Latest M18 Build Information

NEW – Lord Willow has released a video on his approach to the Mod 18 Paladin.

Basic Build Notes: These guides are not meant to be comprehensive “bibles” on how you must build your class, but offer solid alternatives to get started in the next mod. Each of these builds should offer a solid foundation for you to start playing in the new mod, but do not necessarily represent “BiS”, as that can depend on your preferred playstyle, gear, and stats.

Paladin Notes: The paladin is the only class in the game without a DPS path, but don’t let that worry you too much. The paladin is really not much slower to level than a DPS class. What you gain is a class that is both a great healer and tank. 

As a Paladin tank you need to decide what your preferred playstyle is going to be. Are you going to be board and sword, or more just sword? Both are viable tanking options. You will see better survival going with a shield-heavy playstyle, but play is less dynamic and you do a lot less damage Check out the new level 80 Paladin build information below and check out Lord Willow’s new Paladin build video.

Solo (Justicar)

This is the same build you would use for a attack heavy tanking build (same feats, different class features)

Solo Offensive Paladin for leveling
Sword and Board Paladin for leveling
Heals Paladin for leveling

Level 80 Paladin build

The level 80 paladin optimally uses multiple loadouts in the party tank role, the solo DPS role and the party healer role. Check out Lord Willow’s video for details. The Paladin can be quite complex to manage the many options. Powers for the three builds are as follows:

Powers for Paladin build in party tank role

Powers for solo DPS Paladin build; yes, this is an Oathkeeper build!
Party Heals Paladin build

If you want, you can always check out our old builds blog post for the paladin.