Here’s the Tier 1 Avernus hunt map. Thank you Juggernaut! We’ve also attached a hunt table in the gallery showing hunt targets, lures and loot!

NPCAreaDropLureGear DropsWhere
Infected maneWastelandsGore covered chainsused to make all Tier 1 lures
Enhanced CambionDocksCursed Blade of the LonelyCorrupted Feather for XurahGreaves of the fallen angelsHaramun’s Hill top end end
InterrogatorAll over the mapTantalizing WhipCracked Hand Mirror for Jachinth the VainGarbs of cubiHarumans Hill, bottom end
Expert DemolitionistHarumans’s HillsMask of the HellbringersSymbol of Yeenoghu for Cwnifrinn, Herald of YeenoghuBalor bracersScab in elite area
Maveolent NarzugonHarumans’s HillsFork of the PinagonWhite Horn Chip for WhitehornGoristos hornsScab below elite area
Searing HezrouScabShattered Jaw TrapTendrils of Shadow for Sgail the BlackWisps of the shadow DemonFort Knuckle
Scout of StygiaDocksShattered Ice FangKozakur Sashimono for Auki the PaingiverDemon Hunter’s TrackersHaruman’s Hill, start end

here is another guide: