Eragon one of our great alliance members has kindly shared his build after being asked by many people so here it is.

“Build for poor Wizards – Arcanist AoE or MT (MultiTarget) is what I’m using now for Lomm and REDQ”

Eragons look and stats
Utility stats
other stats



You need to Create a Sinergy between Feats, Class Features, Weapons and At-wills. If you use Ray of Frost as your main at-will then you could use this setup or pick the 1st 4 feats Down and the last one Up or go full down.


For Trash… or Mobs you can pick full Power and full HP plus all the damage and damage resistance vs ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ kind of monsters. I didn’t pick HP because I don’t need more HP to do Lomm, REDQ and RTQ… you’ll only need 320k – 360k HP for Tomm, so you need a special build for it (A Loadout exclusive for Tomm and nothing else), also you only need 68k for offensive stats to do this content and 80k for Tomm. I’m running Tomm’s requirements because I’m lazy to change my gear every-time ( I’m training from time to time in Tomm)


Pick stats you need to reach 68k cap if you need it, if you don’t need it then go and take something useful. For trash the first Master Boon works great, I was using Focused Retaliation but Devs changed it so I am using this one instead now for my AoE build.



For Companion’s slots use them to fill whatever you need to cap, if you’re capped already then go for full Power and Critical Severity; Combat advantage as well, 130k is more than enough for all content. The one you most have as a companion is Deepcrow, 8k Power and you can also use it as your summoned main. If you don’t have AD to buy a Bullette pup or Polar Bear use Empowered Runestones in Companion gear, change your companion’s gear to fit your needs. If you want to deal more damage than what your IL tells the rest, then invest in upgrading your Bondings and Empowered Runestones first. Then upgrade your weapon enchantment (Vorpal or Bile, also Lightning works great for trash but not so much vs Bosses) and finally focus on upgrading your Radiants (Full Radiants on offensive slots). There are so many choices for Companions and gear you choose what you need.

Minstrels discipline 3k power, 1.5k awareness, Baby Deepcrow 8k power, Mercenary discipline 3k power and 1.5 combat advantage. Erinyes 3% crit sev and 1.5k defence, Shaman 3k combat and 1.5 power. These are just suggestions.

Mounts (no legendary as yet sadly)

5000k power is good

Mounts Bonus and Insignias… well all Dominance blues and the one that give you Accuracy… 5k Power and bonus that can help me to move faster and also the one with reduce cooldowns and the one that give defensive stats to your teammates


Alternative gear

Use 2 Tactical enchants in Utility slots and 3 Dark enchantments in the rest to boost your stats a little bit thanks to Companion’s influence

Use Radiants on all offensive slots (I need to get my Radiants from Alabaster set and use them)

For pants there are a lot of good ones that gave you Defense go and use those.

Single Target Build vs Bosses

If there are other Wizards in your party use Imprisonment on tab or just swap RoE and EF

Boons ST Build vs BossesRight now I’m using Blood Lust as a Master Boon with the change to Focused retaliation.

Radiants on offesive slots and Draconics in Defensive slots, Empowered in Companion gear, Bondings and a good companion summon who can give you a share of power and something else

Thanks Eragon for sharing and if you need any more information, he will be happy to give it to us to share.