The Alliance is currently accepting nominations for the Not A Promissory Note Awards 2021.This means winners will actually get something, versus the notorious, here-to-fore worthless Neverember Promissory Note.

Here’s how the nomination process works for the two categories:

  1. Use the comment section below to create the category and nominate a member of the Alliance. Alternatively, if you already like one of the categories and want to nominate another contestant for winner in the category, repeat the category name and specify your nomination. I’ll try to periodically capture the categories and nominees and post them here in the blog section of this webpage. Consider all content posted as in alignment with the Neverwinter terms of service, please. Categories that are very similar may be grouped.
  2. For the NAPNA 2021 Fashion category, head over to the NAPNA Fashion page and upvote as many of the submissions as you like. Down votes will be ignored. Our apologies, but we’re limited by the website in the functionality we can use for voting mechanisms. Obviously, if you’d like to enter the NAPNA 2021 Fashion category, post your character pic and title in the Alliance discord (#fasion_submissions) and we’ll get your entry posted.

Current categories and nominees for the NAPNA 2021 Awards

Most likely to make you ask “How did he get an IL that high?” – Farlord

Most likely to teach new players who casually wander into a PvP zone what can happen as a result – Drizzt

Most likely to be seen standing, unmoving, for long periods of time in PE (while conducting AH research or transactions) – Renbull

Most Likely to answer their own question in alliance chat – Turiya

Best floor inspector, Will Huntinghawk from FD

As a reminder, if you want to vote for one of these existing categories and nominees, hit the Like star in the comments section bellow.