When you log into Neverwinter for the first time after Module 16, Undermountain, goes live, your see a message that says “Your Powers have been reset”, and there’s lots of gear that was formerly on your companion in your inventory, among other things. You might be thinking, “What is going on and what do I do now?”

Mod 16 Day 1 Guide

  1. Rework your character (Abilities, Powers, Feats, Boons) due to the forced respect
    • here’s additional information on ability scores. They are not the same as pre-Mod 16.
    • For convenience, here are the links to the Day 1 builds that cover Powers and Feats:
    • Don’t fret too much about this respec; you’ll probably respec again after you experience gameplay at level 80 and define your new playstyle
    • If you want, focus on your solo play loadout for now since that will be what you use to level to 80

2. Check your companion for unequipped gear

  • gear for players, and enchantments, can no longer be used by companions and gets unequipped automatically
  • don’t worry about getting some companion gear if you don’t have any as the new gear you get from the intro quest starting the campaign includes blue level companion gear. Runestones are not included.
  • assign companion powers from those currently available; you don’t need to get any new companions before you hit level 80
  • check out our companion starter for more information

3. Start the Undermountain campaign

  • speak to Lord Neverember in the Moonstone Mask. You may see the quest automatically in your quest log or you may need to read the invitation on the table behind Sgt. Knox in PE.
  • Lord Neverember will give you new gear in the Moonstone Mask; equip that gear as needed

4. Work up to Level 80

After Day 1/At Level 80

  • Respec based on preferred playstyle; analyze loadouts for solo and party play
  • Continue Undermountain campaign to get level 80 character and companion gear
  • Analyze your stats for balance; check out our starter on targeted stats
  • Create plan to upgrade runestones, mount insignias, enchantments based on your analysis of the stats
  • Analyze companion strategy and powers;
    • are there better companion powers you don’t already have?
    • How do you use companions? For example, augment companions have proven to be good for team play, while combat companions have been good for solo play
    • get new companions to implement your strategy