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Wizard Build of Eragon’s

Eragon one of our great alliance members has kindly shared his build after being asked by many people so here it is.

“Build for poor Wizards – Arcanist AoE or MT (MultiTarget) is what I’m using now for Lomm and REDQ”

Eragons look and stats
Utility stats
other stats



You need to Create a Sinergy between Feats, Class Features, Weapons and At-wills. If you use Ray of Frost as your main at-will then you could use this setup or pick the 1st 4 feats Down and the last one Up or go full down.


For Trash… or Mobs you can pick full Power and full HP plus all the damage and damage resistance vs ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ kind of monsters. I didn’t pick HP because I don’t need more HP to do Lomm, REDQ and RTQ… you’ll only need 320k – 360k HP for Tomm, so you need a special build for it (A Loadout exclusive for Tomm and nothing else), also you only need 68k for offensive stats to do this content and 80k for Tomm. I’m running Tomm’s requirements because I’m lazy to change my gear every-time ( I’m training from time to time in Tomm)


Pick stats you need to reach 68k cap if you need it, if you don’t need it then go and take something useful. For trash the first Master Boon works great, I was using Focused Retaliation but Devs changed it so I am using this one instead now for my AoE build.



For Companion’s slots use them to fill whatever you need to cap, if you’re capped already then go for full Power and Critical Severity; Combat advantage as well, 130k is more than enough for all content. The one you most have as a companion is Deepcrow, 8k Power and you can also use it as your summoned main. If you don’t have AD to buy a Bullette pup or Polar Bear use Empowered Runestones in Companion gear, change your companion’s gear to fit your needs. If you want to deal more damage than what your IL tells the rest, then invest in upgrading your Bondings and Empowered Runestones first. Then upgrade your weapon enchantment (Vorpal or Bile, also Lightning works great for trash but not so much vs Bosses) and finally focus on upgrading your Radiants (Full Radiants on offensive slots). There are so many choices for Companions and gear you choose what you need.

Minstrels discipline 3k power, 1.5k awareness, Baby Deepcrow 8k power, Mercenary discipline 3k power and 1.5 combat advantage. Erinyes 3% crit sev and 1.5k defence, Shaman 3k combat and 1.5 power. These are just suggestions.

Mounts (no legendary as yet sadly)

5000k power is good

Mounts Bonus and Insignias… well all Dominance blues and the one that give you Accuracy… 5k Power and bonus that can help me to move faster and also the one with reduce cooldowns and the one that give defensive stats to your teammates


Alternative gear

Use 2 Tactical enchants in Utility slots and 3 Dark enchantments in the rest to boost your stats a little bit thanks to Companion’s influence

Use Radiants on all offensive slots (I need to get my Radiants from Alabaster set and use them)

For pants there are a lot of good ones that gave you Defense go and use those.

Single Target Build vs Bosses

If there are other Wizards in your party use Imprisonment on tab or just swap RoE and EF

Boons ST Build vs BossesRight now I’m using Blood Lust as a Master Boon with the change to Focused retaliation.

Radiants on offesive slots and Draconics in Defensive slots, Empowered in Companion gear, Bondings and a good companion summon who can give you a share of power and something else

Thanks Eragon for sharing and if you need any more information, he will be happy to give it to us to share.

Warlock build (dps)

Immy from Legendary Chaos has kindly shared his dps Warlock build he is using in Tomm Training.

Hellbringer powers
Boons for hellbringer
Immys look and gear

Watcher Runs

With Mod 16/17 a new set of rare bosses was introduced that can be accessed via a shade that spawns in certain large format maps in 3 rune ME runs.   The shade looks very familiar to a warlock soul puppet.

By defeating the correct 2 of the 4 rare bosses available, you have a good chance of getting a really good weapon drop for your classs.  I believe the drop is now need/greed ‘able (and 2 drops now per boss which further increases your odds) of 1 of a set of special weapons called the Watcher Set, which has a great multi-stat bonus that now procs and stays up for the full extent of very long fights (yes i tested it does not drop). Also, the bosses drop legendary vanity pets and awakened essences used to restore Successor Gear from LOMM.

