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The Mad Dragon is back!

The Tales of Old event started on Feb 14 2019 and brings the Lair of the Mad Dragon back to Neverwinter players.

If you’re ready to have adds swarm you while you take on classic dungeon content in a new mechanic, the Tales of Old are for you.

The screenshot to the left shows that the dungeon only runs for 7 days each time the event drops.

In terms of game mechanics, the Tales of Old are a combination of the private hunting instances Cryptic tested in the Ravenloft Mod 14 module and the K-team scaling and conditions (e.g. no deaths) developed in Mod 15.

The Mad Dragon

So what do the old dungeons feel like? Running ACT gives us a glimpse to what is going on under the veil of the old dungeon.

Imps have over 1 million hitpoints each and can hit for almost 100K. Legion devils have millions of hitpoints and can hit for upwards of 180K; same goes with the Erinyes.

The new mechanics to the Tales of Old dungeons include:

  • There’s a 9-death limit (however you can find extra lives in the dungeon)
  • There’s a one hour time limit (however you can find extra time in the dungeon)
  • You can’t use consumables (no buffs, potions, etc.); but you can take consumables before you enter your “Tale” aka dungeon, from Protector’s Enclave.

As you progress through each of the 5 runs, new levels of difficulty are introduced, including:

  • Artifacts no longer function (second run)
  • Cooldowns increase by 50% (third run)
  • Melee powers inflict self-damage (fourth run)
  • You get “tiny” which lowers power and defense by 50% (fifth run)

By run #5, anyone can get “one shot” killed being sloppy.

Your rewards increase each time you can run the dungeon in the one hour time period. The total currency, called Coins of Tales Told, earned from 1 round of 5 runs is 32 Coins (not including the one free you get for entering) but there’s a daily cap of 45.

Speaking of rewards, what do those look like? There’s a new waist, neck and artifact with some significant buffs. (see images below). Remember that currency cap mentioned above? The new artifact is purchased and leveled with Coins of Tales Told. While you should be able to get the new artifact and the associated power ups in a single event, you’ll need to participate in each Tales of Old event for a year (there are 4), and complete the daily cap 3 times in each of the 4 events to earn enough currency to complete waist and belt the set. This is because each time the event happens, you can only earn one Fabled Chapter, and the Fabled Chapter is how you buy the waist and neck items that complete the set. You can earn a Fabled Chapter by achieving 135 Coins of Tales Told during a one week event. Click on our images below to cycle through the new set.

There are also Trinkets of Old in the chests inside the dungeon which can be used to purchase a Chest of Tales Told which can contain:

  • Chartillifax (vanity pet – Obtained during Dragon of the Mad Lair only)
  • Hrimnir (vanity pet – Obtained during Frozen Heart only)
  • Woven Tales Enchantment (Rank 8 or 9)
  • Blood Ruby
  • Companion Upgrade Token
  • 10,000 to 20,000 Rough AD
  • Minstrel’s Fancy Shirt, Pants, or Hat

Be warned, however, the chests which contain Trinkets of Old can also be Mimics! After you kill the Mimic, however, you can collect the Trinkets.

Want to see some gameplay of the Lair of the Mad Dragon? Check out our own Greyhastur’s stream starting at 1:12:00 on Twitch.

You might be asking, “What kind of results can I obtain with a ‘meta’-like party including a GWF, AC DC, SW, OP and HR?” After looking back at our test runs, and with a few rounds of practice under our belt, this grouping completed 5 runs with about 40 minutes remaining on the 1-hour timer. So yes, you can power through the Tales of Old content but given how long we’ve waited to get these dungeon experiences back, you might want to take your time and savor the moments.

The End of an Era: Uncensored Daily Content

News from Uncensored creator J0shi has finally been posted on the Unblogged website.

J0shi’s life has changed and he no longer has time to meet his new obligations and continue churning out Uncensored content at his prior pace.

J0shi’s passion for Neverwinter can’t be questioned. For four years he produced an amazing amount of content from web-based tools, videos, polls, test results, weekend content roundups, opinion articles and strategies to in-depth guides for every single module. The vast majority of his content was designed to help players maximize their enjoyment of Neverwinter.

