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Alliance Rules

1: Play however you want.
2: Don’t be a jerk.
3: When Rule #1 and Rule #2 conflict, see Rule #2.

Note: This Alliance does not condone the use of exploits/cheating, as defined by Cryptic/PWE. Cheating hurts the game and the reputation of our guilds and Alliance (thus a direct violation of Rule #2 and Rule #3), and will not be tolerated. Regardless of the guild you are in, anyone found to be cheating or advocating such behavior in any way will be removed from the Alliance, added to our permanent ban list, and reported to Cryptic. The general process will be to issue a warning to ensure members have the chance to discontinue this behavior, but failure to comply will result in the above mentioned actions. No exceptions of any kind – status, rank, time in guild, or level. Cheating and cheaters have no place in this Alliance.

Alliance Chat Rules

  1. Avoid politics, race, religion, and generally divisive topics in Alliance chat.
  2. No trading (soliciting for buyers) in Alliance or guild chat; use PM, in-game trade channels, or the discord trade requests channel.
  3. Do not beg in chat (asking for freebies).
  4. Do not ask for IL when forming a group in Alliance chat (there is also no need to post your IL when asking to join).
  5. A. First come first serve when forming groups in Alliance chat. People should not be excluded because you think they may not be “good enough”. If they meet the requirements and they plus up, they should be invited.
    B. If you post looking for more in Alliance chat please give Alliance a fair chance before filling the queue with outsiders.
  6. If someone asks you to discontinue a topic of conversation then stop.

Issues and Escalations

If you have a problem with another member please do not “have it out” in Alliance chat channel. This is what PMs are for. If you cannot sort your grievances out amongst yourselves then please take screenshots and contact your guild leader. Remember, without screenshots the issue did not happen.

Note on Bans

If you are banned or removed from any guild in the Alliance for cause, you will not be admitted into another guild in the Alliance, you are banned from the Alliance.

Bank Rules

If you have rights to take X number of things out per day, that doesn’t necessarily give you the right to take that number of items out every single day. That is considered abuse. Those numbers are limits to make sure someone doesn’t just clear out a repository on a whim and leave, it’s not actually a daily allowance. That said, DO NOT feel bad about taking items from the guild bank, just don’t be abusive about it. Taking a load of stuff one time — for whatever reason — is fine. Taking a load of stuff several days in a row is NOT OK.

Your consumption of bank resources should be generally offset by your contribution.

That doesn’t mean you have to trade each time – but if you have been taking from the bank, you should also be contributing to it over time. There’s no hard and fast scale here, just use common sense — we don’t need a lot of junk in the bank, but if you’ve taken some epic gear, the next time you come into some epic gear, think about dropping it in the bank instead of selling/salvaging/refining it. Same with enchants or refinement stuff. Just remember it’s a communal resource.

Bank abuse will result in you being banned from the guild, which, as noted above, results in a ban from any guild in the alliance.

Other Alliance Streamers

These Alliance streamers also stream other games often.

Alliance member MisfitMouse has been playing Neverwinter for years. She’s currently taking a break from streaming Neverwinter but you can still find her in game occasionally. If you want to check out her channel click here. We’ll update the information here if she ramps back up to regular streaming.

Spiritcloak iFantomeN has been playing Neverwinter long before he joined our Alliance, back to 2013. Check out his Twitch channel for a chance to catch his veteran play. He’s a variety streamer so you’re not guaranteed to catch Neverwinter play, but he’s always entertaining.


Alliance member Ro66y1 is often found running the latest Neverwinter content and often has other players joining him which often results in a fun time for everyone. Check out his Twitch stream where he posts his schedule and has a stream countdown timer.


Greycloak Dono occasionally streams his Ranger gameplay, but these days he’s streaming Valorant. Head on over to his channel if you’re curious to check out his multi-game stream.

