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Mod 16 Preview

Mod 16 is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

When you log into Neverwinter for the first time after Module 16, Undermountain, goes live, your see a message that says “Your Powers have been reset”, and there’s lots of gear that was formerly on your companion in your inventory, among other things. You might be thinking, “What is going on and what do I do now?”

Mod 16 Day 1 Guide

  1. Rework your character (Abilities, Powers, Feats, Boons) due to the forced respect
    • here’s additional information on ability scores. They are not the same as pre-Mod 16.
    • For convenience, here are the links to the Day 1 builds that cover Powers and Feats:
    • Don’t fret too much about this respec; you’ll probably respec again after you experience gameplay at level 80 and define your new playstyle
    • If you want, focus on your solo play loadout for now since that will be what you use to level to 80

2. Check your companion for unequipped gear

  • gear for players, and enchantments, can no longer be used by companions and gets unequipped automatically
  • don’t worry about getting some companion gear if you don’t have any as the new gear you get from the intro quest starting the campaign includes blue level companion gear. Runestones are not included.
  • assign companion powers from those currently available; you don’t need to get any new companions before you hit level 80
  • check out our companion starter for more information

3. Start the Undermountain campaign

  • speak to Lord Neverember in the Moonstone Mask. You may see the quest automatically in your quest log or you may need to read the invitation on the table behind Sgt. Knox in PE.
  • Lord Neverember will give you new gear in the Moonstone Mask; equip that gear as needed

4. Work up to Level 80

After Day 1/At Level 80

  • Respec based on preferred playstyle; analyze loadouts for solo and party play
  • Continue Undermountain campaign to get level 80 character and companion gear
  • Analyze your stats for balance; check out our starter on targeted stats
  • Create plan to upgrade runestones, mount insignias, enchantments based on your analysis of the stats
  • Analyze companion strategy and powers;
    • are there better companion powers you don’t already have?
    • How do you use companions? For example, augment companions have proven to be good for team play, while combat companions have been good for solo play
    • get new companions to implement your strategy

Basic Barbarian Build for Mod 16 Preview (archived)

As of the writing of this blog, the tank path for the Barbarian, the Sentinel, will be undergoing changes in the next patch. Therefore our coverage of the Sentinel will come at a later time.

The following selections are for the DPS path for the Barbarian, the Blademaster.

The idea behind the basic build is to build rage as quickly as possible and then to use your encounters while raging.

Basic Build Choices as of March 10th, 2019

At Wills: Sure Strike and Brash Strike
Encounters: Punishing Charge, Frenzy and Axestorm
Dailies: Savage Advance, Crescendo
Class Features: Steadfast Determination, Steel Blitz
Feats: Mighty Blade, Rampage, Steel Reaper, Overpenetration, Offensive Recovery

Thanks to Lord Willow for contributing information for the entry.

Basic Wizard Build for M16 Preview (archived)

Note, this is taken, almost entirely from Sharpedge, so….  credit where credit is due here.  This is based on the current build and may not be valid once this hits Live as there are bugs to be fixed.

Single Target Arcanist:

  • Entangling Force on Mastery
  • Ray of Enfeeblement
  • Disintegrate
  • Imprisonment
  • Passive: Storm Spell
  • Passive: Arcane Power Field
  • At-will: Magic Missile
  • Daily: Arcane Empowerment

Start with Imprisonment then Arcane Empowerment, Ray of Enfeeblement, Entangling Force, then Disintegrate. Try to cycle encounters as quickly as possible, then use Magic Missiles when they are off cool-down.

Area of Effect Thaumaturge:

  • Entangling Force on Mastery
  • Fanning the Flame
  • Icy Terrain
  • Conduit of Ice
  • Passive: Critical Conflagration
  • Passive: Evocation
  • At-will:Chilling Cloud
  • At-will:Oppressive Force
  • Daily: Furious Immolation

Most of the damage from this build comes from smolder, The goal is to trigger Critical Conflagration as much as possible. The order you use powers in is not so important, so long as you group as many enemies together as possible and play aggressively. The more enemies you pull, the more damage you will deal.

