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Watcher Runs

With Mod 16/17 a new set of rare bosses was introduced that can be accessed via a shade that spawns in certain large format maps in 3 rune ME runs.   The shade looks very familiar to a warlock soul puppet.

By defeating the correct 2 of the 4 rare bosses available, you have a good chance of getting a really good weapon drop for your classs.  I believe the drop is now need/greed ‘able (and 2 drops now per boss which further increases your odds) of 1 of a set of special weapons called the Watcher Set, which has a great multi-stat bonus that now procs and stays up for the full extent of very long fights (yes i tested it does not drop). Also, the bosses drop legendary vanity pets and awakened essences used to restore Successor Gear from LOMM.

Weapon Set

Essences and Awakened Essences

How to Maximize Chances of Getting a Watcher Set Item

* Form or join a Watcher Run party, preferably for the boss you need for your class. Only one person in the party needs to have a quest active, and any 3 runes placed will work to spawn the shade. Only the 2nd “larger” maps have spaces that will spawn the shade and you will know one will spawn when it talks about “you feel and immense presence” when you enter the space.  Some of these bosses are almost trivial but a few need a full party with tank and/or heal(s) and special resources like artifacts/scrolls/altars.  

Class to Boss Matrix

Basic Process I Recommend

* Only one member needs the correct essence for the agreed-upon boss.  This means a cohort party of 5 can have 15 chances a day, and in my experience a shade spawns about every 10 runs only in the large maps.

*  You may want to avoid traps for some of these bosses, as some of the perma-banes from these can be problematic. Longing and Despair in particular are bosses that are harder with some banes.

* Once a shade spawns, make sure the team is prepared for the fights before summoning as it’s easy to lose your essences or wipe otherwise.   Also, if a member dies, they should not release as a barrier is placed that can be hard/impossible to pass to get back into the space for the fight.

* In general, the tank aggros the boss and either kites him or brings him to an obstruction like a hill or mushroom to hold aggro while dps work him/her, but all bosses are different. Despair doesn’t move at all…. while Regret can be aggro’d from a Hill and Sorrow kited while range dps’d. Longing requires close in DPS and a burst of dps between 20% and 0% health, and we also used coordinated Trobriand Rings in sequence to stun him during the burst dps phase (this helps but isn’t mandatory).

The fight..

Sorrow – Rogue, Barbarian, Fighter, Hunter

Essence of Sorrow will summon this Wolf like Boss.  The most common winning strategy is to utilize a standard 5-person party and have the tank kite the boss around the map while the dps ranges her down. The party will want to stay away and dodge or avoid the sword that seems to have a mind of its own, otherwise this boss is straight-forward.

Regret – Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, Hunter

The stag can be aggroed from a hill or cliffside while ranged down.   Almost any class can aggro it.  I believe contact with a player will heal it, so you want to keep your distance.  

Longing – Cleric, Wizard (never actually saw this drop though!), Paladin, Hunter

This tanky boss needs to be dps’d within it’s bubble so close-in. and it has a shield that needs to be worn down, or wait until the shield lifts for bursts of dps. Most commonly teams will have a tank aggro it from a cliffside or mushroom, while dps slowly works it down to 20% to keep from stealing aggro. At 20% you want to have saved your best dps for bursting it from 20 -> 0%.  If not killed fast enough the boss will fully heal. Trobriand Rings are super valuable for stunning the boss at summoning and then at 20% start a rotation of stuns (agreed to upfront).  The more people with this artifact the better, as you can use a rotation to stun the boss for 1 sec at a time with 1 person calling the rotation. The signal you look for is Longing raising both hands (not just 1 hand which can fake you out).

