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Mount Changes Mod 19

Mount changes are here! Everyone gets a free pack from the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector’s Enclave to celebrate. This includes:

  • 75 Mount Upgrade Tokens
  • Free Epic Mount Collar Choice Pack
  • 150 Stones of Empowerment – upgrade material for collars
  • 50 Greater Stones of Empowerment – upgrade material for collars
  • 100% off companion coupon.

Two Mount Speeds only

Trot: 50 percent

Gallop: 140 percent (old legendary speed)

Mounts all have a passive and combat power

See example below:

Swarm power with 100 percent bolster completely upgraded to Mythic

Swarm power with 34% bolster and legendary level

Mounts get collars

Collars are in end chests from some dungeons at this stage and the Zen store. Epic Mount Collar Choice Pack is worth 800 zen (some are available in the free pack). They can be upgraded. You can only equip one collar of one type for example you can’t have two (2) ‘Sturdy’. Upgrades for the collars are dropping randomly from creature kills.


  • PRACTICAL: glory, gold or RAD drops
  • STURDY: at wills, encounter or daily percentage bonus
  • SUPPORTIVE: control bonus, stamina gain or outgoing healing
  • UNIFIED: control resistance, movement speed or incoming healing
  • WAYFARING: critical severity, recharge speed or AP gain bonus

White to green you need: (100% Upgrade Chance, 1% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x marks of potency rank 3
  • 10 insignia powder
  • 10 x shards of empowerment

Green to Blue (50% Upgrade Chance, 2% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x Mark of Potency Rank 4
  • 50 Insignia Powder
  • 50 x Shard of Empowerment

 Blue to Epic (20% Upgrade Chance, 3% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x Mark of Potency Rank 5
  • 250 Insignia dust
  • 100 x Shard of Empowerment

Epic to legendary: (5% Upgrade Chance, 4% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x mark of potency rank 6
  • 750 insignia powder
  • 150 x shard of empowerment  
  • 50 x shard of greater empowerment

Legendary to Mythic: (1% Upgrade Chance, 5% bonus to stat)

  • 5 x Mark of Potency Rank 7
  • 3750 Insignia dust
  • 200 x Shard of Empowerment
  • 100 x Shard of Greater Empowerment

Mount bolsters

Max bolster is 100 percent (this is 10 Mythic Mounts). The bolster is calculated on your top 10 coloured mounts. The bolster increases amount of damage your mount does as well as upgrading your mount helps too.

Mythic Mount (teal green) 10%

Legendary (Orange) 5%

Epic (Purple) 3%

Rare (Blue) 2%

Uncommon (Green) 1%

Common (White) 0.5%

How does this affect your Combat Power and Equip Power? Just to clarify, Combat Power and Equip Power are considered separately. If you are looking at a mount with a Combat power you DO have, you’ll see your combat power value. But, if it has an Equip Power you Don’t have, you’ll see Mythic level. This is why you can see weird things like a mount on the AH with a single target attack power of 2000, but an equip power with a Combined Rating of something silly like 120, for example.

Mount Upgrades

You can now obtain Mount Upgrade Tokens. These are available in the new lock boxes and from the trade bar store currently (hoping this will change). They can be stored in your bank and swapped to other characters like the companion upgrade tokens.

“Mounts are upgraded through Mount Upgrade Tokens which initially will be available from the Zen Market, the Tradebar Store, and from certain events such as Hell Pit.” (Jared Sears, Lead Systems Designer)

Legendary to Mythic 200 tokens

Epic to Legendary 150 tokens

Rare to Epic 100 tokens

Uncommon to Rare 50 tokens

Common to Uncommon 10 tokens


Avernus Treasure Map

Maps are dropping when you kill monsters in Avernus. From these maps you can acquire RP and gear as well as items to upgrade the weapons. Treasure map by Northside

Mod 19 Hunts

Here’s the Tier 1 Avernus hunt map. Thank you Juggernaut! We’ve also attached a hunt table in the gallery showing hunt targets, lures and loot! Soon we will get the Tier 2 hunt drops to make Tier 3 lures. Stay tuned for updates here.

