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Author: theaxolotl#4252 (Barbarian: Icarium)

Last Modified: February 29, 2020


If you’re reading this, that likely means you want to know something about tanking as a Barbarian Sentinel! I’m not going to start this section off with my credentials and accomplishments in this game – I’ve only been playing since August 2019, so many of you have probably taken hiatuses longer than I’ve been in this game. I have not been in TOMM, however I have tanked everything else the game has to offer, including IC (the Infernal Citadel). I’ve thrown this together because there seems to be a lack of recent Sentinel information out there, and knowledge is great for us all to have!

I’d like to preface everything with saying this isn’t a holding-your-hand sort of guide. I’m not going to claim this is the only way to tank as a Barbarian, and I won’t even claim it’s the best way. This is what works for me, and it’s full of information that I’ve learned through both trial and error and discussions with other, better tanks. I won’t be touching on races or attribute distribution. I won’t be going into specifics of every single ability or option we have. I also won’t be going into gearing options, outside of mentioning a few select items that work well. There are plenty of guides out there that talk about these sorts of things.

If you happen to see something in here that is incorrect or want to talk mechanics either in-game or in Discord (TheAxolotl#9404), please don’t hesitate to reach out. With all of that out of the way, let’s move on to what you really want to see.



Primary – Sentinel’s Slash: This is my most-used At-Will. Since it’s an attack that can be charged, it’s very flexible with its timing, and to make it even better, you block during the duration of the charge. This makes it a reliable source of steady threat and AP generation, especially when used with Frustrating Slash.

Fun Tip: One downside to Sentinel’s Slash is the extended animation that makes up the swing. This animation can actually be shortened by immediately pressing Block after releasing the mouse button for Sentinel’s Slash. The attack will still land, even though the swing doesn’t happen. This will result in a significantly faster cast time, thus more AP generated. I highly recommend practicing this on a target dummy.

Secondary – Bounding Slam: This is my secondary At-Will for easier content where threat is not a concern, and I choose it strictly for mobility. Being able to bounce around to protect your dps and healers is very handy.

Alternative Secondary – Sure Strike: Having spent more time in IC lately, this has become my secondary At-Will for boss fights where threat is a concern. This is because Sentinel’s Slash alone was giving me some threat issues. Triggering Frustrating Slash and then spamming Sure Strike, especially while Unstoppable will generate more threat than spamming Sentinel’s Slash, however your AP regen will be lower. Balancing Sure Strike with Sentinel’s Slash is a bit of a learned art, based on the need for more threat vs faster AP regen.

Alternative Secondary – Challenger’s Slash: Similar to Sure Strike, triggering Frustrating Slash and then spamming Challenger’s Slash will generate significantly more threat than Sentinel’s Slash alone against multiple targets


Primal Fury: This encounter never leaves my bar. What’s not to love about a hard-hitting AoE with increased threat? Coupled with Blood Fury, you will heal yourself for the damage you deal and exit Unstoppable on demand, rather than waiting for your rage to drain.

Punishing Charge: This encounter is also a staple for me, and is mostly used for mobility, however when combined with Challenger’s Charge, it also allows you to immediately grab aggro on a target, while dealing damage.

Indomitable Battle Strike: Single target damage dealer – my go-to for single targets in most situations. Keep in mind, this encounter can miss if positioning isn’t right, or if your target moves away from you. Bloodletter can be an alternative attack here, as it’s a faster cast and won’t miss, however it does deal less damage (and thus, less threat).

Takedown: Alternative single target damage dealer. I will use this along with Disarming Takedown if I’m in a group with mostly physical damage dealers.

Not so Fast: Multi-target damage dealer that synergizes well with Trample the Fallen and can provide some extra mobility when using On the Move. This is my go-to when not fighting a boss.

Come and Get It: Multi-target hard taunt to grab aggro. Note that since this doesn’t deal damage, it needs to be followed up with Primal Fury or Not So Fast in order to actually keep threat. I rarely use this, but it recently has found a place on my bar while clearing trash in The Infernal Citadel.

Ignore Weakness: With the release of The Infernal Citadel, I have started using this encounter more, specifically for the second boss. The on-demand stamina it provides is extremely beneficial for absorbing multiple hard-hitting attacks in a row.

Enduring Shout: Formerly neglected, this encounter has made it to my bar for the Hellfire Engine fight. Particularly, when used before getting chained and blasted with fire, giving yourself an additional 10% HP will give your healer a bit more breathing room to keep you alive. I consider this encounter situational at best, and this fight presents a situation worth considering its use.