Single Target Feats:

  • Spell Twisting
  • Assailing Force
  • Chaos Magic
  • Striking Advantage
  • A Step above Mastery

Area of Effect Feats:

  • Smoldering Recovery
  • Glowing Flames
  • Shatter Strike
  • Critical Burn
  • Directed Flames

5 Known Bugs (as if this writing):

  • Elemental Reinforcement only working on the first hit.
  • Storm Pillar dealing excessive damage.
  • Chaos Magic – Quick Action giving half of the intended action points.
  • Striking Advantage does not scale.
  • Directed Flames deals 50%, not 75%.
  • Empowering Flames does not function.

**Mod 16 is still being tested and subject to change at any given moment


Basic Rogue Build M16 Preview (archived)

Single Target Assassin:

  • Lashing Blade
  • Assassinate
  • Deft Strike
  • Oppressive Darkness
  • Tactics
  • Duelist’s Flurry
  • Gloaming Cut
  • Shocking Execution

Whenever you use stealth, you want to use it to buff Lashing Blade. The rotation with this build is to wait for Skullcracker to trigger, then use Deft Strike, Stealth, Shocking Execution, a few Gloaming Cuts until stealth is almost depleted, then Lashing Blade and Assassinate. When your encounters are on cool-down, simply hold down Duelist’s Flurry.

Area of Effect Whisperknife:

  • Smoke Bomb
  • Blitz
  • Path of the Blade
  • Tactics
  • Razor Action
  • Whirlwind of Blades

Use stealth on Blitz, in order to lower cooldowns. As a result of this it is usually the last power used. Path of the Blade, Smoke Bomb, Stealth, Blitz, then at wills when your powers are on cool-down.

Single Target Feats:

  • Assassin’s Target
  • Knife’s Edge
  • Skullcracker
  • Hastily Sharpened Blades
  • Shadow’s Flurry

Area of Effect Feats:

  • Shady Preparations
  • Dark Reimbursement
  • Shadow of Demise
  • Shadowy Opportunity
  • Last Moments

Known Bugs:

  • Duelist’s Flurry Bleed does not deal damage if you hit enemies who are on a different level of terrain elevation to you.
  • The hit that triggers Shadow of Demise counts 50%, not 30%.
  • Shadow of Demise double benefits from debuffs.
  • Shadow of Demise counts damage dealt to all enemies, to the single enemy.
  • Back Alley Tactics significantly reduces your damage, as it is not capped to the domain and thus leads you to deal on average 40% less damage.
  • Knife’s Edge triggers per target hit, for example, it reduces your cool-downs by 20 seconds if it triggers off of 5 targets hit by Whirlwind of Blades.
  • Knife’s Edge does not trigger on Bloodbath.

**Mod 16 is still being tested and subject to change at any given moment

Basic Ranger Build for M16 Preview (archived)

Hunter was tested by @viraaal, not me, so if you wish to field any questions for this class, direct them at him, including if you should live stream Owlbear before your NDA has ended.  🙂

Single Target Hunter:

  • Longstrider’s Shot
  • Marauders Escape
  • Commanders Shot
  • Rapid Shot
  • Careful attack
  • Disruptive shot
  • Aspect of the Falcon
  • Aspect of the Pack

The rotation is Disruptive shot, Longstrider’s Shot, Gushing Wound, Marauders Escape (while jumping to remove the movement effect but keep the damage), Marauders Rush, Commanders Shot, Disruptive shot, Careful attack, Rapid Shot until Longstrider’s Shot is 1s off cool-down, and then repeat animation cancelling Disruptive shot with Longstrider’s Shot

Area of Effect Warden:

  • Throw Caution
  • Boar Charge
  • Marauders Rush
  • Storm Strike
  • Clear the ground
  • Snipe
  • Seeker’s Vengeance
  • Aspect of the Pack

The rotation is Split the Sky, Marauders Rush, 4 at-wills, Throw Caution, 4 at-wills, Boar Charge, Snipe, 2 at-wills. Repeat with Marauders Rush and using Split the Sky only at the start of a new rotation when its off cool-down (the at will you use depends on either single target or Area of Effect).