Weapon Set

Essences and Awakened Essences

How to Maximize Chances of Getting a Watcher Set Item

* Form or join a Watcher Run party, preferably for the boss you need for your class. Only one person in the party needs to have a quest active, and any 3 runes placed will work to spawn the shade. Only the 2nd “larger” maps have spaces that will spawn the shade and you will know one will spawn when it talks about “you feel and immense presence” when you enter the space.  Some of these bosses are almost trivial but a few need a full party with tank and/or heal(s) and special resources like artifacts/scrolls/altars.  

Class to Boss Matrix

Basic Process I Recommend

* Only one member needs the correct essence for the agreed-upon boss.  This means a cohort party of 5 can have 15 chances a day, and in my experience a shade spawns about every 10 runs only in the large maps.

*  You may want to avoid traps for some of these bosses, as some of the perma-banes from these can be problematic. Longing and Despair in particular are bosses that are harder with some banes.

* Once a shade spawns, make sure the team is prepared for the fights before summoning as it’s easy to lose your essences or wipe otherwise.   Also, if a member dies, they should not release as a barrier is placed that can be hard/impossible to pass to get back into the space for the fight.

* In general, the tank aggros the boss and either kites him or brings him to an obstruction like a hill or mushroom to hold aggro while dps work him/her, but all bosses are different. Despair doesn’t move at all…. while Regret can be aggro’d from a Hill and Sorrow kited while range dps’d. Longing requires close in DPS and a burst of dps between 20% and 0% health, and we also used coordinated Trobriand Rings in sequence to stun him during the burst dps phase (this helps but isn’t mandatory).

The fight..

Sorrow – Rogue, Barbarian, Fighter, Hunter

Essence of Sorrow will summon this Wolf like Boss.  The most common winning strategy is to utilize a standard 5-person party and have the tank kite the boss around the map while the dps ranges her down. The party will want to stay away and dodge or avoid the sword that seems to have a mind of its own, otherwise this boss is straight-forward.

Regret – Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, Hunter

The stag can be aggroed from a hill or cliffside while ranged down.   Almost any class can aggro it.  I believe contact with a player will heal it, so you want to keep your distance.  

Longing – Cleric, Wizard (never actually saw this drop though!), Paladin, Hunter

This tanky boss needs to be dps’d within it’s bubble so close-in. and it has a shield that needs to be worn down, or wait until the shield lifts for bursts of dps. Most commonly teams will have a tank aggro it from a cliffside or mushroom, while dps slowly works it down to 20% to keep from stealing aggro. At 20% you want to have saved your best dps for bursting it from 20 -> 0%.  If not killed fast enough the boss will fully heal. Trobriand Rings are super valuable for stunning the boss at summoning and then at 20% start a rotation of stuns (agreed to upfront).  The more people with this artifact the better, as you can use a rotation to stun the boss for 1 sec at a time with 1 person calling the rotation. The signal you look for is Longing raising both hands (not just 1 hand which can fake you out).

Despair – Rogue, Barbarian, Wizard, Fighter

The longest and hardest fight of the bunch and I’ve only done it twice. This boss stands perfectly still…. and you can only dps it after the green chains have appeared on a player and been cleansed. Red chains = redirected dps like in the Sisters of Fury fight. Orange Chains = You Die (sorry). Green chains = cleanse them and dps the boss like crazy. I’ve seen videos of Despair being 1 phased after the green chains.  Unfortunately, there are usually plenty of deaths and rez sickness, so scrolls are usually used, unless you have top notch DPS.  An experienced healer will help a lot, and I’ve seen teams complete this boss with no tank.  This fight I have the least confidence with so feel free to add your own hints and correct me too. 

Thanks goes to Immy from Legendary Chaos for the write up.