Despair – Rogue, Barbarian, Wizard, Fighter

The longest and hardest fight of the bunch and I’ve only done it twice. This boss stands perfectly still…. and you can only dps it after the green chains have appeared on a player and been cleansed. Red chains = redirected dps like in the Sisters of Fury fight. Orange Chains = You Die (sorry). Green chains = cleanse them and dps the boss like crazy. I’ve seen videos of Despair being 1 phased after the green chains.  Unfortunately, there are usually plenty of deaths and rez sickness, so scrolls are usually used, unless you have top notch DPS.  An experienced healer will help a lot, and I’ve seen teams complete this boss with no tank.  This fight I have the least confidence with so feel free to add your own hints and correct me too. 

Thanks goes to Immy from Legendary Chaos for the write up.

Doing the 10 player Tiamat raid

Tiamat has undergone a change from a 25 player to a 10 player but the challenge is still an important part of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign. Tiamat awards Linu’s Favor(s) which are needed to acquire the last couple of boons in the campaign.

What is the best way to do Tiamat now?

Below you’ll find our recommendation on the 8 key steps to maximize a victory in the Tiamat challenge.
  1. Gather your party of 10 (2 healers, 2 tanks and 6 dps).
  2. Instruct all players to make an available slot on the belt to pick up the gems to protect players when killing the heads of Tiamat.
  3. Instruct which party protects which cleric on entering. The middle cleric doesn’t need protecting anymore.
  4. At the commencement of the raid kill the summoners together in a zerg fashion, collecting gems on the way. After the 5 summoners are dead, head back to kill Severin. The heads of Tiamat will now rise.
  5. Split into two (2) groups of five (5) and protect the clerics who are making protective spells for the players. Don’t fight next to/on the clerics or they will need more time to get their spells ready. When they complete their spells the next stage starts.
  6. All players to go to the black head and kill the head down to the last 5 bars. Don’t kill it outright first round. Move in zerg fashion to green, orange, blue and lastly to white leaving last 5 bars. You will have 4 minutes to do this.
  7. The cleric phase will start again, so split into two (2) groups of five (5) and repeat protecting the clerics. After the clerics have completed their spells, you’ll be able to finish the heads of Tiamat if you got all the heads down to five bars in the first phase fighting the heads.
  8. Again, all players head to black and completely kill the head this round and continue on zerg fashion through to white. Death of the heads will complete the raid.
    Note: Sometimes 3 rounds maybe required, if so on the second round just ensure heads are on last 5 bars.

Have fun!

ACT Combat Tracker and Plugin for Neverwinter

Want to find out how your character is doing? We suggest ACT Combat Tracker. You can download it from here :

The plugin for Neverwinter is available from here:

Once you have ACT installed, don’t try to search for plugins. Instead, save that plugin above in the same place you installed ACT, then go to the Plugins tab and click Browse to locate the NW plugin. The “Get Plugins” button in ACT doesn’t work for Neverwinter. Don’t try to set your log file until after you have the plugin working. Your plugins tab should look like this:


Now, in-game, go anywhere where there’s fighting (even if you’re not fighting) and type “/combatlog 1” (no quotes) into the chat box. This makes sure you have an actual combat log to use – there isn’t one by default unless you’ve turned it on like this at least once.

Then, once you have the plugin set up, click the Options tab in ACT to set up the log. The location of the file will vary from system to system depending on where Neverwinter is installed and on what server you’re playing on. Just click Open Log and find the appropriate log file – it’s in <Neverwinter>\<server>\logs\GameClient\*.log. Once you find it and select it, it will look something like this:


If you don’t find a log file, make sure you’re looking in the right server. Pictured above is Owlbear (Beta), but there many other options: Live is Live (Dragon), Playtest is Preview (Mimic). Once you have the right log selected, go back to main and start a fight, you’ll see data start accumulating.

You can even import an old log if you’d like with the Import/Export function as seen below.

If you don’t need to use the combat log, it’s a good idea to type /CombatLog 0 to disable logging, otherwise that file can get rather large.

Thanks to Sekhmet for some of the original writeup on ACT.

For additional information on ACT, Neverwinter Unblogged published a three part series on ACT.

Mod 16 Pocket Wiki by Rainer

Rainer has done some pretty hard work to keep everyone updated with all the changes so here is the link to his pocket wiki. Thanks Rainer.