Savage Advance: This is my primary daily. It serves as a source of mobility, single target damage, and single target threat. Furthermore, when combined with Crushing Advance, it serves as a source of damage reduction. This damage reduction can have a very high uptime due to the high rate at which we can cast Savage Advance, thanks to the large AP gain we get through Sentinel’s Slash.

Battle High: I use this daily significantly less often than Savage Advance, however it is a very important source of emergency healing.

Class Features

Steady Rage: Pretty self-explanatory, but this provides a constant source of rage to fuel the Unstoppable/Primal Fury combination.

Mighty Vitality: Self-explanatory too. Gives us more health and staying power, at the cost of some power.

Trample The Fallen: Increases damage from Punishing Charge and Not so Fast and also increases damage from all sources (including party members) when the target can be controlled. Unfortunately, this secondary damage boost does not work on most bosses.

Challenger’s Charge: This gives some additional utility to Punishing Charge. Without charging, it acts as a hard taunt, immediately placing you on top of the threat list. Alternatively, allows you to charge up Punishing Charge, allowing you to use the encounter without immediately taking aggro. This charging ability can be handy in scenarios with multiple tanks, when you want to use the encounter without overriding the other tank’s threat.

Threatening Presence: This is more efficient for threat generation than Trample the Fallen in most cases, so very useful when threat is a concern.


Frustrating Slash: This feat is crucial for this build, as it gives a threat component to Sentinel’s Slash.

Indomitable Might: Makes Indomitable Battle Strike hit harder. The damage boost is lessened as your health decreases.

Disarming Takedown or On the Move: You can’t go wrong with either of these options. Disarming Takedown provides a nice damage boost to physical damage dealers in your party, while On the Move provides some additional movement speed utility to yourself and nearby allies when using Not so Fast. My personal pick here was Disarming Takedown, as I found the situational additional damage to be more appealing.

Crushing Advance: This is another crucial feat to grab. This removes the knockback component from Savage Advance and in its place gives the target a debuff that reduces damage dealt by 5% for 12 seconds. This uptime ends up being very high, since our AP regeneration is extremely fast.0

Blood Fury: The third crucial feat for this build. This removes the rage cost of Primal Fury while under Unstoppable, healing you for the damage dealt. In addition, it allows manual termination of Unstoppable, providing you a means to terminate it on-demand, giving you much finer control over your stamina regeneration and rage generation.


Single Target (Boss)

At-Wills: Sentinel’s Slash, Bounding Slam (or Sure Strike)

Encounters: Punishing Charge, Indomitable Battle Strike (or Takedown*, Primal Fury)

*Alternatively, Bloodletter or Ignore Weakness can also be used here if desired

Dailies: Savage Advance, Battle High

Multiple Targets (Trash)

At-Wills: Sentinel’s Slash, Bounding Slam (or Challenger’s Slash)

Encounters: Punishing Charge, Not so Fast or Come and Get It, Primal Fury

Dailies: Savage Advance, Battle High

Class Features: Single Target (Boss)

Different combinations of class features can have value in different scenarios when it comes to bosses. Below is one recommended set of combinations, but feel free to adjust accordingly to your liking.

Steady Rage, Trample the Fallen (or Mighty Vitality) when threat is not a concern, but survivability may or may not be

Steady Rage, Threatening Presence when threat is a concern and survivability is not

Challenger’s Charge, Mighty Vitality when both threat and survivability are a concern

Class Features: Multiple Targets (Trash)

Trample the Fallen, Steady Rage (or Threatening Presence) depending on if threat is a concern.


Tanner’s Leather Ring: We have a lot of health and we get to cast a lot of dailies. Let’s put that to use by dealing half of our maximum health as additional damage on daily use!

Electric Defense (Trobriand’s Ring set): We use our dailies a lot, so let’s get 5% less damage taken and 5% more damage dealt from it, too!

Elven Battle Enchantment: Stamina regen? Yes, please!

Refreshing Breeze (Gas Spore mount). This one gives us 20% more stamina regeneration, which I like, and as far as epic mounts go, this one is hard to beat. That being said, I have phased this out in favour of a 25,000 HP mount, since I needed the additional health to be comfortable tanking The Infernal Citadel.