NPCAreaDropLureGear DropsWhere
Infected maneWastelandsGore covered chainsused to make all Tier 1 lures
Enhanced CambionDocksCursed Blade of the LonelyCorrupted Feather for XurahGreaves of the fallen angelsHaramun’s Hill top end end
InterrogatorAll over the mapTantalizing WhipCracked Hand Mirror for Jachinth the VainGarbs of cubiHarumans Hill, bottom end
Expert DemolitionistHarumans’s HillsMask of the HellbringersSymbol of Yeenoghu for Cwnifrinn, Herald of YeenoghuBalor bracersScab in elite area
Maveolent NarzugonHarumans’s HillsFork of the PinagonWhite Horn Chip for WhitehornGoristos hornsScab below elite area
Searing HezrouScabShattered Jaw TrapTendrils of Shadow for Sgail the BlackWisps of the shadow DemonFort Knuckle
Scout of StygiaDocksShattered Ice FangKozakur Sashimono for Auki the PaingiverDemon Hunter’s TrackersHaruman’s Hill, start end

Alliance Rules

1: Play however you want.
2: Don’t be a jerk.
3: When Rule #1 and Rule #2 conflict, see Rule #2.

Note: This Alliance does not condone the use of exploits/cheating, as defined by Cryptic/PWE. Cheating hurts the game and the reputation of our guilds and Alliance (thus a direct violation of Rule #2 and Rule #3), and will not be tolerated. Regardless of the guild you are in, anyone found to be cheating or advocating such behavior in any way will be removed from the Alliance, added to our permanent ban list, and reported to Cryptic. The general process will be to issue a warning to ensure members have the chance to discontinue this behavior, but failure to comply will result in the above mentioned actions. No exceptions of any kind – status, rank, time in guild, or level. Cheating and cheaters have no place in this Alliance.

Alliance Chat Rules

  1. Avoid politics, race, religion, and generally divisive topics in Alliance chat.
  2. No trading (soliciting for buyers) in Alliance or guild chat; use PM, in-game trade channels, or the discord trade requests channel.
  3. Do not beg in chat (asking for freebies).
  4. Do not ask for IL when forming a group in Alliance chat (there is also no need to post your IL when asking to join).
  5. A. First come first serve when forming groups in Alliance chat. People should not be excluded because you think they may not be “good enough”. If they meet the requirements and they plus up, they should be invited.
    B. If you post looking for more in Alliance chat please give Alliance a fair chance before filling the queue with outsiders.
  6. If someone asks you to discontinue a topic of conversation then stop.

Issues and Escalations

If you have a problem with another member please do not “have it out” in Alliance chat channel. This is what PMs are for. If you cannot sort your grievances out amongst yourselves then please take screenshots and contact your guild leader. Remember, without screenshots the issue did not happen.

Note on Bans

If you are banned or removed from any guild in the Alliance for cause, you will not be admitted into another guild in the Alliance, you are banned from the Alliance.

Bank Rules

If you have rights to take X number of things out per day, that doesn’t necessarily give you the right to take that number of items out every single day. That is considered abuse. Those numbers are limits to make sure someone doesn’t just clear out a repository on a whim and leave, it’s not actually a daily allowance. That said, DO NOT feel bad about taking items from the guild bank, just don’t be abusive about it. Taking a load of stuff one time — for whatever reason — is fine. Taking a load of stuff several days in a row is NOT OK.

Your consumption of bank resources should be generally offset by your contribution.

That doesn’t mean you have to trade each time – but if you have been taking from the bank, you should also be contributing to it over time. There’s no hard and fast scale here, just use common sense — we don’t need a lot of junk in the bank, but if you’ve taken some epic gear, the next time you come into some epic gear, think about dropping it in the bank instead of selling/salvaging/refining it. Same with enchants or refinement stuff. Just remember it’s a communal resource.

Bank abuse will result in you being banned from the guild, which, as noted above, results in a ban from any guild in the alliance.

Collaborative Development Program (CDP) and the 2020 Roadmap

updated 11th March 2020

The Collaborative Development Program (CDP) has been instigated and is available on the arc forums.

