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Swart Lodewyk

Enchantment refinement


With mod 12b the entire refinement process is changing and this article is a breakdown of the process. Many seems afraid that this will be a big problem but I hope this article will help ease the fears.  Please feel free to ask any questions below and I will do my best to answer it Continue reading “Enchantment refinement”


Party composition


With heal/buff I like to go with DC combo of DO and AC. The DO will act as a DPS/Debuff and the AC will be the buff/protection. If you can’t find 2 dc’s the OP devotion is also a good option. OP is often overlooked as a heal/buff but they are very good healers and have some amazing raid wide buffing. Continue reading “Svarborg”

Fast Artifact Refinement

Many people don’t seem to know how to use feeder artifacts to make a make a teal(mythic) artifact so I thought i will try and explain how i do it. If anyone have an alternate way or faster way please state in the comment and i will add it to this article.

Firstly to make use feeders make sure you do it during 2x refinement  this will help you get there as prescribed here.

During the next 2x I will try and make a video of how i do it and add it to this article.  Continue reading “Fast Artifact Refinement”

Treasure Location

Hi alliance members,

I found this map online and shared it. Thank you to the maker of this map


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