Recurring Series Content

The fact that the Neverwinter Unblogged site has 100,000 users a month indicates that not only did J0shi produce material that was valuable, but also that there’s a demand for Neverwinter information his site filled. His Unblogged site, in particular, provided a way to immerse yourself in Neverwinter material when getting into the game wasn’t possible (e.g. between classes; on a lunch break).

While I’m happy to hear that J0shi’s life is changing in great new ways I don’t think I’m the only one who will miss his daily content. Thank you J0shi for sharing you passion for Neverwinter through your Uncensored project.

Remembering Kinst L’er/KodeReader

On January 1 2019 Alliance member Kinst L’er passed away.

Kinst L’er streamed on Twitch as KodeReader. He was a long time Neverwinter streamer. He always welcomed new players and offered advice in stream for any questions about the game. At the same time he was always delighted to see experienced players return to his stream and welcomed them like family.

Kode was also Legit guild member. He brought the inclusiveness of the Legit community to his stream and always offered to help where he could. He was a vocal player who was passionate about many things:

  • the unlimited potential of Neverwinter;
  • playing the game your way (which he practiced with his own CW build); and
  • getting new players engaged in the game in a positive way.

Our Alliance discord has filled with remembrances, condolences and a clear sentiment that Kode will be missed.

Our fallen comrade and Neverwinter ambassador of welcome and goodwill, Kinst L’er, is now a ranking officer in Greycloaks. May he rest in peace.

Key Activities in Module 15, the Heart of Fire, Fire, Fire, fire!

M15.smlA ton of changes dropped on November 6th with the Module 15, the Heart of Fire. Where do you start? Here’s our attempt to distill everything to key activities:

  • The K-Team Dungeon Challenge
    You need to run this random queue dungeon, which changes weekly, with the new minimum IL and hardcore mode options to earn the IOUs from Omin which allow you to buy the IL 600 gallant gear as well as other loot.
  • Neverember’s Recruitment Event
    Any level 1 new character can participate in this event until January 1st 2019 and receive bonus loot. The only connection to the Heart of Fire campaign is that leveling characters can receive incentives for buying loot from doing Mod 15 tasks.
  • The Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign
    There are new boons to be had as part of your internship with the Acquisitions Inc. team. Get started by grabbing a recruitment flyer in Protector’s Enclave. There’s one posted on the wall of the new Acquisitions Inc. headquarters.
  • The Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish
    This new skirmish comes with the Heart of Fire campaign and drops M15 campaign currency, RAD, new IL 500 shirt and pants.
  • Free Pack of Goods
    From the Rewards Claim Agent in Protectors Enclave. You can claim the free pack of goods, which jumpstarts your progress in the Heart of Fire campaign, on only one character per account, so choose wisely.
  • Professions Overhauled
    Whether you liked the old professions system or not, you’re being thrown into the new professions system.

Other Notable Changes:

Good hunting in Mod 15!

Mod 15 preview-New gear item level 600

Here is a sneak peak at the new gear. It appears the bonus are the same for all classes, but just showing  you some pieces for the CW.  Check it out. Do remember it is still subject to change.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is what the HR outfit looks like:


Proposed class changes for Mod 15

Want to read about them? Here are the links and of course you can transfer your character to preview and check it out yourself.













Acquisitions Incorporated for Mod 15; Heart of Fire; November 6 launch

My earlier speculation appears to be wrong, at least at face value. The new building is owned by Acquisitions Incorporated! 


The trailer on the official site isn’t currently working, but other sites have the trailer embedded in their content with some additional detail on the development of Mod 15, or you can head directly to YouTube to watch.

Mod 15 will launch on November 6, 2018. Mod 15 reportedly has been written by Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade. Additionally, the announcement declares an overhaul of the Professions system, which will allow us to own and manage our own workshops in Protector’s Enclave. The trailer has some interesting content, like beholder tank mounts wearing fezzes!

Now the wait begins as the anticipation builds.