Mount Insignia Bonuses: Personally, I use 1x Gladiator’s Guile for the movement speed and stamina regeneration, 2x Barbarian’s Revelry for a heal on crit of 1.5% of my max health, and 2x Survivor’s Blessing for a heal on deflect of 1.5% of my max health. These are mostly because of the mounts I have available to me, but I also like the combinations. Feel free to use what you’d like.


A whole new section just to talk about tanking in this place? Yep! Since it’s a new dungeon that has resulted in a shift in some of my encounter and gear choices, I wanted to highlight some of the big changes specifically, while giving a few tips for the various bosses.

First, regarding loadouts, I run a couple of fairly static combinations when I tank in here.


At-Wills: Sentinel’s Slash, Challenger’s Slash

Encounters: Come and Get It, Not so Fast, Primal Fury

Dailies: Savage Advance, Battle High

Class Features: Trample the Fallen, Threatening Presence

Second, regarding boss strategies, I have had to really learn the various boss’ attack orders to help adjust to my lower-than-recommended HP. Most tanks say you want to have at least 700k HP, ideally more. On my first successful clear, I only had ~650k HP after using a food buff, which made for a few very close calls, but is doable with a solid healer, and understanding of the various attacks, and smart use of Unstoppable.


At-Wills: Sentinel’s Slash, Sure Strike

Encounters: Punishing Charge, Indomitable Battle Strike (or Takedown or Ignore Weakness)*, Primal Fury

*For Morzach and Hellfire Engine, I use either Indomitable Battle Strike or Takedown depending on my party makeup. For Zaphael, I use Ignore Weakness. You could also use Ignore Weakness on Morzach, but I find the additional threat a bit more useful than the extra stamina regen, due to the avoidability of his attacks. Alternatively, if healing during Hellfire Engine is a problem, you can help a bit with Enduring Shout.

Dailies: Savage Advance, Battle High

Class Features: Challenger’s Charge, Threatening Presence


There are a few main things for this fight. I generally save my Unstoppable for his 3-hit combo, which is the second major attack in his rotation. The third major attack is his tail jab, and that should be side-stepped and avoided completely. During that time, refrain from blocking to let your stamina regenerate. The spines can be blocked or avoided, with my preference being the latter. Generally when the boss animates before the spines, I walk forward and stand underneath him, within the targeting circle. This seems to be a safe spot around 90% of the time for me, but I still block while underneath him just to be safe in case I still get hit.


The hardest part about this fight is knowing how and when to move the boss around. This will also be the hardest fight on your healer, as you will be taking a very large amount of damage. One thing to keep in mind is that if you break line of sight with the boss by going around a pillar, you will immediately lose aggro, regardless of how high your threat threshold is. In general, try to keep the boss turned away from your group and as stationary as possible, particularly with melee dps in the party. You’ll want to move him after the hammer slam – use your discretion based on your HP, healer, and group makeup if you want to move him immediately after the slam or if you want to soak some of the fire damage first. In addition, when you place your small fire pool down, try to avoid turning him towards where your party is, even if that results in you placing it against the outer wall.

Hellfire Engine

This boss is actually the easiest to tank by far. You can take minimal damage from the fire spin, possibly avoiding it outright, by stepping to your right after the single attack that follows the tile-breaking fire bomb. From there, circle around while attacking and regaining stamina. In this fight, I save my Unstoppable until I get the chains on me. When I have full stamina, this will allow me to absorb a significant portion of the fire blast damage. Keep in mind that there’s a bit of a delay between the chains and the fire attack, during which aggro can shift. This can result in DPS taking the fire blast even though you have chains if they pull aggro after you become stunned. This also works the other way around – if they pull aggro and get chained, you can immediately take aggro back to be the recipient of the fire blast. Consider using Enduring Shout during this fight to help out the healer when you get chained.


Thanks for reading! I hope this provides some sort of value to you. A big thanks goes out to Maku (, as much of the information above came from me asking him questions or picking his brain on things. Without his willingness to share knowledge, this wouldn’t exist. I’d also like to thank anyone else I’ve had the pleasure of talking game mechanics with, and Alleykate for fixing my crappy formatting and giving a place to host this!

Mod 17 Uprising Archive

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Tower of the Mad Mage Anyone?

Our alliance is now running training runs for the Tower of the Mad Mage. For more information click here. Having trouble with the Tower of the Mad Mage (aka ToMM)? Make sure you check out the Tower of the Mad Mage Guide by Lightbringer, Sharpedge and Viral.