Campaigns, hints and tips

Still doing campaigns? Unsure what key to make for where? Let us help you.

Legacy Campaign: New for Mod 16:

When you have reached 80 and completed the Undermountain campaign the Legacy Campaign will become available. This is a set of 3 weekly quest to achieve with rewards from different campaign areas. You will be able to set a campaign as a bonus campaign and trade for items below in the picture. You get 3 quests a week and can obtain 5 of the currency from each quest.

Mod 16 – Undermountain 

Level cap raised to 80

Dungeon: Lair of the Mad Mage (LOMM)

Skirmish: none but Master Expeditions will become available as a quest x3 a day.  On completion you can obtain gear or weapons.  If you complete the rune quests, you will also receive a rune to take to Zok for more rewards as gear, vanity pets, artifacts and Astral Diamonds

Key: yes, Inexplicable Key available from the Undermountain store in the campaign window.  Cost is 25 Coalesced Magics.  These are earnt in the campaign and from killing bosses in Expeditions and from LOMM.

Campaign Advice: Do this campaign.  This will unlock the Master Expeditions and the Legacy Campaign Quests.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: All

Boons: Undermountain

Mod 15 – Acquisitions Incorporated

Dungeon: none

Skirmish: Manycoins Banks Heist

Key: yes, the Bank Vault key  from campaign store using campaign resources of 25 acorns, used in Manycoins Banks heist. Is this key worth making, probably not. Can drop Mako’s pants, top and augment pet the gold fish. Wolf key, webbed key and dusty key can also be purchased for related dungeons chests of EGWD, ETOS,  and ECC for 15 acorns each.  Would only recommend these keys to open the 2nd chest if you have left over campaign currency.

Campaign advice: Unlock all the way first character to unlock Kteam challenges and get rank 14 free, then do boons.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Item level 600 gear from doing Kteam (until you getter better level 80 gear)

Boons: Acquisition Incorporated

Mod 14 – Ravenloft

Dungeon: Castle Ravenloft (CR)

Skirmish: none

Key: yes Strahd’s Key using 25 omens can be made with campaign currency or use legendary key.  Can drop UES.

Campaign advice: Complete all the way to unlock CR and then do boons.

Maps: Hunts

Gear of interest: Heels of Fury, Knotted garbs, hags rags etc. Raveloft gear all great until you hit level 80.  This gear is still very useful in Mod 16.

Boons: Ravenloft

Mod 13 – Swords of Chult

Dungeon: none

Skirmish: 10 man Cradle of the death Gods (CODG)

Key: Yes Omuan Key can be made with 25 lost idols from the campaign currency or use legendary keys from Zen store.  May drop UES and artifact gear

Campaign advice: Must complete Soshenstar Adventures first to start.  Go up the middle tree then do boons. Only unlock the hunts if you wish to make maps or find someone who can make them for you if you wish to skip that part.


Gear of interest: Once a week completing rewards the Soulmonger ampoule used for weapon exaltation. Other hunt gear. Fane of the night serpent (Fane) may also drop Rings of Shadowstalker, maps may reward, ring of the Gravestriker or visit Eku or Makos in the area for other rings and gear. The Shadowstalker ring is very useful in Mod 16.

Boons: yes see Jungles of Chult

Mod 12 – Tomb of Annihilation

Dungeon: Tomb of the Nine Good (Tong)

Skirmish: The Merchant Prince’s Folly

Key: yes Chultan key for tong and Merchant Prince’s Key, can be made with 25 Forgotten tokens from the campaign currency or use legendary keys from Zen store.  Pants and tops drop in MPF and UES in Tong.  Doing weeklies as the House of Croc (HOC) can add to campaign currency.

Campaign advice: Open the middle tree first to unlock TONG then concentrate on boons. Only unlock the hunts if you wish to make maps or find someone who can make them for you if you wish to skip that part.


Gear of interest: Hunt gear, however maybe now outdated by Omu and Barovia. Weapons include primal weapons.

