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Mount Changes Mod 19

Mount changes are here! Everyone gets a free pack from the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector’s Enclave to celebrate. This includes:

  • 75 Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • Free Epic Mount Collar Choice Pack
  • 150 Stones of Empowerment – upgrade material for collars
  • 50 Greater Stones of Empowerment – upgrade material for collars
  • 100% off companion coupon.

Two Mount Speeds only

Trot: 50 percent

Gallop: 140 percent (old legendary speed)

Mounts all have a passive and combat power

See example below:

Swarm power with 100 percent bolster completely upgraded to Mythic

Swarm power with 34% bolster and legendary level

Mounts get collars

Collars are in end chests from some dungeons at this stage and the Zen store. Epic Mount Collar Choice Pack is worth 800 zen (some are available in the free pack). They can be upgraded. You can only equip one collar of one type for example you can’t have two (2) ‘Sturdy’. Upgrades for the collars are dropping randomly from creature kills.


  • PRACTICAL: glory, gold or RAD drops
  • STURDY: at wills, encounter or daily percentage bonus
  • SUPPORTIVE: control bonus, stamina gain or outgoing healing
  • UNIFIED: control resistance, movement speed or incoming healing
  • WAYFARING: critical severity, recharge speed or AP gain bonus

White to green you need: (100% Upgrade Chance, 1% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x marks of potency rank 3
  • 10 insignia powder
  • 10 x shards of empowerment

Green to Blue (50% Upgrade Chance, 2% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x Mark of Potency Rank 4
  • 50 Insignia Powder
  • 50 x Shard of Empowerment

 Blue to Epic (20% Upgrade Chance, 3% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x Mark of Potency Rank 5
  • 250 Insignia dust
  • 100 x Shard of Empowerment

Epic to legendary: (5% Upgrade Chance, 4% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x mark of potency rank 6
  • 750 insignia powder
  • 150 x shard of empowerment  
  • 50 x shard of greater empowerment

Legendary to Mythic: (1% Upgrade Chance, 5% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x Mark of Potency Rank 7
  • 3750 Insignia dust
  • 200 x Shard of Empowerment
  • 100 x Shard of Greater Empowerment

Mount bolsters

Max bolster is 100 percent (this is 10 Mythic Mounts). The bolster is calculated on your top 10 coloured mounts. The bolster increases amount of damage your mount does as well as upgrading your mount helps too.

Mythic Mount (teal green) 10%

Legendary (Orange) 5%

Epic (Purple) 3%

Rare (Blue) 2%

Uncommon (Green) 1%

Common (White) 0.5%

How does this affect your Combat Power and Equip Power? Just to clarify, Combat Power and Equip Power are considered separately. If you are looking at a mount with a Combat power you DO have, you’ll see your combat power value. But, if it has an Equip Power you Don’t have, you’ll see Mythic level. This is why you can see weird things like a mount on the AH with a single target attack power of 2000, but an equip power with a Combined Rating of something silly like 120, for example.

Mount Upgrades

You can now obtain Mount Upgrade Tokens. These are available in the new lock boxes and from the trade bar store currently (hoping this will change). They can be stored in your bank and swapped to other characters like the companion upgrade tokens.

“Mounts are upgraded through Mount Upgrade Tokens which initially will be available from the Zen Market, the Tradebar Store, and from certain events such as Hell Pit.” (Jared Sears, Lead Systems Designer)

Legendary to Mythic 200 tokens

Epic to Legendary 150 tokens

Rare to Epic 100 tokens

Uncommon to Rare 50 tokens

Common to Uncommon 10 tokens


The Siege of Neverwinter

last updated 12th March 2020

Leading out from the door of Protectors enclave it will time to battle new and old enemies. The cult invasion is to be stopped and Dragons are attacking. Quests will earn Writ of Comendations and Dagon Cult Insignia as well as Medals of Heroism to spend in the siege.

What you can earn:

The Siegebreaker Griffon (insignia bonus is Wanderer’s fortune or Oppresor’s Reprieve). Just do your daily quests for 14 days and this fellow is yours at 110 percent speed with a defence and deflect bonus.

The Neverwinter Seigebreakers Charger (drops in the heroics)

The Neverwinter Champion Charger

And lots of other things as the Champions Banner, the Battle horn, companions as the Battlefield Medic and Neverember Guard Archer, fashion, and dyes. Some items are purchasable from the Zen store.