Module 18: Infernal Descent Archive

Struggling with IC mechanics? Check out Rainer’s video! TheAxolotl has also updated the Barbarian Tank in Builds with a section devoted to this dungeon. Better yet, want a strategy guide for the bosses in the Infernal Citadel? TheAxolotl has published his guide to coming back from the Infernal Citadel alive. He also has a few tips for Zaphael and the Hellfire Engine in his Soulweaver healing guide. Want to know where the hunts are in Avernus, we have the map.

M18 Infernal Citadel Stat Caps

Thanks for Rainer for documenting the new stat caps (in his pocket wiki) necessary for the Infernal Citadel in Module 18, Infernal Descent. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates.

Armor Penetration: 85000Accuracy: 85000
Critical Strike: 85000Combat Advantage: 135000
Defense: 85000Deflection: 85000
Critical Avoidance: 90000Awareness: 95000

The Neverwinter 8

An introduction to classes in Neverwinter

So you’re thinking of playing Neverwinter? Great choice! Your character in the game will have a class. Some classes yield magic, others are more traditional sword and shield fighters. Some fight at range, other get in close. Whatever play style you prefer you’ll find something to try.

There are eight classes in Neverwinter. This primer attempts to give a short description of each class to help inform your choice. The great part about Neverwinter is you can have a different character for every class and play them all. Each class is covered in a tables below. The tables below have information commonly sought out by new players, like, does this class fight at range? does this class heal? as well as personal statements from Cloak Alliance players who play those classes.

Class Basics – Class Role

Each class in Neverwinter has a role for game content with group (aka queue) rules. An example of a queue rule might be “1 healer” being mandatory. Some classes have two roles (see specifics below). Here’s the great thing about Neverwinter: queue rules are only for a small fraction of the game. Specifically, “public” queue runs that award Astral Diamonds (an in game currency). All content can be run in a pre-made (aka “private”) groups where you can run with players with any mix of roles.

So what are the class roles in Neverwinter?

The DPS Role

One role is “DPS” (from Damage Per Second) which is a class that is designed to deal damage. As noted before, classes can do damage via magic, swords, at range, or in-close melee.

The healer role

Another role is healer, which is a class designed to either prevent or restore damage to other players. Dungeons and Dragons fans will recognize that character damage and health in Neverwinter is measured as Hit Points. Neverwinter is a Dungeons and Dragons game after all!

The tank role

The final role is the tank. The tank is tough, which is sometimes expressed as a large number of Hit Points and sometimes via abilities to reduce the damage they take, via the use of a shield, for example. Tanks also have the ability to grab the attention of enemies, often times called “aggro”.

DPS players have always been the most abundant and that makes tanks and healers in demand. As an additional benefit, generally heal and tank characters cost fewer resources to play competitively in that role at endgame.

Finally, you might be wondering if tank or healer role can do enough damage when playing solo content. Absolutely! Every class either has a dps role or can do enough damage to play solo content.

Figuring Out Your First Class

The best way to figure out if you like a class is to play that class. Every class can have fun in the game. Your skill in playing your class can provide results beyond the generalizations below. Said another way, if you take time to learn about your class you’ll have more fun and other players will have more fun bringing you along in group content.

A few final notes on terms you’ll see below which we haven’t already covered, specifically single target, AoE, endgame and BiS. If you’re familiar with these concepts you can skip this paragraph and go straight to the classes. “Single target” relates to effectiveness on a single entity, either damage to a single enemy or healing of a single player. “AoE”, or Area of Effect, notes efficiency for more than one entity simultaneously, either damaging multiple enemies concurrently or healing multiple players concurrently. BiS (aka Best in Slot) for this guide means specifically having gear which produces the maximum effect for the class role. The comments below generally follow up on the earlier idea that healers and tank generally take fewer BiS resources to play their role. The specific definition of which gear is currently BiS is beyond this guide but can be found in class-specific build guides. Finally, endgame here is defined conceptually as the game content which is hardest to complete without factoring for player skill. If you don’t know how to play your class skillfully then all content will be hard to complete.

