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Key Activities in Module 15, the Heart of Fire, Fire, Fire, fire!

M15.smlA ton of changes dropped on November 6th with the Module 15, the Heart of Fire. Where do you start? Here’s our attempt to distill everything to key activities:

  • The K-Team Dungeon Challenge
    You need to run this random queue dungeon, which changes weekly, with the new minimum IL and hardcore mode options to earn the IOUs from Omin which allow you to buy the IL 600 gallant gear as well as other loot.
  • Neverember’s Recruitment Event
    Any level 1 new character can participate in this event until January 1st 2019 and receive bonus loot. The only connection to the Heart of Fire campaign is that leveling characters can receive incentives for buying loot from doing Mod 15 tasks.
  • The Acquisitions Incorporated Campaign
    There are new boons to be had as part of your internship with the Acquisitions Inc. team. Get started by grabbing a recruitment flyer in Protector’s Enclave. There’s one posted on the wall of the new Acquisitions Inc. headquarters.
  • The Manycoins Bank Heist Skirmish
    This new skirmish comes with the Heart of Fire campaign and drops M15 campaign currency, RAD, new IL 500 shirt and pants.
  • Free Pack of Goods
    From the Rewards Claim Agent in Protectors Enclave. You can claim the free pack of goods, which jumpstarts your progress in the Heart of Fire campaign, on only one character per account, so choose wisely.
  • Professions Overhauled
    Whether you liked the old professions system or not, you’re being thrown into the new professions system.

Other Notable Changes:

Good hunting in Mod 15!


Mod 15 preview-New gear item level 600

Here is a sneak peak at the new gear. It appears the bonus are the same for all classes, but just showing  you some pieces for the CW.  Check it out. Do remember it is still subject to change.

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Here is what the HR outfit looks like:


Proposed class changes for Mod 15

Want to read about them? Here are the links and of course you can transfer your character to preview and check it out yourself.













Acquisitions Incorporated for Mod 15; Heart of Fire; November 6 launch

My earlier speculation appears to be wrong, at least at face value. The new building is owned by Acquisitions Incorporated! 


The trailer on the official site isn’t currently working, but other sites have the trailer embedded in their content with some additional detail on the development of Mod 15, or you can head directly to YouTube to watch.

Mod 15 will launch on November 6, 2018. Mod 15 reportedly has been written by Jerry Holkins & Mike Krahulik from Penny Arcade. Additionally, the announcement declares an overhaul of the Professions system, which will allow us to own and manage our own workshops in Protector’s Enclave. The trailer has some interesting content, like beholder tank mounts wearing fezzes!

Now the wait begins as the anticipation builds.

Yawning Portal for Neverwinter?


As many of you know, Neverwinter has recently seen visitors from Waterdeep. More recently, construction on the building between the Auction House and the Seven Suns Coster Market has taken place.

newbuildingThe new building has a sign outside the south staircase, similar to what I would expect to see for an inn or tavern. When I think back to my time in Waterdeep, I stayed at an inn called the Yawning Portal. This inn had a particular feature, specifically a well.

portal well

This well, however, was not for drawing water. Instead, the well was an open entrance to Undermountain. Undermountain was originally a dwarven dwelling which was subsequently became inhabited by drow, wizards and criminals.

While I don’t think there’s an entrance to Undermountain beneath Neverwinter, we do often teleport great distances through magical portals. If this building will become a local installment of the Yawning Portal, perhaps this will be our gateway to Undermountain?


Using the well to Undermountain in the Yawning Portal used to cost 1 gold piece to go down, and 1 gold piece to go up. At least for most adventurers in Neverwinter this fee won’t be a problem.

Good Hunting!



Helm Spotlight – Monsters of War

It is tradition in our Alliance to promote the next highest level guild to helm so that they have the benefit of the building discount by being the helm and get to level 20.  We decided we should put our new helm in the spotlight and chat to one of their leaders Lord of War.

How was Monsters of War started?

MoW was started by GodofWar@cptwoofy, Lord Of War@rrevm and a few of cptwoofy’s friends way back in beta.  GodofWar got busy with real life for a while, so Lord Of War took over the guild in his absence.  It was meant to be a guild for a few friends to play the game together.  I would meet pug players that were so much fun to play the game with. I would friend request them.  I had so many friends that were from other guilds, but I did not care. As long as we had fun, that was all that mattered. 

Before long, these friends would request to belong to MoW.  It was an honour and loads of fun to have them in the guild.  We had multiple alts and used them to progress the guild.  We had less than ten members and progressed the guild to rank eight all by ourselves 🙂  GodofWar came back to lead the guild and was so impressed by our progress, that he began recruiting to make MoW the size that it is today.  Our plan has always been to have fun with good friends, I am happy to say we have enjoyed many hours playing Neverwinter 🙂

How did you choose your guild name?

Monsters of War was chosen by my son GodofWar@cptwoofy.  He has many figurines/playing pieces that he has assembled for the tabletop version, it takes up lots of space! 

Did you ever play D & D?

He plays D & D, I have not.

