If you’re returning to the game, Mod 16 changed the game you already knew. You’ll need to re-learn you what your character(s) does. If you want a high level guide on what to do day 1, check out our blog:

Mod 16 is as easy as 1, 2, 3……

Puzzled by Master Expeditions? We’ve created a starter guide for Undermountain Expeditions!

Looking for Weave-Touched Fragments in Undermountain? There’s a fantastic post on Reddit complete with maps. Thanks to Reddit’s DamianThePhoenix and all the contributors to the post.

Companions in Mod 16

image of swashbuckler companion

We’ve also got a Mod 16 Companion Starter to help you with the major changes to companions, runestones and equipment.

Mod 16 Math and Stats

Want to know what calculations are going on in Mod 16? Janne’s mechanics supersite has you covered:

What should my new stats be?

We have created a stats pocket guide for you to keep here called Stats to aim for Mod 16 https://cloakalliance.wordpress.com/2019/04/22/stats-to-aim-for-mod-16/

Interested in a non-scientific view of which classes are being played in Mod 16? Faze has posted information on the three Cloak guilds in our Alliance.

Content creator Rainer has been hard at work creating tools to help with Mod 16. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates. Check out his MOD16 pocket wiki: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/…

If you want to know the history behind where these numbers come from, check out the Cryptic posting with enemy stat levels.

There’s another blog highlighting key mechanics over at the Neverwinter Unblogged website.

What is Magnitude?

You’ll notice that all your Dailies, encounters & At-Wills now list magnitude. What is magnitude? Well quite simply 100 magnitude just means 100% of your weapon damage (that is the damage range listed on your equipped weapon). So 500 magnitude is 5x your weapon damage. 45 magnitude on at-will means its 45% of your weapon damage, etc. Magnitude at a glance gives you an easy way to compare the damage of your abilities. What it doesn’t account for is activation time of those abilities, nor the cooldown. Nor whether they hit aoe vs single target. All of which can contribute to DPS, which is short for damage per second. Anyhow, we hope this clears up what this new MOD16 “magnitude” thingy is.

Mod 16 Ability Scores

Ability Scores are now universal, but magical and physical damage bonuses are now separate. We’ve got screenshots of the new Ability Scores.