Here’s the class specific breakdown (in no particular order):

DPS only class (no healer or tank)Class options: Arcanist, Thaumaturge
– Arcanist build: Good single target at range
– Thaumaturge build: OK AoE – closer range combat
– Endgame content viable at BiS
Cloak Alliance player comments:

Wizard (has the) best single target dps potential

Easiest single target class to play
Play this class if you like playing ranged dps using magic

DPS only (no healer or tank)Class options: Warden, Hunter

– AoE good – melee – Warden build
– Single target – good- melee Warden build
– Ranged build, the Hunter, less than good
– Endgame viable a bit before BiS

Cloak Alliance player comments:

Great AOE, good Single target dps

(While) there’s some (dps classes) with a tad better single target and arguably a tad better aoe, rangers got the best of both worlds

(For a ranger dps build) Warden melee is the way to go
Play this class if you like melee dps using weapons

– Tank and Heal (no DPS spec)Class options: Justicar (tank role), Oathkeeper (heal role)

– Melee play mostly with some range
– Tank build is your “dps” build; not as strong as dedicated DPS classes but good enough for solo play
– Heal build is the only heal class that can grant temporary hit point shields
– Endgame content before BiS
– Currently an “in demand” class

Cloak Alliance player comments:

Paladin (healers) buy forgiveness with their blue bar (temporary Hit Points), but have weaker heals

Easiest aoe aggro tank class
Play this class if you like both tanking and healing

DPS and Heal (no tank)Class options: Hellbringer (DPS role), Soulweaver (heal role)
– Mostly ranged with some closer range combat
– DPS – Hellbringer
– Heal – Soulweaver
– DPS is good – easy solo play
– Healing does a good job at AoE and damage reduction
– Endgame viable at BiS for dps, a bit earlier as a healer
– Quick entry into public, random queues as a healer

Cloak Alliance player comments:
(hellbringer) great aoe, good single target dps

Heals are less reliant on everyone being grouped together, and more reliant on your individual positioning

Probably the most mobile healer due to being able to heal without channeling to restore our healability

(Soulweavers) a ton of mobility with good buffing and mitigation with plenty of healing per second

The only healer that can provide both damage reduction and damage boost to the party at the same time. The cost, I believe, is slightly lower healing throughput, so Soulweavers end up being a utility healer in a sense

The most efficient single target heal in Soul Reconstruction
Play this class if you like dps at range with the flexibility to run as a healer

DPS only (no healer or tank)Class options: Assassin, Whisperknife

– Mostly melee with some ranged
– Assassin build is good for AoE dps and single target
– Whisperknife build – not as good as Assassin
– Endgame viable at BiS

Cloak Alliance player comments:

great AOE, great single target dps
Play this class if you like melee dps

DPS and heal (no tank)Class options: Arbiter (DPS), Devout (Heal)

– Ranged
– DPS complicated to play to reach maximum dps effectiveness – solo viable
– Heal build = big heals – no temporary HP like Paladin but better at HP restoration
– Endgame viable before BiS as healer
– Another “in demand” class as a healer

Cloak Alliance player comments:

Clerics have the highest heals per second capacity

great AOE, great single target dps

easiest heal class

hardest (dps) class to play (is the) arbiter cleric
Play this class if you like to main a healer

Barbarian (formerly Great Weapon Fighter)
DPS and Tank (no healer)Class options: Blademaster (DPS), Tank (Sentinel)

– Melee
– DPS is good at solo content
– AoE damage is excellent
– Good at single target damage
– Endgame viable at BiS

Cloak Alliance player comments:

While paladin and fighter tanks are preferred, Sentinel tanks are end game viable.

(Sentinels) currently have the worst threat generation

The only form of damage mitigation for a Sentinel is through active and passive blocking & extra mitigation fluff.

great AOE, good single target dps

easiest aoe dmg class to play
Play this class if you like melee dps

Fighter (formerly Guardian Fighter)
DPS and Tank (no healer)Class options: Dreadnought (DPS), Vanguard (Tank)

– Melee
– good dps, great if played with excellence
– the most “tanky” of the tanks
– Endgame at BiS, a bit earlier as a tank

Cloak Alliance player comments:

good AOE, good single target dps

easiest single target aggro tank class
Play this class if you like playing a tank

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Neverwinter M18 Infernal Citadel Blog Rundown

The Fallen Stronhold’s Treasure chest contains free loot for the Mod 18 Infernal Descent launch. Is the loot great? No. Is the loot free? Yes!

