What is this about the free item from the rewards claim agent? The Mysterious Crate.

When opened you can get this (or the blue and purple version)

“A whirring sound coming from the Reward Claims Agent draws your attention. As you approach it, a blinking light demands you inspect closer, rewarding your curiosity with…an egg. It will take the collaboration of Adventurers of Neverwinter throughout the Sword Coast to puzzle out the meaning of this.

Starting today, December 16, all Neverwinter accounts* will be able to claim 1 Mechanical Dragon Egg from the RCA – these eggs cannot be bought or found in-game in any other form other than the RCA claim. These eggs range from Rare to Legendary quality.

The Researcher, a vendor located near the mailbox by the Tarmalune Trade House, will aid your investigation into these eggs. She seeks Adventurers who manage to collect one of each type of egg, at each quality (15 unique eggs in total). This can be done by trading other goods for the eggs of other players.

In exchange for the complete set, the Researcher will bind each egg in the set to your account, and award a mythic-quality egg for showing her the full collection. At the launch of Dragonbone Vale (for each platform)players will be able to open their eggs and the vendor will move on to new discoveries.

Will you take a crack at these enigmatic eggs?

*Applies to accounts created prior to December 2, 2021.”

from Mysterious Mechanical Egg | Neverwinter (arcgames.com)

so far we can only find out this

Stay tuned for an update.