Boons:  Jungles of Chult

Mod 11 – The Cloaked Ascendancy

Dungeon: Master Spellplague Caverns  (MSP) – redesigned

Skirmish: Illusionists Gambit

Key: Yes, same as FBI can be made with SKT campaign currency (or find the ship to buy keys) or use legendary keys from Zen store.  May drop the Fragmented Key of Stars Artifact in the chest. Illusionist gambit may also drop pet gear.

Campaign advice: Pick an investigate to unlock first then unlock the rest. Campaign buyout or token available.

Maps: yes for chests that may contain campaign currency:

Gear of interest: not much unless wanted for transmutes, weapons since have been updated.

Boons: The Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign

Mod 10 – Storm King’s Thunder

Dungeon: Fangbreaker Island (FBI)

Skirmish: Master Svargborg (MSVA),  and normal version (NSVA) 10 man

Key: yes, Ancient Runic key can be made using 2000 voninblood and 10 ten-town supplies from campaign currency or use legendary keys from Zen store.  Is it worth opening the second chest, would say yes, as seen anything from coalescent wards, companion and artifacts drop.

Keys from MSVA made from campaign window too but probably best to not worry abut opening these chests as they only add to weapons that are now superceded or transmute gear.

Campaign advice: Do or Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: yes for chest from fishing

Gear of interest: superceded

Boons: Storm King’s Thunder Campaign

Mod 9 – The Maze Engine

Dungeon: Castle Never (reworked) (CN)

Skirmish: Demogoran in both normal and epic version (Edemo, ndemo) 10 man

Key: yes, Greater  and Lesser Demonic key made in the Underdark store from campaign currency called Faerzess.

Campaign advice: Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Shard of Orcus wand that drops in CN (maybe superseded by mod 16 gear)

Boons: The Maze Engine Campaign

Mod 8 – Underdark

Dungeon: none

Skirmish: Throne of the Dwarven God and Prophecy of Madness

Key: Greater and Lesser Demonic Key.  Demogorgon keys made from campaign currency.  Using legendary key for second chest is not advisable.

Campaign advice: Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Superceded

Boons: Underdark Campaign

Mod 7 – Strongholds

Dungeon: none

Skirmish: no skirmish but introduction of Greed of the Dragon flight and Stronghold Seige


Campaign advice: none

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Superceded mostly

Boons: Stronghold boons made by levelling up the your guild stronghold

Mod 6 – Elemental Evil (level cap raise to Level 70. July 2015)

Dungeon: Most dungeons were removed except for reworked ECC (Epic Cragmire Crypts). ETOS (Epic temple of the spiders) and EGWD (Epic Grey Wolf Den), ELOL and ESOT

Skirmish: none


Campaign advice: Do or Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Superceded

Boons: Elemental Evil

Mod 5 – Rise of Tiamat (Tyranny of Dragons Expansion)

Dungeon: none

Skirmish: Temple of Tiamat raid (25 man)

Key: yes Dragon Queen key from Campaign resources.

Campaign advice: Do or Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: superceded

Boons: added to mod 4 boons

Mod 4 – Tyranny of Dragons

Dungeon: Lair of Lostmauth (ELOL)

Skirmish: The shores of Turn (now ESOT epic version)

Key: Mystic Dragon Key and Arcane Dragon Key from campaign currency or use legendary keys.  Should you open the 2nd chest, probably if you have made campaign keys.

Campaign advice: Do or Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Superceded

Boons: Tyranny of Dragons Campaign

Mod 3 – Curse of Icewind Dale

Dungeon: none

Skirmish: Kessels Retreat (now considered epic dungeon)

Key: From campaign currency for 2nd chest – Kessel’s retreat key

Campaign advice: Do or Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Superceded

Boons: Icewind Dale campaign

Mod 2 – Shadowmantle

Dungeon: Valindra’s Tower (VT)

Skirmish: Dread Legion

Key: From campaign currency for 2nd chest – =Valindras Tower key

Campaign advice: Do or Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Superceded

Boons: Dread Ring Campaign

Mod 1 – Fury of the Feywild (August 2013)

Dungeon: Malabogs Castle (MC)

Skirmish: Master of the Hunt

Key: From campaign currency for 2nd chest – Malabogs key

Campaign advice: Do or Campaign buyout available or token can be made.