#6 The Descent Lockbox

Robert Hrouda, Systems Designer, brings us the sixth developer blog and dives into the Descent Lockbox. If you missed out on getting a Yeti mount and want to ride around on the shoulder of a mount, the Barlgura is for you. At legendary, the mount equip power is +10,000 Power!

Developer Blog: The Descent Lockbox | Neverwinter As we descend into the depths of Avernus, new opportunities have arisen. Starting on January 21, 2020, you will have the opportunity to acquire The Descent Lockbox, and with it som…

#5 The Vallenhas Story

The fifth developer blog for M18, written by Nick Corea, Content Designer, covers the backstory for M18. While some could comment that the blog spoils some of the story you experience as you go into M18, I found the additional context got me more excited about the adventure.

Developer Blog: The Vallenhas Story | NeverwinterThe story of the Vallenhas family is a woeful one. The misguided actions of a desperate man have doomed a good and prominent lineage. This tragedy has engulfed hundreds of innocent…

#4 Rewards

Joseph Leon, Systems Designer, covers the M18 rewards in his developer blog post. We’re getting a new type of Seals currency, specifically Seals of the Fallen, which can be used to buy the Infernal Forged Armor. We also get a new artifact in the Book of Vile Darkness, but some of the most interesting rewards are from the “Hunts” around Vallenhas. A Map showing the path for the hunts is here, developed by our alliance members.

.Developer Blog: Rewards Worth a Devil’s Bargain | Neverwinte…The promise of great rewards comes with substantial risk and is why Vallenhas now descends into hell. A wealth of rewards awaits those willing to risk it all against merciless devi…

#3 Visually Creating the Adventure Zone

The third M18 developer blog comes from Jason Marquez, Environment Artist, and walks through some of the thought process behind creating the M18 adventure zone. Once again the environmental art team has done a fantastic job. Thank you Neverwinter Environment Art team!

Developer Blog: Vallenhas Environment | NeverwinterWelcome back adventurers! Today we will be taking a short look at the Infernal Descent Adventure Zone: Vallenhas. The goal for this zone was to give players a large space to explor…

#2 Campaign Structure

The second M18 blog, written by Jared “NoWorries” Sears, System Designer, covers the Avernus campaign, which features the weekly haul mechanic, four campaign boons and many other familiar endgame campaign elements and mechanics. After you start the opening quests that bring you into Avernus, return to the campaign map (pictured above) and complete the campaign task to continue progressing with the campaign. During preview, there were no queues that interaction with the campaign map was needed during the introductory quests.

Developer Blog: Avernus Campaign | NeverwinterThe tragic story of the Vallenhas family has led them to a most desperate place. A mysterious deal with the devil Zariel plunges their stronghold and village to Avernus, first leve…

#1 The Infernal Citadel Dungeon

The first of the developer blogs for M18 covers the Infernal Citadel Dungeon. Jared “NoWorries” Sears, System Designer, covers the dungeon conceptually but doesn’t dive into any of the specific mechanics. Don’t worry, however, since legendary Neverwinter content creator Rainer already has a YouTube video guide. Thank you to Rainer and the team in the runs and thank you to Rainer for all the hard work put into the video.

Developer Blog: The Infernal Citadel Dungeon | NeverwinterGreetings Adventurers! Let’s talk about the new dungeon arriving with the Infernal Descent module: The Infernal Citadel. As Neverwinter takes its first steps into Avernus we wanted…

Winter Festival Guide (2019)

The annual Winter Festival will start on December 12, 2019 and runs until December 26th, 2019. The Winter Festival Zenith runs from December 26th 2019 through January 2, 2020 this year. The period for Free Gifts runs from December 19th 2019 to January 2, 2020.

You must be level 15 to enter the Winterfest and in past years you needed to be level 30 to receive Starlight Bags when exchanging gifts with other players.

