As many of you may have heard, Ancient Spirits has changed leadership. On March 2, 2019, Legolas has handed over leadership to Enna Shieldheart (@backpetal#6044). Along with the changing of the guard, the name has changed to Spiritcloaks – a nod to their former name – which brings Spiritcloaks into the larger family of Cloaks including Blackcloaks and Greycloaks.

Spiritcloaks had been without a steady leader for a while due to real life. Legolas had done the best he could with help from Hastur – alliance leader and leader of the Blackcloaks and Greycloaks. Legolas seen a need for new leadership and requested such.

Enna offered to take the guild over as did Hastur. Hastur’s larger vision was to include AS into the Cloaks family and Enna, also an officer of the Blackcloaks, agreed wholeheartedly. Enna met with Legolas and discussed this among other things and upon reaching an agreement, the transfer was seamless.

Spiritcloaks remains a guild that welcomes mature players of any level. They intend to keep the casual and friendly atmosphere that is also indicative of the Cloaks. Spiritcloaks currently have a Level 15 guild and look forward to moving up to 16 in the near future.