Killing mobs will earn you drops of vouchers to help level up the strongholds of our alliance guilds that are not yet level 20.

Earn Quartmaster enchants for utility slots to earn bags of salvage drops (rp, potions and other items best opened on 2 x enchant weekend).

Lastly, have some fun killing with your friends.

Collaborative Development Program (CDP) and the 2020 Roadmap

updated 11th March 2020

The Collaborative Development Program (CDP) has been instigated and is available on the arc forums.

Nitrocris83, the Community Manager defines “The CDP is a tool to improve engagement and collaboration between the team and the community through single-topic focus. Discussions are time-limited, structured, and live separate from the traditional feedback forums to reduce “noise”.” There is an expected format to follow and so far there has been topics that include Game Content Accessibility, PVP, CDP, and Rewards and Progression. You can have your say on PVP and CDP now.

Neverwinter 2020 Roadmap

Want insight into what the development team is thinking about for Neverwinter in 2020? The 2020 Roadmap information was streamed so if you missed the stream check it out! This was the first time that our own Greyhastur has ever appeared on camera without his signature ninja look!

Neverwinter has a new Executive Producer, Chris Whiteside. His username in the forums is cwhitesidedev#9752 which appears simply as cwhitesidedev in posts he authors.

Most recently, Chris participated in the Roadmap stream (see link above). If you want to hear a podcast about the information Chris’ CDP program, look below for the P3 podcast links. (Chris is not in the podcast; some of our Alliance content creators are, however. Greyhastur hosts the podcast.)

P3 Podcast

The goal of the podcast is to cover all that is relevant to Neverwinter for the past and future 30 days. The podcast was created as an alternative way to keep up to date on all that is trending in the game.

  • January 17 2020 – hosted by Greyhastur, guests include Silv3ry, Lord Willow and Misfitmouse.
  • January 31 2020 – Discussion on the VIP CDP Topic – again hosted by Greyhastur with Timmy, Ranger Reek, Backpetal, Lord Willow, and Cosmic Trigger.
  • February 18, 2020 – CDP Professions and Mastercrafting discussion with Sharpedge, SirWils, Rainer, Lord Willow; again hosted by Greyhastur
  • February 18, 2020 – part 2 the discussion moves on top Boons and Progression
  • February 23, 2020 – Anglie Et Nex, Lord Willow, Haden and GreyHastur discuss Rewards

Neverwinter M18 Infernal Citadel Blog Rundown

The Fallen Stronhold’s Treasure chest contains free loot for the Mod 18 Infernal Descent launch. Is the loot great? No. Is the loot free? Yes!

#6 The Descent Lockbox

Robert Hrouda, Systems Designer, brings us the sixth developer blog and dives into the Descent Lockbox. If you missed out on getting a Yeti mount and want to ride around on the shoulder of a mount, the Barlgura is for you. At legendary, the mount equip power is +10,000 Power!

Developer Blog: The Descent Lockbox | Neverwinter As we descend into the depths of Avernus, new opportunities have arisen. Starting on January 21, 2020, you will have the opportunity to acquire The Descent Lockbox, and with it som…

#5 The Vallenhas Story

The fifth developer blog for M18, written by Nick Corea, Content Designer, covers the backstory for M18. While some could comment that the blog spoils some of the story you experience as you go into M18, I found the additional context got me more excited about the adventure.

Developer Blog: The Vallenhas Story | NeverwinterThe story of the Vallenhas family is a woeful one. The misguided actions of a desperate man have doomed a good and prominent lineage. This tragedy has engulfed hundreds of innocent…

#4 Rewards

Joseph Leon, Systems Designer, covers the M18 rewards in his developer blog post. We’re getting a new type of Seals currency, specifically Seals of the Fallen, which can be used to buy the Infernal Forged Armor. We also get a new artifact in the Book of Vile Darkness, but some of the most interesting rewards are from the “Hunts” around Vallenhas. A Map showing the path for the hunts is here, developed by our alliance members.

.Developer Blog: Rewards Worth a Devil’s Bargain | Neverwinte…The promise of great rewards comes with substantial risk and is why Vallenhas now descends into hell. A wealth of rewards awaits those willing to risk it all against merciless devi…

#3 Visually Creating the Adventure Zone

The third M18 developer blog comes from Jason Marquez, Environment Artist, and walks through some of the thought process behind creating the M18 adventure zone. Once again the environmental art team has done a fantastic job. Thank you Neverwinter Environment Art team!