Get daily quests from Mayor Cepheid

Once you travel to Twilight Tor, the town where the Winter Festival takes place, from the overworld map there’s a tutorial given to you by Mayor Vario Cepheid. You’ll want to talk to him every day after completing the tutorial to get the two quests that give you free items in the Winter Festival.

TIP: Leave all your characters at the campfire next to the mayor to make quick work of gathering the quest gifts each day.

There are two free items to collect each day via the quests from Mayor Cepheid: the Starlight Parcel by using the Starlight Voucher the Zen store and the Star of Fortune you receive by looking through the telescope in Twilight Tor. You must collect these each day; the are not retroactively claimable.

Starlight Parcels and Bags both count as gifts

Free item #1: Starlight Parcels

As you can see from the image to the right, the number of gifts you open is tracked (this is the tooltip image from last year). Starlight Parcels count  and Starlight Bags both count as gifts and increasethe number counted. (More on Starlight Bags later).

The best strategy is to hold your Starlight Parcels until after the counter reaches 20. As the tooltip shows, after 20 gifts you get the “Highly-Sought-After Rewards”. Another key here is that drops from Starlight Parcels are unbound items and can thus be sold on the AH. Starlights Bags drop bound items. Open 20 Starlight Bags before you open any parcels.

Every Starlight Parcel you open gives you a Gift of Simril (covered later).

Starlight Bags

So how do you get Starlight Bags? These drop from gift giving parties where players exchange Gifts of Simril. Remember that every Starlight Parcel you open gives you a Gift of Simril.


From the tooltip to the right we see that Starlight Bags are a potential drop from the Gift of Simril.

You slot a stack of the Gifts of Simril in your toolbar and form a party with up to four other players. When you “consume” a gift you’ll see a lantern float up in the air and a message displayed that states something like “Your party members are receiving gifts”. The other members of your party see drops appear that they can step over to pick up. Starlight Bags are one of the drops. Starlight Bags can also contain more Gifts of Simril and extend the length of gift giving parties.

The are two ways for you to open 20 Starlight Bags (before you open Starlight Parcels for the unbound items). One is to join a kind-hearted gift giving party where there is no expectation for you to give gifts and hope you receive 20 Starlight Bags using this approach. Remember that Starlight Bags can drop Gifts of Simril so you may be able to participate in a party without burning Starlight Parcels if you receive Gifts of Simril from Starlight Bags. The second is by trading the second major event currency, Stars of Fortune, for a Gift of Simril.

TIP: Conduct gift giving parties in a contained location, such as under the roof of one of the bridges in Twilight Tor. The drops from Gifts of Simril spread all over the place and conducting the party in a contained location saves running around after each drop.

IMPORTANT: I recommend you only do gift giving parties with Alliance members. There are scammers that will take your gift drops and then bail. There are two popular scams. One is where you join a party and they tell you to open all your gifts first. Then the scammers bail without opening any for you. The second is to use a non-gift giving latern (similar to fireworks, but with lanterns) that look like gifts but don’t release any drops.

sofStar of Fortune

While the first daily quest gives you a Starlight Parcels, the second daily quest gives you a Star of Fortune. The second quest involves looking through the telescope in Twilight Tor. If you save your Stars of Fortune, you can purchase items from the event store. There’s a chance that you can get more Stars of Fortune during gift giving parties as well.

This year they’ve added a new mount to the Star of Fortune store, specifically a Winter Flail Snail mount. 


Per the official news post for the Winter Festival:

Previous years’ Star of Fortune items have been moved to the Zen Market. This includes the Twilight Yeti, Frozen Throne, sleds, and more.

There are new Yeti vanity pets:


As mentioned earlier, you can trade your Star of Fortune for a Gift of Simril as well.


The incentive for fishing in the Winter Fesitval is campaign boons. I never completed the Sharandar campaign: I got every boon by fishing during the Winter Festival.