Maps: none

Gear of interest: Superceded

Boons: Sharandar Campaign


Links to Neverwinter Content Online

The Unblogged site used to do a weekly roundup of Internet content related to Neverwinter. With that practice ending, we decided to capture frequent Neverwinter content creators as a starting place to explore what’s available.

Video & Stream


Nyv’s Workshop | Visualize raw materials needed for masterwork commissions






MMOMinds | Neverwinter Build and Strategy Guides


mia andersson (@mi_ah_90) | Twitter


Additionally, the Unblogged site had an excellent link to Tools and Resources, both their own tools and external guides. Rather than risk losing those links, they have been duplicated here.

Tools & Resources

If we’ve missed anything you feel should be captured here, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

The Masquerade of Liars (2019 Update)

The Masquerade Master is
in lower PE this year.

The Masquerade of Liars is a seasonal event that has a unique team structure. Each year a belt-slottable full character transmute is available. The transmutes are a witch, scarecrow and werewolf (for 2019). Last year’s transmute looked like the Razorwood companion. Our alliance largely joined that team and won. If you want to see the subsequent party that ensued after our victory, check out the Groot page we created.

Once you select your team, you need to fill the task bar to be eligible to receive the transmute. You do this by completing the daily quests documented below enough times to qualify for the reward.

The progress bar for
qualification for the transmute
Last year’s reward is bound to account so you
don’t need to worry about grinding for all your toons.

Note: The contest master is a red ghost under the big tree, the Tree of Elemental Balance, in Protectors Enclave.  The Cloaks Alliance is choosing the Howling Lunatics for 2019, so talk to Gibbous Wayne.  You will receive a mask you have to wear as you talk to other ghosts (see the Daily ghost Quests section below). If you’re running Gibbous Wayne’s (that’s the name of the werewolf) quests on a second character choose the option that says ‘I need a mask’.

How to participate

Visit the Masquerade Master to collect quests. There are three quests you will need to do daily.

  1. Secret and lies (daily quest): after speaking to the Masquerade Master (image above) go to the Moonstone Mask, speak to the Masquerade Loremaster, and go back to PE to hand in the quest. The Loremaster is on the lower level in the room underneath the stairs to the lower level.
The Howling Lunatics are the Alliance choice for 2019

2. Trade of treats (daily quest): trade 5 Liar’s Charms (you get charms from the pumpkins around PE) with the masquerade illusionists in PE to receive Illusionist’s Bags, hand in the quest and then get Gathering lies quest that asks you do collect a Liar’s Charm outside of  PE (you get this as a drop from a battle or from a skill node; I went to Omu, fought two mobs and had one drop).

Note: the Secret and Lies quest, and the Trade of Treats and Seek and Treat quests, are daily, but you only need to talk to the contest master once when you begin doing Masquerade activities.

3. Seek and Treat (daily ghost quests)

Make sure you have the mask on. Found in PE, Caer Konig, Port Nyanzaru, and Mantol Derith. Ghosts are big or small, red or blue/white. Be warned! Some give treats some transport you as a trick. Once you collect 5 treats from these zones, you return to your team leader.

Getting Masquerade tokens: Collect the pumpkins and trade them for Bags of Illusionist Goods.  The bags will have the tokens and drop the occasional Beholder Piñata. They also drop the Illusionist Mask artifact and the Mask of Veils and Mask of Shadows which are needed to refine the Illusionist Mask artifact.

Don’t worry about doing this quest on a daily basis. Just keep the quest open as you adventure and collect the addition Bag of Illusionist Goods when you reach 50.