Tower of the Mad Mage – stats and other information

ToMM – 23k Minimum Item Level for private Queue

Below is a guide line only for those thinking of doing some Alliance ToMM Training. See discord for the training roster and times.

Healing Classes
Stat Point Type Optimal Estimated Minimum for Success
Hit Points 350,000 or more 300,000
Power 170,000 + 140,000
ArP not needed not needed
Crit Paladin not needed, other 1:1 power ratio paladin not needed, 120,000 other
Defense 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000
Accuracy not needed not needed
Crit Avoid paladin 95,000, other 85,000 85,000
Deflect not needed not needed
Combat Advantage not needed not needed
Awareness not needed not needed
Incoming Healing 30% or more 20% or more
Outgoing Healing 50% or more 40% or more
Tank Classes
Stat Point Type Optimal Estimated Minimum for Success
Hit Points 800,000 or more 650,000
Power not needed not needed
ArP 80,000 80,000
Defense 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000
Crit not needed not needed
Accuracy not needed not needed
Crit Avoid 95,000 paladin, 85,000 other 85,000
Deflect 80,000 nice to have not needed
Combat Advantage not needed not needed
Awareness not needed not needed
Incoming Healing 30% or more 20% or more
DPS Classes
Stat Point Type Optimal Estimated Minimum for Success
Hit Points 350,000 or more 300,000
Power 180,000 + 130,000
ArP 80,000 80,000
Defense 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000
Crit 80,000 80,000
Accuracy 80,000 75,000
Crit Avoid not needed not needed
Deflect not needed not needed
Combat Advantage 130,000 100,000
Awareness not needed not needed
Incoming Healing 30% or more 15% or more
Useful stuff
Rez sickness boon
mount combat powers
discord access at least listening? microphone and ability to speak


Jannes Guide to ToMM

Video guide

Tower of the Mad Mage

I had my first experience in this new 10 man trial that opened today and after 45 mins, many deaths, it was time to finish the wine and cook dinner. From this practice runs, I learnt a lot about the many mechanics and found a good resource for anyone wanting to try. Word of warning, get your 80k defense ready and and a great amout of hit points. For more information check out the website below and watch videos on YouTube. The guide is found here

Welcome Legendary Chaos

Legendary Chaos has just joined our alliance, so we thought we should have a quick chat to their leader Shelby (Bruce) and find a little more out about them.

When was your guild created?

I created this guild in April of 2017. At the time it was my alt guild. I was in Ghost Wolf Warriors Alliance and in Feb of 2018 I had leveled it to GH4. It was then that the leaders of GWW allowed me to make it an active guild and brought it into the alliance and started recruiting. So officially it was started in Feb 2018. As far as original members still being involved, there are only a handful still in guild and only 4 that are still actively playing. They are Immy(Co-Leader),Orcily (senior officer), Blackstar (senior officer and only semi active) and Relentless (senior member)./

How did you choose the name of your guild?

Like I said this was an alt guild at first so I chose the name and I didn’t put a lot of time coming up with a name and no story behind it. I have asked members a few times if they wanted a name change and some responded that we are all chaotic and times and maybe with a lot of work and a little luck we may become a guild that everyone looks up to and remembers in the world of Nevewinter and we will become legendary.

Tell us about your leaders?

I am currently the only Leader and I have almost every class at level 80. Immy is Co-Leader and he has 4 alts. CeeCee is our other co-lead and has 5 alts. He is currently away from game due to family issues but will be back in near future. I started playing mmo’s in 2003 with Everquest. I went from EQ to WoW in 2007 with burning crusade release. I played wow for many years and still play it once in a while, but not active. I played Neverwinter at release for a few months, but was still actively involved with wow. Just before the release of The Cloaked Ascendancy I got an email offering 30 months free vip and few other goodies to come back to Neverwinter. I decided to get it another try and have been here ever since. I have played many other mmo’s including Rift,EQ2,SWTOR,guild wars, guild wars 2,Lord of the rings, conan and many others.