Here’s how this works: when you’re fishing, you can pull up non-fish, campaign specific items that can be used to trade in for campaign currency. In the past, another popular currency was Linu’s Favors to help finish out the Tyranny of Dragons campaign.

Fishing can be especially attractive to newer players who are still working on campaign completion.


In Closing

The other item of note I saw in the official news release was the fact that there will again be a Last Chance Vendor after the Winter Festival ends on Jan 2 2020. This is great since players who are away for holiday might not have the opportunity to spend their currency.

That’s all for now! Leave comments below if I’ve missed anything good and enjoy the Winter Festival!

Mod 16 Undermountain Archive

If you’re returning to the game, Mod 16 changed the game you already knew. You’ll need to re-learn you what your character(s) does. If you want a high level guide on what to do day 1, check out our blog:

Mod 16 is as easy as 1, 2, 3……

Puzzled by Master Expeditions? We’ve created a starter guide for Undermountain Expeditions!

Looking for Weave-Touched Fragments in Undermountain? There’s a fantastic post on Reddit complete with maps. Thanks to Reddit’s DamianThePhoenix and all the contributors to the post.

Companions in Mod 16

image of swashbuckler companion

We’ve also got a Mod 16 Companion Starter to help you with the major changes to companions, runestones and equipment.

Mod 16 Math and Stats

Want to know what calculations are going on in Mod 16? Janne’s mechanics supersite has you covered:

What should my new stats be?

We have created a stats pocket guide for you to keep here called Stats to aim for Mod 16

Interested in a non-scientific view of which classes are being played in Mod 16? Faze has posted information on the three Cloak guilds in our Alliance.

Content creator Rainer has been hard at work creating tools to help with Mod 16. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates. Check out his MOD16 pocket wiki:…

If you want to know the history behind where these numbers come from, check out the Cryptic posting with enemy stat levels.

There’s another blog highlighting key mechanics over at the Neverwinter Unblogged website.

What is Magnitude?

You’ll notice that all your Dailies, encounters & At-Wills now list magnitude. What is magnitude? Well quite simply 100 magnitude just means 100% of your weapon damage (that is the damage range listed on your equipped weapon). So 500 magnitude is 5x your weapon damage. 45 magnitude on at-will means its 45% of your weapon damage, etc. Magnitude at a glance gives you an easy way to compare the damage of your abilities. What it doesn’t account for is activation time of those abilities, nor the cooldown. Nor whether they hit aoe vs single target. All of which can contribute to DPS, which is short for damage per second. Anyhow, we hope this clears up what this new MOD16 “magnitude” thingy is.

Mod 16 Ability Scores

Ability Scores are now universal, but magical and physical damage bonuses are now separate. We’ve got screenshots of the new Ability Scores.

Mod 17 Uprising Archive

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is aee87d5fef16b9a1a16720b66376e5481562185494.jpg

Tower of the Mad Mage Anyone?

Our alliance is now running training runs for the Tower of the Mad Mage. For more information click here. Having trouble with the Tower of the Mad Mage (aka ToMM)? Make sure you check out the Tower of the Mad Mage Guide by Lightbringer, Sharpedge and Viral.

Changes to the damage formula are coming

Check out this discussion here on damage formula change. Other changes are coming to Warlock class and dungeons. For more details read this post or go to preview and test it out.

Let’s Discuss Class Balance!

Lord Willow has posted a new video about the “meta”, the current state of class balance and potential options for class balance in the future.

Stardock is here

Join your fellow adventurers in the Stardock quests. Every day you get 2 investigate activity quests. Every 2nd day you will be rewarded with Warden Expedition (WE) quests so you can collect your Stardock Rod sections. Once you have 3 of the same rod section, you will be rewarded with the new Fragment Expedition (FE) quest to acquire a fragment. Once you have collected the four fragment pieces, this should unlock the new 10 man TOMM (12 days of questing).

Want to balance your stats for Mod 17? Check out Greyhastur’s 6-minute video on strategies to balance your stats for M17. You can also read

Content creator Rainer has been hard at work creating tools to help with Mod 16/17. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates. Check out his MOD16/17 pocket wiki:…

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