Nitrocris83, the Community Manager defines “The CDP is a tool to improve engagement and collaboration between the team and the community through single-topic focus. Discussions are time-limited, structured, and live separate from the traditional feedback forums to reduce “noise”.” There is an expected format to follow and so far there has been topics that include Game Content Accessibility, PVP, CDP, and Rewards and Progression. You can have your say on PVP and CDP now.

Neverwinter 2020 Roadmap

Want insight into what the development team is thinking about for Neverwinter in 2020? The 2020 Roadmap information was streamed so if you missed the stream check it out! This was the first time that our own Greyhastur has ever appeared on camera without his signature ninja look!

Neverwinter has a new Executive Producer, Chris Whiteside. His username in the forums is cwhitesidedev#9752 which appears simply as cwhitesidedev in posts he authors.

Most recently, Chris participated in the Roadmap stream (see link above). If you want to hear a podcast about the information Chris’ CDP program, look below for the P3 podcast links. (Chris is not in the podcast; some of our Alliance content creators are, however. Greyhastur hosts the podcast.)

P3 Podcast

The goal of the podcast is to cover all that is relevant to Neverwinter for the past and future 30 days. The podcast was created as an alternative way to keep up to date on all that is trending in the game.

  • January 17 2020 – hosted by Greyhastur, guests include Silv3ry, Lord Willow and Misfitmouse.
  • January 31 2020 – Discussion on the VIP CDP Topic – again hosted by Greyhastur with Timmy, Ranger Reek, Backpetal, Lord Willow, and Cosmic Trigger.
  • February 18, 2020 – CDP Professions and Mastercrafting discussion with Sharpedge, SirWils, Rainer, Lord Willow; again hosted by Greyhastur
  • February 18, 2020 – part 2 the discussion moves on top Boons and Progression
  • February 23, 2020 – Anglie Et Nex, Lord Willow, Haden and GreyHastur discuss Rewards

The Knowns and Unknowns of Threat

Author: @theaxolotl#4252 (Discord: TheAxolotl#9404)
Last Modified: February 28, 2020

What the Heck am I about to Read?

Are you DPS that has ever wondered why your tank can’t seem to hold aggro from you? Are you a tank that wants to know what you can do to increase your threat? Are you a healer that is sick of getting all the healing aggro and dying? If any of these have or do apply to you, read on and I’ll share what I know!

As a general disclaimer, this will contain both information that is known and information that is currently unknown. Please keep in mind that some of this information is speculation and not a guarantee. I could be off on some of the statements and assumptions I make. That being said, this take on threat has driven my approach to tanking and for the most part, it seems to be somewhat accurate.

An Update, With Sources

Good news! Since I first wrote this, I’ve been pointed to a M16 Fighter Feedback post on the Neverwinter forums that has some specific juicy tidbits in it. Granted, the numbers themselves might have changed a bit, but the mechanics should still be accurate. For those that don’t want to look at the thread directly, I’ll be pulling my information from these specific comments.

The Basics, and Types of Threat

Starting with the basics, each enemy unit has their own threat list that constantly shifts as damage is dealt to them and healing is received by you, and in order to maintain threat, you as a tank need to maintain the top position in their list. There are two forms of threat or aggro generation that help with this, which I group into two categories – Proactive and Reactive.

Proactive: where you prepare for what is about to happen

Examples of Proactive threat would be powers that increase your threat generation or have an Added Effect of Increased Threat, such as the Threatening Presence Feature, the Frustrating Slash Feat, and the Primal Fury Encounter. Proactive threat also includes the threat you gain from dealing damage or healing external targets. Note: It was previously believed that incoming healing does not generate threat – only outgoing healing does. Based on the comment above in reference to self-healing generating threat, this might not actually be the case. It is possible that self-healing from things like Primal Fury and Mount Insignia Bonuses could be generating threat. In addition, powers that deal damage and heal, like Primal Fury, could be generating threat from both the damage and the healing portions.

Reactive: acting on a situation that has occurred.

Examples of Reactive threat would be what I call Soft Taunts – powers that immediately place you on top of the target’s threat list, such as the Come and Get It Encounter and the Challenger’s Charge Feature.