Changes to the damage formula are coming

Check out this discussion here on damage formula change. Other changes are coming to Warlock class and dungeons. For more details read this post or go to preview and test it out.

Let’s Discuss Class Balance!

Lord Willow has posted a new video about the “meta”, the current state of class balance and potential options for class balance in the future.

Stardock is here

Join your fellow adventurers in the Stardock quests. Every day you get 2 investigate activity quests. Every 2nd day you will be rewarded with Warden Expedition (WE) quests so you can collect your Stardock Rod sections. Once you have 3 of the same rod section, you will be rewarded with the new Fragment Expedition (FE) quest to acquire a fragment. Once you have collected the four fragment pieces, this should unlock the new 10 man TOMM (12 days of questing).

Want to balance your stats for Mod 17? Check out Greyhastur’s 6-minute video on strategies to balance your stats for M17. You can also read

Content creator Rainer has been hard at work creating tools to help with Mod 16/17. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates. Check out his MOD16/17 pocket wiki:…

Warlock build (dps)

Immy from Legendary Chaos has kindly shared his dps Warlock build he is using in Tomm Training.

Hellbringer powers
Boons for hellbringer
Immys look and gear

Watcher Runs

With Mod 16/17 a new set of rare bosses was introduced that can be accessed via a shade that spawns in certain large format maps in 3 rune ME runs.   The shade looks very familiar to a warlock soul puppet.

By defeating the correct 2 of the 4 rare bosses available, you have a good chance of getting a really good weapon drop for your classs.  I believe the drop is now need/greed ‘able (and 2 drops now per boss which further increases your odds) of 1 of a set of special weapons called the Watcher Set, which has a great multi-stat bonus that now procs and stays up for the full extent of very long fights (yes i tested it does not drop). Also, the bosses drop legendary vanity pets and awakened essences used to restore Successor Gear from LOMM.

Thanks to one of our alliance members for noting that parties should check their loot mode before beginning the watcher fight. If your loot mode is set to round robin, the weapons that drop have a chance of ending up with the player who cannot use them.

Weapon Set

Essences and Awakened Essences

How to Maximize Chances of Getting a Watcher Set Item

* Form or join a Watcher Run party, preferably for the boss you need for your class. Only one person in the party needs to have a quest active, and any 3 runes placed will work to spawn the shade. Only the 2nd “larger” maps have spaces that will spawn the shade and you will know one will spawn when it talks about “you feel and immense presence” when you enter the space.  Some of these bosses are almost trivial but a few need a full party with tank and/or heal(s) and special resources like artifacts/scrolls/altars.  

Class to Boss Matrix

Basic Process I Recommend

* Only one member needs the correct essence for the agreed-upon boss.  This means a cohort party of 5 can have 15 chances a day, and in my experience a shade spawns about every 10 runs only in the large maps.

*  You may want to avoid traps for some of these bosses, as some of the perma-banes from these can be problematic. Longing and Despair in particular are bosses that are harder with some banes.

* Once a shade spawns, make sure the team is prepared for the fights before summoning as it’s easy to lose your essences or wipe otherwise.   Also, if a member dies, they should not release as a barrier is placed that can be hard/impossible to pass to get back into the space for the fight.

* In general, the tank aggros the boss and either kites him or brings him to an obstruction like a hill or mushroom to hold aggro while dps work him/her, but all bosses are different. Despair doesn’t move at all…. while Regret can be aggro’d from a Hill and Sorrow kited while range dps’d. Longing requires close in DPS and a burst of dps between 20% and 0% health, and we also used coordinated Trobriand Rings in sequence to stun him during the burst dps phase (this helps but isn’t mandatory).

The fight..

Sorrow – Rogue, Barbarian, Fighter, Hunter

Essence of Sorrow will summon this Wolf like Boss.  The most common winning strategy is to utilize a standard 5-person party and have the tank kite the boss around the map while the dps ranges her down. The party will want to stay away and dodge or avoid the sword that seems to have a mind of its own, otherwise this boss is straight-forward.

Regret – Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, Hunter

The stag can be aggroed from a hill or cliffside while ranged down.   Almost any class can aggro it.  I believe contact with a player will heal it, so you want to keep your distance.  