Developer Blog: Vallenhas Environment | NeverwinterWelcome back adventurers! Today we will be taking a short look at the Infernal Descent Adventure Zone: Vallenhas. The goal for this zone was to give players a large space to explor…

#2 Campaign Structure

The second M18 blog, written by Jared “NoWorries” Sears, System Designer, covers the Avernus campaign, which features the weekly haul mechanic, four campaign boons and many other familiar endgame campaign elements and mechanics. After you start the opening quests that bring you into Avernus, return to the campaign map (pictured above) and complete the campaign task to continue progressing with the campaign. During preview, there were no queues that interaction with the campaign map was needed during the introductory quests.

Developer Blog: Avernus Campaign | NeverwinterThe tragic story of the Vallenhas family has led them to a most desperate place. A mysterious deal with the devil Zariel plunges their stronghold and village to Avernus, first leve…

#1 The Infernal Citadel Dungeon

The first of the developer blogs for M18 covers the Infernal Citadel Dungeon. Jared “NoWorries” Sears, System Designer, covers the dungeon conceptually but doesn’t dive into any of the specific mechanics. Don’t worry, however, since legendary Neverwinter content creator Rainer already has a YouTube video guide. Thank you to Rainer and the team in the runs and thank you to Rainer for all the hard work put into the video.

Developer Blog: The Infernal Citadel Dungeon | NeverwinterGreetings Adventurers! Let’s talk about the new dungeon arriving with the Infernal Descent module: The Infernal Citadel. As Neverwinter takes its first steps into Avernus we wanted…

Welcome Legendary Chaos

Legendary Chaos has just joined our alliance, so we thought we should have a quick chat to their leader Shelby (Bruce) and find a little more out about them.

When was your guild created?

I created this guild in April of 2017. At the time it was my alt guild. I was in Ghost Wolf Warriors Alliance and in Feb of 2018 I had leveled it to GH4. It was then that the leaders of GWW allowed me to make it an active guild and brought it into the alliance and started recruiting. So officially it was started in Feb 2018. As far as original members still being involved, there are only a handful still in guild and only 4 that are still actively playing. They are Immy(Co-Leader),Orcily (senior officer), Blackstar (senior officer and only semi active) and Relentless (senior member)./

How did you choose the name of your guild?

Like I said this was an alt guild at first so I chose the name and I didn’t put a lot of time coming up with a name and no story behind it. I have asked members a few times if they wanted a name change and some responded that we are all chaotic and times and maybe with a lot of work and a little luck we may become a guild that everyone looks up to and remembers in the world of Nevewinter and we will become legendary.

Tell us about your leaders?

I am currently the only Leader and I have almost every class at level 80. Immy is Co-Leader and he has 4 alts. CeeCee is our other co-lead and has 5 alts. He is currently away from game due to family issues but will be back in near future. I started playing mmo’s in 2003 with Everquest. I went from EQ to WoW in 2007 with burning crusade release. I played wow for many years and still play it once in a while, but not active. I played Neverwinter at release for a few months, but was still actively involved with wow. Just before the release of The Cloaked Ascendancy I got an email offering 30 months free vip and few other goodies to come back to Neverwinter. I decided to get it another try and have been here ever since. I have played many other mmo’s including Rift,EQ2,SWTOR,guild wars, guild wars 2,Lord of the rings, conan and many others.

Thanks Shelby aka Bruce for the time taken to answer our questions (we still want to know if you have tried vegemite 🙂 )

Neverwinter Mod 17 Uprising

Here’s some of what we see. (from preview check out the new Lord Willow M17 overview!)