Both Proactive and Reactive threat mechanics are important to use while tanking. Reactive mechanics allow you to take back threat once you lose it, while Proactive mechanics allow you to maintain threat when you have it. If you only use Proactive mechanics, you’ll be hard-pressed to keep threat through the entirety of a fight with high DPS in your party and if you lose it, you’ll have a hard time getting it back. If you only use Reactive mechanics, you’ll be able to take back threat whenever you lose it, however the boss will be ping-ponging around the room, frustrating your entire group and likely leading to many deaths.

If you find yourself in a situation where the tank takes aggro, loses it shortly thereafter, takes it back again, then loses it shortly thereafter once more, it’s likely that the tank is only using Reactive mechanics and doesn’t have enough Proactive threat generation. On the other hand, if you find yourself in a scenario where the tank has aggro for a while then loses it, but is not able to get it back at all, chances are the tank is only using Proactive threat generation and doesn’t use any Reactive mechanics to compensate once aggro is lost.

In an ideal scenario, the tank will have enough Proactive threat generation to maintain aggro, while having at least one Reactive Encounter to get aggro back if lost.

Threat Modifiers and Formula

First, based on the comment above, we know that 1 point of damage and 1 point of healing each generates 1 point of threat, prior to the modifier being applied. Unfortunately, the modifier is where things get tricky. We know that tank classes get an increased threat modifier. Based on the comment above, as mod M16 preview, that number was 200% more, or a 3x modifier.

Similarly, for powers with a Proactive threat component (remember, powers that increase threat), we know that those powers deal roughly 700% (or an 8x modifier) more than their base damage.

There are a couple things that are still unclear. First, we don’t know if that 8x modifier includes the 3x modifier or not. I suspect it does, which would likely have the powers themselves having a 5x modifier, which gets added to the 3x class modifier. Second, we don’t know what the modifier is of Feats and Class Features that cause the tank to deal additional threat, such as Frustrating Slash and Threatening Presence. It’s likely that these increase the modifier further, but we can’t say by how much.

Since there’s a direct relationship between damage or healing and threat, we know that increasing the damage we deal is essential to increasing our threat. This means that as a tank, we get a threat boost by pushing our offensive stats towards their caps as well. Increases to Armor Penetration, Accuracy, Critical Strike and Combat Advantage will all lead to increased threat, but should we get all of our offensive stats to their caps? In an ideal world, sure, but that’s not very realistic. The better option is likely to get your defensive stats capped, then work on your offensive, and cap what you can. My personal priority is Armor Penetration > Accuracy > Critical Strike > Combat Advantage. Currently on my Barbarian, I have capped Defense, Deflect, Critical Avoid, Armor Penetration and Accuracy. As of now, I also have around 115k Power, 72k Critical Strike, and 60k Combat Advantage. Increasing any of those three should increase my threat, however I’d need to use a damage calculator to determine what would be best in a given scenario.

Applications to Tanking

Now, you may read all of that above and think “This is great, but how can I apply it to tanking.” Good question! Unfortunately, there’s no single answer, as each tanking class has different nuances to it, however there are a few general principals to follow.

  1. Initial Aggro is important. If DPS happens to engage a boss before you do, you’re going to be stuck playing catch-up for a while. This isn’t great. Ideally, you’ll be the one that makes initial contact with the boss, either via a ranged attack or a high mobility or charging attack. From there, you can start building threat on the boss with your attacks.
  2. Don’t spam your Encounters. This is very important, especially when you look at Soft Taunt abilities. If you happen to be first on a boss’ threat list and then you use an ability that puts you first on the threat list, all you’ve done at that point is put your Soft Taunt on cooldown. These are ideally going to be saved for moments where you lose aggro on a boss – in a perfect scenario, you might never even use one.
  3. Predict your party. This one can be tricky at times, but in many cases, especially following an initial engage, you might have DPS in your party that unload with some hard hitting attacks that may or may not be buffed by artifacts. If you go into a fight knowing this, you can be ready. Suppose you get your initial aggro, but then it gets immediately taken by DPS. If you go in expecting this, you can immediately pop your Soft Taunt when you lose aggro, then unload with some Proactive threat attacks. This will give you a significant boost to your threat, since at that point, your threat level will have been given a lift due to the threat level of your DPS. From there, you can continue building your Proactive threat while reserving your Soft Taunt for another scenario where DPS might pass you.
  4. Predict the fight. This is another tricky one, as it’s tailored to specific fights. Learn to know when you need to be defensive and when you need to be offensive. If you know a part is coming up where you are stationary, but dps has to move, try to unload with some high-threat attacks to establish your lead. You can use this to build a threat buffer for when you have to go defensive.
  5. Combine your threat sources. This one can vary from class to class. Using Barbarians as an example, we have several ways to stack threat mechanics together. An example for building threat on multiple mobs would be to use Sentinel’s Slash with the Frustrating Slash feat to trigger the 10 second threat increase, then switch to Challenger’s Slash, which has a built-in threat boost. Combining the two would give significantly more threat than using one or the other alone.