Illusionist Mask Artifact: There are two versions of this artifact. The first is the same mask you’ve received every year for the Masquerade. You have to fully level this version of the Mask to buy the Empowered version of the Mask, which makes a full artifact giving 1,000 Power and Recovery and 600 AP gain. As with each year, the first version of the Mask requires refining items that can only be received during the Masquerade by doing the daily quests for the Masquerade Master.

Artifact Progression Tip: When the first mask you level up is still blue, you can buy the Memento of Leira and Mask re-agents needed for the artifact mask from the masquerade store for Masks of Veil and Shadows (which drop from Illusionist Bags). Once you upgrade the Mask to purple, however, you can only get Mementos of Leira and Mask as a reward from the daily quests you do for the Masquerade Master.

Getting the Enchanted Broom: (bind on pickup to account, bind on equip to character)

  • You need 200 liar charms to buy the knotty wood;
  • You need to open Beholder Piñatas that drop the Enchanted witch’s sash (1), as well as;
  •  Twenty five (25) enchanted bristles (25) which drop from Illusionist’s Bags;
  • Once you get all the parts and have 50k AD, you can purchase the broom from the store. As noted, the Broom is bind to Account until a character equips the mount.

Other goodies: Dyes, potions, Masks, Fashion and Companions as Splinters. Note, the Splinter broom companion can be great for new players given the three offensive slots and three ring slots.

See the news:

Looking at doing crafting in Mod 15?


Considering the idea of starting crafting or mastercrafting in Mod 15? We may be able to offer you some help and guidance.

Alleykate has made a tick list of each quest to get your started and keep track of where you are up to with master crafting quests Mastercrafting-quest-need Version 3

Some of our Alliance members as Dani, Lord Willow and Renbull have been doing some thorough investigation on the preview server to bring you some help with the upcoming changes.  (We thank you, keep up the hard work).  The document link is below and do remember, it is a work in progress as changes get rolled out..subject to change.

Cloak Alliance Mod 15 Professions Guide

Preparing for Mod 15 changes


The overhaul of the professions system as well as the value of gear, new salvage rules and new RAD sources are significant changes.

Anything with a Final Update designation has been updated post Mod 15.