Single Target Feats:

  • Commander in Chief
  • Stillness of the Forest
  • Predator
  • Longshot
  • More than Disruptive

Area of Effect Feats:

  • Focused
  • Storms Recovery
  • Blade Hurricane
  • To the Wind
  • Enhanced Conductivity

**Mod 16 is still being tested and subject to change at any given moment

Basic Paladin Build for M16 Preview (archived)

This was written by @greyjay1 as he tested OP, so if you have any questions, I recommend fielding them his way.

Solo (Oathkeeper):

  • Valorous Strike
  • Radiant Strike
  • Smite
  • Sacred Weapon
  • Circle of Power (optional)
  • Divine Judgement
  • Justicar’s Charge
  • Composure
  • Divine Justice

Smite all the way, Sacred Weapon + Radiant Strike for AoE, Circle of Power to regain Divinity.


  • Shielding Strike (Oath Strike for AoE)
  • Radiant Strike
  • Smite (Templar’s Wrath for AoE)
  • Sacred Weapon
  • Absolution
  • Divine Justice
  • Divine Shieldberer

Smite (TW) all the way, Sacred Weapon + Oath Strike for AoE, block to regain Divinity.


  • Cure Wounds (rarely used)
  • Radiant Strike (or Divine Fulmination)
  • Divine Touch
  • Divine Shelter
  • Circle of Power
  • Lay on Hands
  • Healing Font

Divine Touch as standard Power, Divine Shelter to counter pressure and after the Feat procced, CoP for +healing and +Divinity, Healing Font as HoT.

Solo Feats:

  • Free Blessing
  • Divine Weapon
  • Keeper’s Wrath
  • Guarded Prayers
  • Radiant Banner

Keeper’s Wrath is the important Feat here.

Tanking Feats:

  • Sacred Shield
  • Absolute Shield
  • Bound to the Land
  • Vigilant Defender
  • Bulwark of Faith

Tanking Feats are not so important
Healing Feats:

  • Free Blessing
  • Divine Weapon
  • Lasting Bond
  • Guarded Prayers
  • Intervening Light

Free Blessing is the important Feat here.

**Mod 16 is still being tested and subject to change at any given moment

Basic Cleric Build for M16 Preview (archived)

The healing path is still in flux (see note at the end of this article), so for now here’s the DPS path:

Single Target Arbiter:

  • Bastion of Health
  • Prophecy of Doom
  • Forgemaster’s Flame
  • Lance of Faith
  • Sacred Flame
  • Hammer of Fate
  • Light of the Scales
  • Holy Fervor

This rotation is a little bit strange compared to what you would usually be used to for DPS. The feat Mendicant’s Judgement will build stacks of Judgement, which you will use to refresh divinity. You start by using 6 Sacred Flames, then you cast Prophecy of Doom, Hammer of Fate, then Forgehamer’s Flame, then 6 Sacred Flames, then Forgemaster’s Flame. Repeat whenever you have divinity to use Forgemaster’s Flame. When you are out of divinity, use Bastion and target the most allies possible, then briefly channel divinity to consume all stacks. Repeat until full on divinity, then start the rotation again.

Area of Effect Arbiter:

  • Bastion of Health
  • Sunburst
  • Searing Light
  • Lance of Faith
  • Sacred Flame
  • Celestial Prominence
  • Light of the Scales
  • Holy Fervor

The rotation is similar to the one for Arbiter, but instead of using Prophecy you use Sunburst and instead of Forgemaster’s you use Searing Light.