As always, thanks for reading! I hope this provides some sort of value to you, even if some of the information in there is wrong. If we ever happen to learn the true inner workings of the threat mechanics in this game, I will be sure to update this post accordingly. A big thanks goes out to anyone that took the time to discuss threat mechanics with me and anyone that has let me tank for them when I decided to experiment! If you know something in here to be incorrect or even want to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in game or via Discord! Lastly, as always, thanks to Alleykate for giving us a place to host this!

Why and How I Rearranged My UI

Author: @theaxolotl#4252 (Discord: TheAxolotl#9404)
Last Modified: February 6th, 2020

The Why

As with most MMOs, the default Neverwinter UI is fairly standard. Action bars are at the bottom, your health bar and your party are off to one side, and it’s very basic. This default UI is fine for some folks, but as a tank and a healer, I didn’t like it. We spend most of our time looking at the center of the screen, but when I need to watch health bars or keep an eye on party threat, the default positioning requires me to look away from the center, where all the action is happening, and look to a far side.

While minimal, the time added to do that would occasionally cause me to miss out on important elements of a various boss fight or even just introduce some inconvenience that I wanted to avoid. I wanted to have all my useful information a bit more consolidated, and luckily it’s pretty easy to do that with minimal changes in Neverwinter.

Now, you might ask why I made a whole post about this! The answer there is simply because I wanted to. Some of you reading this might not be pleased with your current UI and might want some inspiration on how to change it. Others might not even be aware that you can change it at all! Some of you might even find no value in this, and if so, that’s okay – this won’t be for everyone.

The How, with Pictures

For the most part, the changes I’ve made are fairly minimal. The biggest change is that I’ve relocated the portraits to be centered around the immovable class-specific UI elements, and I’ve shuffled the action bar around slightly to accommodate the party UI being on the center-right. This allows me to easily see health bars when I’m healing and threat indicators when I’m tanking. I left my companion visible, mostly because I didn’t just want to get rid of it – luckily, you can hide it if you just don’t care to see it!

I also moved my cast bar up a bit and centered my buff bar, slightly left-aligned. My quest list is also now in the top left. I don’t need to look at that regularly, so sparing a glance that way when needed is just fine. The downside to that placement is sometimes a quest will have a pop-up element that gets cut off – I just deal with that, though, since it’s pretty rare.

For me, the benefit of this re-positioning is huge. It brings all of the important information to the center, where I’m already looking, but doesn’t get in the way of anything else I might need to see.

The Layout

Since there are some elements that aren’t shown in the above screenshots, for reference, the below shows my configuration screen.

Your mileage may vary, and this sort of configuration might not be what you want, however hopefully for some of you reading this, you might get some inspiration and tailor things a bit more to your liking! If you do make adjustments, keep in mind that you can save the settings on one character and load them on others. I highly recommend you configure your UI with the character that has the most unmovable elements. Between Warlock and Barbarian, that was Barbarian in a Sentinel build, due to the stamina bar on the right side.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please reach out to me in-game or in Discord if you have any thoughts, comments or questions. Happy gaming!

Legacy Campaigns

The Legacy Campaigns was introduced in Mod 16 after hitting 80 as a way to ‘catch up” on boon campaign areas that you had not completed yet. It is also an incentive to get currency to help the strongholds and/or make keys and get rewarded for it.

