Mod 16 is still on the preview server but some suggestions on how best to prepare can be drawn based on what we see now. Big caveat: this is still the preview server and everything is subject to change. If there are things you need to farm for Mod 16, you’ll have an easier time now than the day Mod 16 goes live when you’re going to send a good amount of time rebuilding your character.

Lord Neverember gives you a chest full of Undermountain gear to begin your journey!

Once you copy your character over to the preview server (see our homepage for instructions on how to do this), start Mod 16 by heading to the Moonstone Mask and head into Lord Neverember’s private meeting (enter and make the first two right turns). Then you’re on your way down the storyline.

We’ll try and update our recommendations here as the devs continue to make changes and as we continue to learn more about Mod 16 and Undermountain!

We’ve broken our recommendations down into things to do (aka “Do”s) and things that are not necessary (aka “Don’t”s).


  • Farm wards for enchantment and runestone upgrades.
  • Farm UES; they’re needed for Rank 15 upgrades.
  • Farm companion gear from Merchant Prince Folly; companions can only use companion gear. You’ll need companion gear to start Mod 16 but new companion gear drops from Undermountain.
  • Save healing potions, but they are readily available in the Yawning Portal if needed.
  • Save mount Insignias; you need Insignia feeders to upgrade to Legendary Insignias.
  • If there are easy campaign boons you can obtain, complete those now; if you have Genie’s Gifts, consider using those.
  • Save Azure enchants, Insignias of Prosperity (the Insignias have lost their XP bonus) and gear that provides XP gain to accelerate the move from level 70 to 80. the Master of the Hunt skirmish drops a neck piece (Huntmaster Cloak) from the chest that gives +8 XP. That bonus currently carries forward into Mod 16.
  • Save Tomes of Experience; they may only get you from 70 to 71, however.
  • Save companions. You can now keep many more companions and their abilities are their player bonuses are no longer tied to the companion, similar to the ability to choose separate mount combat powers.
  • Max out seals on as many characters as possible. UPDATE:Seals just got nerfed and even Crown Seals won’t get you any of the new level 80 gear in Mod 16.


  • Don’t spend Crown Seals. The new Spy gear will be available for Crown Seals as soon as Mod 16 drops. UPDATE: This got nerfed. Spy gear is now only available for Mountain Seals.
  • Don’t buy player gear for companions; companions can now only use gear specifically for companions.
  • Don’t sell weapon and armor enchants; an exchange will be available
  • Don’t sell runestones; an exchange will be available
  • Don’t spend Tarmalune Trade Bars if you’d rather use them to buy the new Mountaineer weapon set that drops the day Mod 16 goes live. UPDATE: The Mountaineer weapon set no longer appears available in the Tarmalune Trade Bar store.