This is a vague overview of stats to aim for to help get started, but apart from what is written above we have some more footnotes for you:

* You get a natural 5% Armor Penetration, so the Armor Penetration can aim to be 5k less

*Defense only applies to non tanks, tanks get a natural 10% that goes to cap.. so non tanks 66k to cap LMM, 56k to cap for tank

*Aim for power being 50% higher number than crit or CA (for optimal cost benefit ratio)

*If your crit is 61k, you should aim for 91,000 power. If your CA is higher at say 90,000 then you should be aiming for 135,000 power… so if you have 85k CA and less than 127,000 power then you are better off spending points in power till you hit 127k

*The level 70 stats are for starters and may not be reflective of down scaling down from Level 80

Down-scaling: Its important to recognised that any stats you have at level 80 will be down-scaled at level 70. First priority is to work on getting that armor pen back to 52k for a level 70 area. This can be done quickly by turning on the armor pen boon, changing pet or mount bonuses (or by having a load out for level 70 areas). Do your own self test by getting your arm pen to around 86k at level 80 and then jump into Barovia to see how much it is affected by the downscaling.