The fixed, beginning Ability Scores for Mod 16 by class

In mod 16 Ability Scores have taken on some new meanings. According to the forums Noworries has stated “Classes have a pre-set distribution of ability score points at character creation. Race ability score choices do exist.” The table to the right shows those as they exist now. He has also stated:
“Ability Score rolls during character creation are not coming back for M16. There are no current plans to go back to variable ability score bonuses based on class. Players will still have 20 ability score points that they choose where to allocate between racial choice, leveling up, and equipment”.

Below are some screenshots taken from preview.  The effect of Ability Scores appears same across all the characters. The level of the points in that ability score determines the stat percentages. Sword wielding characters will certainly be interested in the Physical Damage Boost, while other non-sword bearing characters may decide Magical Damage Bonus is for them.


Physical Damage boost x (O.25%)




Magical Damage boost x (0.25%)



Racial Abilities Of Different Classes:

  • Dragonborn Racial Abilities
  • DRow racial abilties
  • Menzoberranzan Renegade
  • Moon elf
  • Sun elf
  • Tiefling
  • Wood elf