Feats (Both):

  • Piercing Light
  • Heavy Sun
  • Mendicant’s Judgement
  • Smoldering Light
  • Critical Sun

**Mod 16 is still being tested and subject to change at any given moment

Preparing for Mod 16

Mod 16 is still on the preview server but some suggestions on how best to prepare can be drawn based on what we see now. Big caveat: this is still the preview server and everything is subject to change. If there are things you need to farm for Mod 16, you’ll have an easier time now than the day Mod 16 goes live when you’re going to send a good amount of time rebuilding your character.

Lord Neverember gives you a chest full of Undermountain gear to begin your journey!

Once you copy your character over to the preview server (see our homepage for instructions on how to do this), start Mod 16 by heading to the Moonstone Mask and head into Lord Neverember’s private meeting (enter and make the first two right turns). Then you’re on your way down the storyline.

We’ll try and update our recommendations here as the devs continue to make changes and as we continue to learn more about Mod 16 and Undermountain!

We’ve broken our recommendations down into things to do (aka “Do”s) and things that are not necessary (aka “Don’t”s).


  • Farm wards for enchantment and runestone upgrades.
  • Farm UES; they’re needed for Rank 15 upgrades.
  • Farm companion gear from Merchant Prince Folly; companions can only use companion gear. You’ll need companion gear to start Mod 16 but new companion gear drops from Undermountain.
  • Save healing potions, but they are readily available in the Yawning Portal if needed.
  • Save mount Insignias; you need Insignia feeders to upgrade to Legendary Insignias.
  • If there are easy campaign boons you can obtain, complete those now; if you have Genie’s Gifts, consider using those.
  • Save Azure enchants, Insignias of Prosperity (the Insignias have lost their XP bonus) and gear that provides XP gain to accelerate the move from level 70 to 80. the Master of the Hunt skirmish drops a neck piece (Huntmaster Cloak) from the chest that gives +8 XP. That bonus currently carries forward into Mod 16.
  • Save Tomes of Experience; they may only get you from 70 to 71, however.
  • Save companions. You can now keep many more companions and their abilities are their player bonuses are no longer tied to the companion, similar to the ability to choose separate mount combat powers.
  • Max out seals on as many characters as possible. UPDATE:Seals just got nerfed and even Crown Seals won’t get you any of the new level 80 gear in Mod 16.


  • Don’t spend Crown Seals. The new Spy gear will be available for Crown Seals as soon as Mod 16 drops. UPDATE: This got nerfed. Spy gear is now only available for Mountain Seals.
  • Don’t buy player gear for companions; companions can now only use gear specifically for companions.
  • Don’t sell weapon and armor enchants; an exchange will be available
  • Don’t sell runestones; an exchange will be available
  • Don’t spend Tarmalune Trade Bars if you’d rather use them to buy the new Mountaineer weapon set that drops the day Mod 16 goes live. UPDATE: The Mountaineer weapon set no longer appears available in the Tarmalune Trade Bar store.

Companions in M16

Updated: The official developer blog for companions has been published.

Female companion in neverwinter

Companions have always been a huge part Neverwinter. There were a several of aspects Cryptic addressed in module 16 (Mod 16; M16). The first issue was that fighting companions were extremely necessary due to their stat sharing from to Bonding Runes; augments were used in niche builds. Another issue was that different classes all used the same companion because that companion was best in slot (BiS), e.g. Chultan Tiger, Archons, etc.

If you’re short on companions, head over to the Epic Temple of the Spider, Great Wolf Den, or Cragmire Crypts. The second chests in these dungeons seem to drop companions at a reasonable rate. These second dungeons require a key purchased with 15 acorns from the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign.