  • New PVP map with new rewards and a new PVP season; rewards include PVE useable items like Rank 10, Weapon, and Armor Enchantment Choice Packs; Rank 5/6 Stones, and Marks of Potency.
  • New PVP gear; Zen store now has IL 1000 (in PVP) gear
  • New Gith race (+2 Dex, +2 Str or Int; 2% Stamina gain; +1500 CA)
  • One new weapon set (Lionheart Set) – best new base damage
  • New Rings of Undermountain (IL 1010) – drop from the new Tower of the Mad Mage trial
  • New Shirts (IL 1010)
  • New Pants (IL 1010)
  • New Artifact (Halaster’s Blast Scepter), Belt and Waist gear from the trial
  • Parts of Protector’s Enclave has been visually upgraded
  • New Companion Gear (IL 1010) dropping from the M17 Master Expeditions
  • New Appearance tab on character sheet with a fashion system overhaul
  • New Tales of Old event
  • New Lockbox
  • New M17 campaign “Uprising”
  • M16 Campaign Completion token
  • New location: Stardock, which provides access to a “dimension shift” replica of Undermountain for Uprising.
  • A modified Master Expedition experience called Warden Master Expeditions; a new third zone and new bosses.
  • Class changes: Repel Wizard damage has been reduced and temporary hit point, from any class, now overwrite any previous temporary hit points. Previously, temporary hit points aggregated.
  • Professions changes have yet to hit live server. The new recipes have nothing to do with masterwork.
Up we go into Stardock

New Trial: Tower of the Mad Mage

  • New 10 person trial against Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage himself
  • Requires 2-3 tanks; 2-3 healers; 4-6 dps; IL requirement is 24K IL
  • New enemy stats (30k) in new trial force player stats to increase (80k; CA 130k)
  • New trial against Halaster has very difficult mechanics; dps checks; heal checks; mandatory aggro management
  • New Artifact, Belt and Waist gear drops from the trial
  • Need 370k HP to avoid the one-shot mechanics in the trial, and that’s on top of receiving some damage mitigation

How do you get started?

Talk to Three Strings on the first floor of the Yawning Portal and he gives you a quest called Shadows and Space. After you get that quest, Kavatos appears in the Yawning Portal on the third floor with a new Expedition quest titled a Light in The Sky. Every day you get 2 investigate activity quests. Every 2nd day you will be rewarded with Warden Expedition (WE) quests so you can collect your Stardock Rod sections. Once you have 3 of the same rod section, you will be rewarded with the new Fragment Expedition (FE) quest to acquire a fragment. Once you have collected the four fragment pieces, this should unlock the new 10 man TOMM (12 days of questing).


New Story: Uprising
Kavatos has a lead on a new disturbance, thanks to the mysterious appearance of a githzerai envoy. Follow this fellow to a newly-discovered location in the realm-twisting depths of Undermountain, find out more about the githzerai and their storied past, and lend your aid in a war against the illithid menace.

New Trial: Tower of the Mad Mage
Halaster’s not too happy about bands of old foes newly encroaching on Undermountain, and it’s up to you to bear the brunt of his wrath and to strike back. This 10-player Trial is the most challenging yet. Can you stand against the reality-shaping powers of Halaster the Mad Mage?

New Player Race: Gith
Not only can you help the githzerai in their fight, you can play as one, too! During Uprising‘s time on NeverwinterPreview, players will be able to create gith characters of their own, and aid Neverwinter just as Neverwinter’s heroes will aid the gith. Further information will come later on unlock requirements post-launch.

Appearance System
Our new Appearance System allows players to add any Armor or Dye acquired in the game into a library of Appearance options available for your character. Players now will be able to choose items and colors from their library to override the appearance of any gear or fashion slot, rather than needing to transmute individual items. No matter what your armor really is or how often you change it, it will always look like the appearance override that you’ve chosen.

Early-Game Content Touch-ups
The opening chapters of the game have been smoothed out for a more engaging introductory experience. Please let us know how you feel about it!

Protector’s Enclave Remodeling
Lord Neverember has invested more gold into Protector’s Enclave’s appearance, hoping to attract more wealth and commerce to the area. Certain textures have been improved, including the sky. The mount display area has been moved to the town crier’s area that previously held the job boards, and the event dais is now more central to the market area, where the mounts display area used to be.

Notification Improvements
There will be less spam when others gain lockbox rewards! There is now a pop-up element that defaults toward the top of the screen, but can be moved in the Rearrange HUD menu (in the ESC menu). In addition, there is now a “Notification Settings” button in the ESC menu that allows players to set whether certain information gets sent to chat at all, or shown on the screen as visible notifications. Chat channel filters are still where they used to be; the Notification Settings can control whether specific notification types get sent to chat at all.

Doing the 10 player Tiamat raid

Tiamat has undergone a change from a 25 player to a 10 player but the challenge is still an important part of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Tiamat awards Linu’s Favor(s) which are needed to acquire the last couple of boons in the campaign.

