeons feel like? Running ACT gives us a glimpse to what is going on under the veil of the old dungeon.

Imps have over 1 million hitpoints each and can hit for almost 100K. Legion devils have millions of hitpoints and can hit for upwards of 180K; same goes with the Erinyes.

The new mechanics to the Tales of Old dungeons include:

  • There’s a 9-death limit (however you can find extra lives in the dungeon)
  • There’s a one hour time limit (however you can find extra time in the dungeon)
  • You can’t use consumables (no buffs, potions, etc.); but you can take consumables before you enter your “Tale” aka dungeon, from Protector’s Enclave.

As you progress through each of the 5 runs, new levels of difficulty are introduced, including:

  • Artifacts no longer function (second run)
  • Cooldowns increase by 50% (third run)
  • Melee powers inflict self-damage (fourth run)
  • You get “tiny” which lowers power and defense by 50% (fifth run)

By run #5, anyone can get “one shot” killed being sloppy.

Your rewards increase each time you can run the dungeon in the one hour time period. The total currency, called Coins of Tales Told, earned from 1 round of 5 runs is 32 Coins (not including the one free you get for entering) but there’s a daily cap of 45.

Speaking of rewards, what do those look like? There’s a new waist, neck and artifact with some significant buffs. (see images below). Remember that currency cap mentioned above? The new artifact is purchased and leveled with Coins of Tales Told. While you should be able to get the new artifact and the associated power ups in a single event, you’ll need to participate in each Tales of Old event for a year (there are 4), and complete the daily cap 3 times in each of the 4 events to earn enough currency to complete waist and belt the set. This is because each time the event happens, you can only earn one Fabled Chapter, and the Fabled Chapter is how you buy the waist and neck items that complete the set. You can earn a Fabled Chapter by achieving 135 Coins of Tales Told during a one week event. Click on our images below to cycle through the new set.

There are also Trinkets of Old in the chests inside the dungeon which can be used to purchase a Chest of Tales Told which can contain:

  • Chartillifax (vanity pet – Obtained during Dragon of the Mad Lair only)
  • Hrimnir (vanity pet – Obtained during Frozen Heart only)
  • Woven Tales Enchantment (Rank 8 or 9)
  • Blood Ruby
  • Companion Upgrade Token
  • 10,000 to 20,000 Rough AD
  • Minstrel’s Fancy Shirt, Pants, or Hat

Be warned, however, the chests which contain Trinkets of Old can also be Mimics! After you kill the Mimic, however, you can collect the Trinkets.

Want to see some gameplay of the Lair of the Mad Dragon? Check out our own Greyhastur’s stream starting at 1:12:00 on Twitch.

You might be asking, “What kind of results can I obtain with a ‘meta’-like party including a GWF, AC DC, SW, OP and HR?” After looking back at our test runs, and with a few rounds of practice under our belt, this grouping completed 5 runs with about 40 minutes remaining on the 1-hour timer. So yes, you can power through the Tales of Old content but given how long we’ve waited to get these dungeon experiences back, you might want to take your time and savor the moments.