At a high level, here are some of the changes to companions for Mod 16:

Companions Unbound

Companions have been separated from their bonus powers so that players have more freedom in choosing what companion visual they want fighting by their side. Abilities and bonuses such as “Reduces the target’s defenses by X” are now slottable powers similar to how mounts work. This means when you get a companion, you actually get a pack of assets that is the companion and the slottable powers associated with that companion.  Similar to the mounts stable, companions are now stored in your Companion Roster. Which companion you select as active from your roster is still important in that it still has unique attack abilities and/or is an augment, so in that regard there will still be BiS companions – however it’s significantly less important than before.

screen shot of layout with choices
You choose which companion powers to apply from a list of possible powers drawn from all companions on your roster.

Companions also provide bonus stats or effects, such as “Chance to heal you and your companion”, or “2% damage to enemies not facing you”, or straight stats like “+4000 Power, +2000 Awareness”. These bonus stats or effects slot in either Offense, Defense, or Utility slots. (The slots not surrounded by the red square in the image above or the Offense, Defense and Utility slots). The types of slots you have is completely driven by your class. The most important part of these stats is that they are not subject to scaling. Any “+x” amount of stats stays the same regardless of whether your in a scaled zone or not. Because these stats are not downscaled, your choices here are an important part of your strategy to deal with scaled content. The numerical value of these bonus stats increase as the companion is upgraded. For example, green companions give +2,000, blue is +4,000, purple is +6,000 and orange is +8,000.

Content creator Rainer has been hard at work creating tools to help with Mod 16. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates. His MOD16 pocket wiki details even companion, their type (i.e. utility, offense or defense) and all the bonuses. This is really an invaluable tool for defining your companion strategy:…

Bonding Runestones

The 3 runestone slots are now Bonding Runestone slots. Bonding runes will be used for both augment and fighting companions, and they are now a passive power instead of needing a companion to attack to share the stats. The direct stat bonus has been removed from Bonding runestones and Eldrich runestones will no longer function. Eldritch Runestones will have a trade in for Bonding Runestones.

Using Bonding Runestones, both Augments and Fighting companions are viable. During Mod 16 testing on the preview server, many of our alliance members found success running a fighting companion during solo adventuring (they can grant positional Combat Advantage) and switching to an Augment for group play.

Companion Equipment

Companions now only use companion equipment, and companion equipment takes runestones as the slottable gems instead of enchantments.  All the stats that you get from runestones become scaled and become the equivalent of Rank 7 of that runestone type in scaled areas. So anything you slot above Rank 7 will only benefit you in level 80 content (i.e. non-scaled) areas.

screenshot of new layout
The left side of the interface selects the active companion. The right side of the interface controls companion and player bonuses independent from the choice on the left.

Companion Type Bonus

You now only have one companion slotted from your roster at a time, as opposed to 5 on live (you have multiple companion powers though, as seen in the screenshot above in the lower right corner). So what about the legendary companion stat bonus? With this, they changed the “mastery bonus” to companions be a “bolster bonus” based on how many companion of that type you have (Humanoid, beast, magical, etc) and how leveled up they are. This bonus caps out at 5 of the same type at legendary quality but gives a bonus even if you don’t have a legendary companion. The bolster bonus affects the power of your companion, i.e. you companion does more damage based on the bolster bonus.

Reddit user Michael_DarkAngel prepared a clever spreadsheet that calculates the effect of bolster (as well as other companion factors), which can be found linked via this post.

The companion bolster stat bonus is now sorted by companion type.

New Companion Gear for M16

New Companion Gear for M16

Due to the restriction that companions can only use gear that specifically allows use by companions, there’s new companion gear dropping in the Undermountain Mod 16 release. As you play through the Undermountain campaign you will receive new companion gear. As with player gear, this is a much higher Item Level than any gear from the pre-Mod 16 era and also contributes to the Combined Rating aggregated across gear.
The Combined Rating adds a flat amount to every statistic that has a resistance. The Combined Rating adds the amount on the gear to everything except Power and Hit Points.

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