We all have been a part of the watcher set mystery. There’s been plenty of testing and theory-crafting on how and where to find the set in a master expedition. Today’s patch brought the first time I saw the shade which summons bosses.

I don’t know if this event can be triggered with specific approaches but from what I have been hearing, the appearance of the shade all seems random.

Here is how we encountered the Ethereal Shade.

We got in the master expedition like any other day. We put one rune. (As noted below, this was patched and now requires 3 runes). We found our second set of 3 (6/9) runic objects and were about to head out to the last zone when we saw a shade, much like a warlock pet, appear after killing the zone boss. Interaction with the shade was like any other NPC which we clicked and opened the dialogue box. Shade was asking for an essence. Luckily I had a few of those on me and I placed one in the shade’s hand.

We killed one of the three bosses we summoned but other two were either too hard or too buggy to die so we kited them away from the portal and zoned out the next area to continue our master expedition. You may say, we shamelessly ran away.

Here is what we know so far:

– You need 3 runes to get a chance at finding a shade. (as of 24 May 2019 patch)
– Note that these essences drop from the chest at the end of master expeditions: longing, sorrow, regret, despair, doom.
-We can’t use the same essence twice in a row, it will eat your essence but won’t summon the boss,
– The boss we killed dropped a legendary vanity pet as a group loot, which we all needed.
– Boss we killed dropped one piece of the watcher set to a group member, account bound, which was not for his class.
– Bosses have lots of hit points with special abilities/attacks and they hit very hard, much like end game dungeon bosses.
– The boss we killed was from the essence of sorrow, seems like a safe choice for now.
– Looks like getting the Shade and loot drops are all tied to RNG, yet again, so let’s say “may the odds be in your favor”.

Happy hunting.