Funniest moment in Neverwinter

The funniest moment for me was when I realised a good friend player that I had been playing the game with for over three years was really a woman!  Up until that point, so many female characters were just guys as far as I knew. I was surprised to meet a real girl, especially one that always kicked the other guys butts when it came to playing the game 🙂  One of our party members while questing made a crude remark, which was unusual for us, but he was a new member.  My friend became very quiet, since we always used text, we never heard voices.  The crude remark was made to her cute female character.  I private messaged “You are a guy aren’t you?”  The reply was, “No I am a girl”.  The funny part is, to this day the offending member has since been promoted to rank seven status does not speak crudely anymore, but still does not know this other member is a girl 🙂

What do you miss from the old days of the start of Neverwinter?

What I miss from the old days of Neverwinter are the wonderful old armour sets that looked great!  Also the fact that nothing was bound before.

What would you like to see next in Neverwinter?

Next I would like to see no more character bound items in the game.  It would be nice to be able to share all assets between account toons, even such things as mounts and companions.  As far as content, I have been pleased so far.  Once we reach level 20, it will be nice to be able to assist the other guilds reach their level 20.  I am so impressed the other level 20 guild stayed in alliance to continue helping the others.  I thought perhaps there would always be an influx of lowers guilds with the level 20 guilds leaving the alliance.  I am glad this is not the case, because we have such awesome people in the alliance and it is a joy to be able to continue enjoying their company and play styles 🙂

How has it been since joining the Cloaks Alliance?

The Alliance has been a joy for us to be a part of and we humbly appreciate being invited to this group of wonderful players 🙂

Thanks for your interest in us AlleyKate 🙂

Featured post

Free Rank 14 as we head towards the 5 year anniversary of Neverwinter

The Protector’s Jubilee is back this year but with very special rewards and Neverwinter makes it’s 5 year anniversary.  Free preservation wards and coalescent ward and even a free rank 14.

“Free Rank 14 Enchantment! – Players can claim ONE free Rank 14 Enchantment (Bound to Account) from a choice of four. This enchantment cannot be converted into RP or used in a way other than slotting/unslotting. Claimed on Zen Market once per account.”

Pick up the quests during the event and with 5 days worth there are prizes for the taking.  See the link below for more details:

Ravenloft is coming in June – Mod 14

Everyone is talking about the new mod that is coming, will we see vampires is the big question? I took a small look on preview server to see what is going on.  The fact we have day time and night time and the need for speed at night may mean the presence of vampires and the need to run fast. For what is actually there I will wait.

Here is what I did find on starting the venture in to the new area.  New level 70’s be excited.  Waiting for you as you complete the entry quest is a fully gear out character pieces with Rank 8’s and 3 artifacts.  Your character will immediately reach around 10k depending on how many boons you have acquired so far in your progression at level 70.

Coming are some changes to Ad refining and random queues so read about it here:

Also, did I see a new mount coming in the Masquerade event? A broom stick with 2k power…this I want.

Winter Festival gift giving fun – A guide for newbies

2016-12-19 (2)Dani, leader of Fair Dinkum has given us some tips for the up and coming Winter Festival event starting in 2 weeks. Those who are newish to Neverwinter, the Winterfest is an opportunity to receive free gifts including purple/blue/green companions, weapon transmutes, reroll tokens, scrolls of life, preservation wards and even a Forgehammer of Gond artefact. So it’s well worth your time. Bring all ALTs -claiming the daily free Parcel and Star of Fortune takes only a moment or two.

The Winterfest starts on the 14th December and runs for 4 weeks (the last 2 weeks are called the Zenith and you get more RP drops and rewards from the event.) Twilight Tor is a new zone that gets opened for the Winterfest.

  • Each day, talk to the NPC standing by the big central fire: he will give you 2 quests. Speak to the giftmaster for a voucher you can reclaim from the zen store for a Starlight parcel.
  • Claim the parcel each day or the voucher expires. Starlight parcels will give you unbound goodies – save them until after you have done a few “Gift of Simril” exchanges.
  • Then go to the large telescope, look through it and speak to the NPC next to it, for a “Gift of Simril” lantern you can share with a party of guildies or allies.
  • These can be stacked if you like. The lantern is equipped and aimed at a party member. Everyone else in the party will see lanterns rise to the sky, then drop lights of simril (RP for a event artefact which is meh), stars of fortune and sometimes chests that look like lockboxes until you pick them up.
  • The chests are “Starlight Bags,” gift bags with bound goodies inside.
  • The stars can be traded in for more lanterns and the gifting begins again. Open Starlight bags to get tiered rewards. Once you’ve hit 20 gift bags opened, you can start opening your Starlight Parcels for a chance at unbound and sellable goodies.

There are events you can run to earn event currency and buy some companions and a nice looking winter sled. You can also fish (‘cause everyone loves fishing?) for campaign currency to reduce some of the grind.

Tips for new players

Only party with guildies or allies if you can. There are scammers out there with fake lanterns. They look like they are using the proper gifts but nothing drops or they wait until you gift and then leave the party. If you do party with someone else, make them gift first. The dropped goodies centre on the players – so don’t run around while being gifted or they will go everywhere. Also, lots of gifts on the floor = lag. The dropped goodies may seem to disappear. Wait until everyone has gifted, then pick some up. The others will reappear. Some groups do gifting in the tents at the entry to Vellosk or in the guard huts in Protectors Enclave. Everyone has to cluster in to block the doors. The small spaces mean the gifts automatically fall into your inventory – mostly. Experienced players save the starlight bags to open later. The rewards are tiered. You need to open 20 gifts (starlight bags or parcels) to get the best rewards.

Enjoy and thanks Dani for the write up.


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