What is the best way to do Tiamat now?

Below you’ll find our recommendation on the 8 key steps to maximize a victory in the Tiamat challenge.
  1. Gather your party of 10 (2 healers, 2 tanks and 6 dps).
  2. Instruct all players to make an available slot on the belt to pick up the gems to protect players when killing the heads of Tiamat.
  3. Instruct which party protects which cleric on entering. The middle cleric doesn’t need protecting anymore.
  4. At the commencement of the raid kill the summoners together in a zerg fashion, collecting gems on the way. After the 5 summoners are dead, head back to kill Severin. The heads of Tiamat will now rise.
  5. Split into two (2) groups of five (5) and protect the clerics who are making protective spells for the players. Don’t fight next to/on the clerics or they will need more time to get their spells ready. When they complete their spells the next stage starts.
  6. All players to go to the black head and kill the head down to the last 5 bars. Don’t kill it outright first round. Move in zerg fashion to green, orange, blue and lastly to white leaving last 5 bars. You will have 4 minutes to do this.
  7. The cleric phase will start again, so split into two (2) groups of five (5) and repeat protecting the clerics. After the clerics have completed their spells, you’ll be able to finish the heads of Tiamat if you got all the heads down to five bars in the first phase fighting the heads.
  8. Again, all players head to black and completely kill the head this round and continue on zerg fashion through to white. Death of the heads will complete the raid.
    Note: Sometimes 3 rounds maybe required, if so on the second round just ensure heads are on last 5 bars.

Have fun!

ACT Combat Tracker and Plugin for Neverwinter

Want to find out how your character is doing? We suggest ACT Combat Tracker. You can download it from here :

The plugin for Neverwinter is available from here:

Once you have ACT installed, don’t try to search for plugins. Instead, save that plugin above in the same place you installed ACT, then go to the Plugins tab and click Browse to locate the NW plugin. The “Get Plugins” button in ACT doesn’t work for Neverwinter. Don’t try to set your log file until after you have the plugin working. Your plugins tab should look like this:


Now, in-game, go anywhere where there’s fighting (even if you’re not fighting) and type “/combatlog 1” (no quotes) into the chat box. This makes sure you have an actual combat log to use – there isn’t one by default unless you’ve turned it on like this at least once.

Then, once you have the plugin set up, click the Options tab in ACT to set up the log. The location of the file will vary from system to system depending on where Neverwinter is installed and on what server you’re playing on. Just click Open Log and find the appropriate log file – it’s in <Neverwinter>\<server>\logs\GameClient\*.log. Once you find it and select it, it will look something like this:


If you don’t find a log file, make sure you’re looking in the right server. Pictured above is Owlbear (Beta), but there many other options: Live is Live (Dragon), Playtest is Preview (Mimic). Once you have the right log selected, go back to main and start a fight, you’ll see data start accumulating.

You can even import an old log if you’d like with the Import/Export function as seen below.

If you don’t need to use the combat log, it’s a good idea to type /CombatLog 0 to disable logging, otherwise that file can get rather large.

Thanks to Sekhmet for some of the original writeup on ACT.

For additional information on ACT, Neverwinter Unblogged published a three part series on ACT.

Welcoming Spiritcloaks (formerly Ancient Spirits)

As many of you may have heard, Ancient Spirits has changed leadership. On March 2, 2019, Legolas has handed over leadership to Enna Shieldheart (@backpetal#6044). Along with the changing of the guard, the name has changed to Spiritcloaks – a nod to their former name – which brings Spiritcloaks into the larger family of Cloaks including Blackcloaks and Greycloaks.

Spiritcloaks had been without a steady leader for a while due to real life. Legolas had done the best he could with help from Hastur – alliance leader and leader of the Blackcloaks and Greycloaks. Legolas seen a need for new leadership and requested such.

Enna offered to take the guild over as did Hastur. Hastur’s larger vision was to include AS into the Cloaks family and Enna, also an officer of the Blackcloaks, agreed wholeheartedly. Enna met with Legolas and discussed this among other things and upon reaching an agreement, the transfer was seamless.

Spiritcloaks remains a guild that welcomes mature players of any level. They intend to keep the casual and friendly atmosphere that is also indicative of the Cloaks. Spiritcloaks currently have a Level 15 guild and look forward to moving up to 16 in the near future.

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