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Tower of the Mad Mage Anyone?

Our alliance is now running training runs for the Tower of the Mad Mage. For more information click here. Having trouble with the Tower of the Mad Mage (aka ToMM)? Make sure you check out the Tower of the Mad Mage Guide by Lightbringer, Sharpedge and Viral.

Changes to the damage formula are coming

Check out this discussion here on damage formula change. Other changes are coming to Warlock class and dungeons. For more details read this post or go to preview and test it out.

Let’s Discuss Class Balance!

Lord Willow has posted a new video about the “meta”, the current state of class balance and potential options for class balance in the future.

Stardock is here

Join your fellow adventurers in the Stardock quests. Every day you get 2 investigate activity quests. Every 2nd day you will be rewarded with Warden Expedition (WE) quests so you can collect your Stardock Rod sections. Once you have 3 of the same rod section, you will be rewarded with the new Fragment Expedition (FE) quest to acquire a fragment. Once you have collected the four fragment pieces, this should unlock the new 10 man TOMM (12 days of questing).

Want to balance your stats for Mod 17? Check out Greyhastur’s 6-minute video on strategies to balance your stats for M17. You can also read

Content creator Rainer has been hard at work creating tools to help with Mod 16/17. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates. Check out his MOD16/17 pocket wiki:…