Longing – Cleric, Wizard (never actually saw this drop though!), Paladin, Hunter

This tanky boss needs to be dps’d within it’s bubble so close-in. and it has a shield that needs to be worn down, or wait until the shield lifts for bursts of dps. Most commonly teams will have a tank aggro it from a cliffside or mushroom, while dps slowly works it down to 20% to keep from stealing aggro. At 20% you want to have saved your best dps for bursting it from 20 -> 0%.  If not killed fast enough the boss will fully heal. Trobriand Rings are super valuable for stunning the boss at summoning and then at 20% start a rotation of stuns (agreed to upfront).  The more people with this artifact the better, as you can use a rotation to stun the boss for 1 sec at a time with 1 person calling the rotation. The signal you look for is Longing raising both hands (not just 1 hand which can fake you out).

Despair – Rogue, Barbarian, Wizard, Fighter

The longest and hardest fight of the bunch and I’ve only done it twice. This boss stands perfectly still…. and you can only dps it after the green chains have appeared on a player and been cleansed. Red chains = redirected dps like in the Sisters of Fury fight. Orange Chains = You Die (sorry). Green chains = cleanse them and dps the boss like crazy. I’ve seen videos of Despair being 1 phased after the green chains.  Unfortunately, there are usually plenty of deaths and rez sickness, so scrolls are usually used, unless you have top notch DPS.  An experienced healer will help a lot, and I’ve seen teams complete this boss with no tank.  This fight I have the least confidence with so feel free to add your own hints and correct me too. 

Thanks goes to Immy from Legendary Chaos for the write up.

Tower of the Mad Mage – stats and other information

ToMM – 23k Minimum Item Level for private Queue

Below is a guide line only for those thinking of doing some Alliance ToMM Training. See discord for the training roster and times.

Healing Classes
Stat Point Type Optimal Estimated Minimum for Success
Hit Points 350,000 or more 300,000
Power 170,000 + 140,000
ArP not needed not needed
Crit Paladin not needed, other 1:1 power ratio paladin not needed, 120,000 other
Defense 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000
Accuracy not needed not needed
Crit Avoid paladin 95,000, other 85,000 85,000
Deflect not needed not needed
Combat Advantage not needed not needed
Awareness not needed not needed
Incoming Healing 30% or more 20% or more
Outgoing Healing 50% or more 40% or more
Tank Classes
Stat Point Type Optimal Estimated Minimum for Success
Hit Points 800,000 or more 650,000
Power not needed not needed
ArP 80,000 80,000
Defense 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000
Crit not needed not needed
Accuracy not needed not needed
Crit Avoid 95,000 paladin, 85,000 other 85,000
Deflect 80,000 nice to have not needed
Combat Advantage not needed not needed
Awareness not needed not needed
Incoming Healing 30% or more 20% or more
DPS Classes
Stat Point Type Optimal Estimated Minimum for Success
Hit Points 350,000 or more 300,000
Power 180,000 + 130,000
ArP 80,000 80,000
Defense 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000 78,000 with burnished, else 80,000
Crit 80,000 80,000
Accuracy 80,000 75,000
Crit Avoid not needed not needed
Deflect not needed not needed
Combat Advantage 130,000 100,000
Awareness not needed not needed
Incoming Healing 30% or more 15% or more
Useful stuff
Rez sickness boon
mount combat powers
discord access at least listening? microphone and ability to speak


Jannes Guide to ToMM

Video guide

Tower of the Mad Mage

I had my first experience in this new 10 man trial that opened today and after 45 mins, many deaths, it was time to finish the wine and cook dinner. From this practice runs, I learnt a lot about the many mechanics and found a good resource for anyone wanting to try. Word of warning, get your 80k defense ready and and a great amout of hit points. For more information check out the website below and watch videos on YouTube. The guide is found here

Some new crafting coming Mod 17

Crafting is getting a small update with some new recipes and some items to gather. Crafting and gathering will need to be levelled up to 80 and there will be recipes, new tools and blood rubys that can be made. Do remember this is information gathered from preview server and it can be subject to change. (Thanks go to Barty from FD for the screen shots)

Neverwinter Mod 17 Uprising

Here’s some of what we see. (from preview check out the new Lord Willow M17 overview!)