Thanks Shelby aka Bruce for the time taken to answer our questions (we still want to know if you have tried vegemite 🙂 )

Some new crafting coming Mod 17

Crafting is getting a small update with some new recipes and some items to gather. Crafting and gathering will need to be levelled up to 80 and there will be recipes, new tools and blood rubys that can be made. Do remember this is information gathered from preview server and it can be subject to change. (Thanks go to Barty from FD for the screen shots)

Doing the 10 player Tiamat raid

Tiamat has undergone a change from a 25 player to a 10 player but the challenge is still an important part of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Tiamat awards Linu’s Favor(s) which are needed to acquire the last couple of boons in the campaign.

What is the best way to do Tiamat now?

Below you’ll find our recommendation on the 8 key steps to maximize a victory in the Tiamat challenge.
  1. Gather your party of 10 (2 healers, 2 tanks and 6 dps).
  2. Instruct all players to make an available slot on the belt to pick up the gems to protect players when killing the heads of Tiamat.
  3. Instruct which party protects which cleric on entering. The middle cleric doesn’t need protecting anymore.
  4. At the commencement of the raid kill the summoners together in a zerg fashion, collecting gems on the way. After the 5 summoners are dead, head back to kill Severin. The heads of Tiamat will now rise.
  5. Split into two (2) groups of five (5) and protect the clerics who are making protective spells for the players. Don’t fight next to/on the clerics or they will need more time to get their spells ready. When they complete their spells the next stage starts.
  6. All players to go to the black head and kill the head down to the last 5 bars. Don’t kill it outright first round. Move in zerg fashion to green, orange, blue and lastly to white leaving last 5 bars. You will have 4 minutes to do this.
  7. The cleric phase will start again, so split into two (2) groups of five (5) and repeat protecting the clerics. After the clerics have completed their spells, you’ll be able to finish the heads of Tiamat if you got all the heads down to five bars in the first phase fighting the heads.
  8. Again, all players head to black and completely kill the head this round and continue on zerg fashion through to white. Death of the heads will complete the raid.
    Note: Sometimes 3 rounds maybe required, if so on the second round just ensure heads are on last 5 bars.

Have fun!

ACT Combat Tracker and Plugin for Neverwinter

Want to find out how your character is doing? We suggest ACT Combat Tracker. You can download it from here :

The plugin for Neverwinter is available from here:

Once you have ACT installed, don’t try to search for plugins. Instead, save that plugin above in the same place you installed ACT, then go to the Plugins tab and click Browse to locate the NW plugin. The “Get Plugins” button in ACT doesn’t work for Neverwinter. Don’t try to set your log file until after you have the plugin working. Your plugins tab should look like this:


Now, in-game, go anywhere where there’s fighting (even if you’re not fighting) and type “/combatlog 1” (no quotes) into the chat box. This makes sure you have an actual combat log to use – there isn’t one by default unless you’ve turned it on like this at least once.

Then, once you have the plugin set up, click the Options tab in ACT to set up the log. The location of the file will vary from system to system depending on where Neverwinter is installed and on what server you’re playing on. Just click Open Log and find the appropriate log file – it’s in <Neverwinter>\<server>\logs\GameClient\*.log. Once you find it and select it, it will look something like this:


If you don’t find a log file, make sure you’re looking in the right server. Pictured above is Owlbear (Beta), but there many other options: Live is Live (Dragon), Playtest is Preview (Mimic). Once you have the right log selected, go back to main and start a fight, you’ll see data start accumulating.

You can even import an old log if you’d like with the Import/Export function as seen below.

If you don’t need to use the combat log, it’s a good idea to type /CombatLog 0 to disable logging, otherwise that file can get rather large.

Thanks to Sekhmet for some of the original writeup on ACT.

For additional information on ACT, Neverwinter Unblogged published a three part series on ACT.

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