Yawning Portal for Neverwinter?


As many of you know, Neverwinter has recently seen visitors from Waterdeep. More recently, construction on the building between the Auction House and the Seven Suns Coster Market has taken place.

newbuildingThe new building has a sign outside the south staircase, similar to what I would expect to see for an inn or tavern. When I think back to my time in Waterdeep, I stayed at an inn called the Yawning Portal. This inn had a particular feature, specifically a well.

portal well

This well, however, was not for drawing water. Instead, the well was an open entrance to Undermountain. Undermountain was originally a dwarven dwelling which was subsequently became inhabited by drow, wizards and criminals.

While I don’t think there’s an entrance to Undermountain beneath Neverwinter, we do often teleport great distances through magical portals. If this building will become a local installment of the Yawning Portal, perhaps this will be our gateway to Undermountain?


Using the well to Undermountain in the Yawning Portal used to cost 1 gold piece to go down, and 1 gold piece to go up. At least for most adventurers in Neverwinter this fee won’t be a problem.

Good Hunting!



Helm Spotlight – Monsters of War

It is tradition in our Alliance to promote the next highest level guild to helm so that they have the benefit of the building discount by being the helm and get to level 20.  We decided we should put our new helm in the spotlight and chat to one of their leaders Lord of War.

How was Monsters of War started?

MoW was started by GodofWar@cptwoofy, Lord Of War@rrevm and a few of cptwoofy’s friends way back in beta.  GodofWar got busy with real life for a while, so Lord Of War took over the guild in his absence.  It was meant to be a guild for a few friends to play the game together.  I would meet pug players that were so much fun to play the game with. I would friend request them.  I had so many friends that were from other guilds, but I did not care. As long as we had fun, that was all that mattered. 

Before long, these friends would request to belong to MoW.  It was an honour and loads of fun to have them in the guild.  We had multiple alts and used them to progress the guild.  We had less than ten members and progressed the guild to rank eight all by ourselves 🙂  GodofWar came back to lead the guild and was so impressed by our progress, that he began recruiting to make MoW the size that it is today.  Our plan has always been to have fun with good friends, I am happy to say we have enjoyed many hours playing Neverwinter 🙂

How did you choose your guild name?

Monsters of War was chosen by my son GodofWar@cptwoofy.  He has many figurines/playing pieces that he has assembled for the tabletop version, it takes up lots of space! 

Did you ever play D & D?

He plays D & D, I have not.

Funniest moment in Neverwinter

The funniest moment for me was when I realised a good friend player that I had been playing the game with for over three years was really a woman!  Up until that point, so many female characters were just guys as far as I knew. I was surprised to meet a real girl, especially one that always kicked the other guys butts when it came to playing the game 🙂  One of our party members while questing made a crude remark, which was unusual for us, but he was a new member.  My friend became very quiet, since we always used text, we never heard voices.  The crude remark was made to her cute female character.  I private messaged “You are a guy aren’t you?”  The reply was, “No I am a girl”.  The funny part is, to this day the offending member has since been promoted to rank seven status does not speak crudely anymore, but still does not know this other member is a girl 🙂

What do you miss from the old days of the start of Neverwinter?

What I miss from the old days of Neverwinter are the wonderful old armour sets that looked great!  Also the fact that nothing was bound before.

What would you like to see next in Neverwinter?

Next I would like to see no more character bound items in the game.  It would be nice to be able to share all assets between account toons, even such things as mounts and companions.  As far as content, I have been pleased so far.  Once we reach level 20, it will be nice to be able to assist the other guilds reach their level 20.  I am so impressed the other level 20 guild stayed in alliance to continue helping the others.  I thought perhaps there would always be an influx of lowers guilds with the level 20 guilds leaving the alliance.  I am glad this is not the case, because we have such awesome people in the alliance and it is a joy to be able to continue enjoying their company and play styles 🙂

How has it been since joining the Cloaks Alliance?

The Alliance has been a joy for us to be a part of and we humbly appreciate being invited to this group of wonderful players 🙂

Thanks for your interest in us AlleyKate 🙂

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