  • New PVP map with new rewards and a new PVP season; rewards include PVE useable items like Rank 10, Weapon, and Armor Enchantment Choice Packs; Rank 5/6 Stones, and Marks of Potency.
  • New PVP gear; Zen store now has IL 1000 (in PVP) gear
  • New Gith race (+2 Dex, +2 Str or Int; 2% Stamina gain; +1500 CA)
  • One new weapon set (Lionheart Set) – best new base damage
  • New Rings of Undermountain (IL 1010) – drop from the new Tower of the Mad Mage trial
  • New Shirts (IL 1010)
  • New Pants (IL 1010)
  • New Artifact (Halaster’s Blast Scepter), Belt and Waist gear from the trial
  • Parts of Protector’s Enclave has been visually upgraded
  • New Companion Gear (IL 1010) dropping from the M17 Master Expeditions
  • New Appearance tab on character sheet with a fashion system overhaul
  • New Tales of Old event
  • New Lockbox
  • New M17 campaign “Uprising”
  • M16 Campaign Completion token
  • New location: Stardock, which provides access to a “dimension shift” replica of Undermountain for Uprising.
  • A modified Master Expedition experience called Warden Master Expeditions; a new third zone and new bosses.
  • Class changes: Repel Wizard damage has been reduced and temporary hit point, from any class, now overwrite any previous temporary hit points. Previously, temporary hit points aggregated.
  • Professions changes have yet to hit live server. The new recipes have nothing to do with masterwork.
Up we go into Stardock

New Trial: Tower of the Mad Mage

  • New 10 person trial against Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage himself
  • Requires 2-3 tanks; 2-3 healers; 4-6 dps; IL requirement is 24K IL
  • New enemy stats (30k) in new trial force player stats to increase (80k; CA 130k)
  • New trial against Halaster has very difficult mechanics; dps checks; heal checks; mandatory aggro management
  • New Artifact, Belt and Waist gear drops from the trial
  • Need 370k HP to avoid the one-shot mechanics in the trial, and that’s on top of receiving some damage mitigation

How do you get started?

Talk to Three Strings on the first floor of the Yawning Portal and he gives you a quest called Shadows and Space. After you get that quest, Kavatos appears in the Yawning Portal on the third floor with a new Expedition quest titled a Light in The Sky. Every day you get 2 investigate activity quests. Every 2nd day you will be rewarded with Warden Expedition (WE) quests so you can collect your Stardock Rod sections. Once you have 3 of the same rod section, you will be rewarded with the new Fragment Expedition (FE) quest to acquire a fragment. Once you have collected the four fragment pieces, this should unlock the new 10 man TOMM (12 days of questing).


New Story: Uprising
Kavatos has a lead on a new disturbance, thanks to the mysterious appearance of a githzerai envoy. Follow this fellow to a newly-discovered location in the realm-twisting depths of Undermountain, find out more about the githzerai and their storied past, and lend your aid in a war against the illithid menace.

New Trial: Tower of the Mad Mage
Halaster’s not too happy about bands of old foes newly encroaching on Undermountain, and it’s up to you to bear the brunt of his wrath and to strike back. This 10-player Trial is the most challenging yet. Can you stand against the reality-shaping powers of Halaster the Mad Mage?

New Player Race: Gith
Not only can you help the githzerai in their fight, you can play as one, too! During Uprising‘s time on NeverwinterPreview, players will be able to create gith characters of their own, and aid Neverwinter just as Neverwinter’s heroes will aid the gith. Further information will come later on unlock requirements post-launch.

Appearance System
Our new Appearance System allows players to add any Armor or Dye acquired in the game into a library of Appearance options available for your character. Players now will be able to choose items and colors from their library to override the appearance of any gear or fashion slot, rather than needing to transmute individual items. No matter what your armor really is or how often you change it, it will always look like the appearance override that you’ve chosen.

Early-Game Content Touch-ups
The opening chapters of the game have been smoothed out for a more engaging introductory experience. Please let us know how you feel about it!

Protector’s Enclave Remodeling
Lord Neverember has invested more gold into Protector’s Enclave’s appearance, hoping to attract more wealth and commerce to the area. Certain textures have been improved, including the sky. The mount display area has been moved to the town crier’s area that previously held the job boards, and the event dais is now more central to the market area, where the mounts display area used to be.

Notification Improvements
There will be less spam when others gain lockbox rewards! There is now a pop-up element that defaults toward the top of the screen, but can be moved in the Rearrange HUD menu (in the ESC menu). In addition, there is now a “Notification Settings” button in the ESC menu that allows players to set whether certain information gets sent to chat at all, or shown on the screen as visible notifications. Chat channel filters are still where they used to be; the Notification Settings can control whether specific notification types get sent to chat at all.

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