  1. Salvage everything you’re not using. Final Update:  Don’t salvage Stronghold Masterwork Weapons. They receive a significant boost automatically and become BIS. You may not want to salvage the Bronzewood and Beaded rings either. They receive a similar IL bump up.
  2. Collect the VIP character rewards on every alt, every day (if reroll tokens are account bound you want to maximize the keys on every alt). Update: As of now on the preview server, reroll tokens are not character or account bound. Final Update: Reward Reroll tokens are character bound in Mod 15.
  3. Spend all seals to buy salvage gear and salvage those purchases. Final Update: You can exchange 100 seals for 1000 RAD in Mod15, but this recommendation makes sense if you get bonus AD from VIP. You will net more with this strategy (with VIP RAD) than after Mod 15.
  4. Save your Tomes of Experience and burn them after Mod 15 hits. You get guaranteed RAD and Refining Points with every rollover experience reward. Yes, the RAD and RP is not huge, but the amount certainly beats 5 black pearls.
  5. Open every Leadership bag with RP on October 18 (during the double stones event); you might already be planning to do this independently from the Mod 15 release. You will not be able to make and open these Leadership items again.
  6. Get any profession you’re working on to level 25 on a character. Update: If you have the gold, leveling tasks (especially Gathering) will be easier in Mod 15. There is no need to get every alt to level 25. Final Update: You only need one profession maxed out to get level 70 Gathering (the new leadership) for free.
  7. Get nine professions slots open on a character. Update: We are still investigating but having more slots open appears to provide for more initial Gathering and crafting slots available. In the official forums this is currently noted as not available for testing. More to come on this. Final Update: This is still a good recommendation. For each slot you have open you get the choice of a single artisan in Mod 15. The first three are common, the second three are blue and the last three are purple artisan choices.
  8. Covert any 4 green professions items or people to blue; any 4 blue to purple. Update: If you have one or two greens or blues on an alt, consider moving that to a single character to upgrade that gear. On the preview server currently you’ll be able to move your “legacy” professions gear and people using mail as we can in the pre-Mod 15 world, but once you trade in your “legacy” professions equipment the new items are bound to character. Also, auction house prices for professions resources have gone up since the announcement of Mod 15; do not feel you need to buy these to upgrade anything from green to blue and blue to purple.
  9. Hoard any stone or gem worth Refining Points that you can sell (i.e. unbound). Update: Refining points may be more readily available (and cheaper) in Mod 15 for two reasons: a. all the gear now salvaged for Astral Diamonds will be used for Refining Points, and b. our initial Mod 15 professions testing indicates that those already highly invested in professions can generate more than 4000 times the unbound Refining Points production of pre-Mod 15.
  10. Hoard Black Ice overload enchantments (the Black Ice Profession is going away). Update: Lesser black ice prices stay the same in campaign window (i.e. purchased with campaign currency). Greater overloads will now only drop from Kessell’s Retreat,  much like the dragon overloads enchantments which only drop from Epic Lair of Lostmauth, Epic Shores of Turin and Tiamat.
  11. If you’ve got Jewelcrafting, get that to 25; raw refining points are going to be refined with Jewelcrafting.
  12. negSave your gold if you plan on doing professions in Mod 15. Gold will be used in the new professions. If you have radiant enchants or prosperity insignia, keep those to boost your gold production. Radiant enchants in utility slots boost gold gain, as does the Stronghold Explorer’s Boon and Prosperity Insignias in mounts. The most effective way to convert Guild Marks into gold (if you choose to do so) appears to be converting Silk Thread from the Tenterground (or Moonsea Salt from the Bloomery) in the Stronghold (roughly 750 copper per Guild Mark). Update:  While saving gold is good, there are currently ways to make more gold with professions than you spend. Workman’s Balm in Alchemy is such a task. This update is not considered final because this may get adjusted at some point.
  13. Masterwork resource maps will still be needed, so save your Guild Marks. Update: If you currently buy Professions resource maps in the Stronghold to sell the ingredients for AD, continue doing that. If you’re going to do Professions in Mod 15, consider converting Guild Marks to gold (see #11). Final Update: Save your Guild Marks as there are new resources that you need to make the +1 gear in the new system and you’ll need to buy Stronghold maps to acquire those.
  14. Keep making campaign keys. The secondary chests in dungeons will still require keys, either the campaign keys or legendary keys. Epic dungeon chests appear to give between 2,500 and 7,000 RAD. Update: As of right now in preview 50 voninblod can be exchanged for 1,000 RAD, but making the campaign key costs 2000 voninblod; so save your voninblod. Here’s the thinking: the most RAD that the 2,000 voninblod campaign key will net is 10k, whereas 2,000 voninblod will net 40k RAD. The break even exchange would be about 500 voninblod per 1000 RAD but at the current exchange rate, save all your voninblod and make keys later if the price rises.
  15. Running the weekly for each campaign will keep up the flow of campaign currency up for keys. Update: Campaign currencies can be exchanged for RAD in Mod 15. Zone currency is probably going to be part of the common strategy to hitting your RAD daily cap.
  16. Depending on the price of Ultimate Enchanting Stones (UES), you may want to sell those now since the re-roll tokens for those chests (you get up to 4 re-roll tokens per run) will increase the number of UESs harvested from a single run. Other valuable commodities, like the Key of Stars or Orcus Wand, may be similarly affected. Update: there is an Incentive Trader that will allow you to buy a UES. Final Update: Running the new K-Team queues (hardmode with lower ILs) each week will net you Incentives that will allow you to purchase UESs and other high-end goods.
  17. Pick everything up off the ground and sell what you’re not going to use for gold. If you are doing professions, gold will be a key cost for you. If you are not doing professions, the trade value for gold will increase substantially, and is an easy way to prepare.

There’s a great tour from the Infernal Paragons about Mod 15 with lots of visual images as well that you might want to check out.

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