Sybella Artis in Protectors Enclaves (PE) gives out a 3 quests once a week at the weekly reset. Below is the rotation of the given quests. You can stack them and hit the one area to complete 3 in one area if given.

You can pick up the quests and then select a bonus area.

Rewards from the currency called Heroes Medallions earned let you obtained account bound items as shown below. (note the heroes medallions do not double on the double legacy campaign weekend only the campaign currency does.

Watcher Runs

With Mod 16/17 a new set of rare bosses was introduced that can be accessed via a shade that spawns in certain large format maps in 3 rune ME runs.   The shade looks very familiar to a warlock soul puppet.

By defeating the correct 2 of the 4 rare bosses available, you have a good chance of getting a really good weapon drop for your classs.  I believe the drop is now need/greed ‘able (and 2 drops now per boss which further increases your odds) of 1 of a set of special weapons called the Watcher Set, which has a great multi-stat bonus that now procs and stays up for the full extent of very long fights (yes i tested it does not drop). Also, the bosses drop legendary vanity pets and awakened essences used to restore Successor Gear from LOMM.

Thanks to one of our alliance members for noting that parties should check their loot mode before beginning the watcher fight. If your loot mode is set to round robin, the weapons that drop have a chance of ending up with the player who cannot use them.

Weapon Set

Essences and Awakened Essences

How to Maximize Chances of Getting a Watcher Set Item

* Form or join a Watcher Run party, preferably for the boss you need for your class. Only one person in the party needs to have a quest active, and any 3 runes placed will work to spawn the shade. Only the 2nd “larger” maps have spaces that will spawn the shade and you will know one will spawn when it talks about “you feel and immense presence” when you enter the space.  Some of these bosses are almost trivial but a few need a full party with tank and/or heal(s) and special resources like artifacts/scrolls/altars.  

Class to Boss Matrix

Basic Process I Recommend

* Only one member needs the correct essence for the agreed-upon boss.  This means a cohort party of 5 can have 15 chances a day, and in my experience a shade spawns about every 10 runs only in the large maps.

*  You may want to avoid traps for some of these bosses, as some of the perma-banes from these can be problematic. Longing and Despair in particular are bosses that are harder with some banes.

* Once a shade spawns, make sure the team is prepared for the fights before summoning as it’s easy to lose your essences or wipe otherwise.   Also, if a member dies, they should not release as a barrier is placed that can be hard/impossible to pass to get back into the space for the fight.

* In general, the tank aggros the boss and either kites him or brings him to an obstruction like a hill or mushroom to hold aggro while dps work him/her, but all bosses are different. Despair doesn’t move at all…. while Regret can be aggro’d from a Hill and Sorrow kited while range dps’d. Longing requires close in DPS and a burst of dps between 20% and 0% health, and we also used coordinated Trobriand Rings in sequence to stun him during the burst dps phase (this helps but isn’t mandatory).

The fight..

Sorrow – Rogue, Barbarian, Fighter, Hunter

Essence of Sorrow will summon this Wolf like Boss.  The most common winning strategy is to utilize a standard 5-person party and have the tank kite the boss around the map while the dps ranges her down. The party will want to stay away and dodge or avoid the sword that seems to have a mind of its own, otherwise this boss is straight-forward.

Regret – Cleric, Paladin, Warlock, Hunter

The stag can be aggroed from a hill or cliffside while ranged down.   Almost any class can aggro it.  I believe contact with a player will heal it, so you want to keep your distance.  

Longing – Cleric, Wizard (never actually saw this drop though!), Paladin, Hunter

This tanky boss needs to be dps’d within it’s bubble so close-in. and it has a shield that needs to be worn down, or wait until the shield lifts for bursts of dps. Most commonly teams will have a tank aggro it from a cliffside or mushroom, while dps slowly works it down to 20% to keep from stealing aggro. At 20% you want to have saved your best dps for bursting it from 20 -> 0%.  If not killed fast enough the boss will fully heal. Trobriand Rings are super valuable for stunning the boss at summoning and then at 20% start a rotation of stuns (agreed to upfront).  The more people with this artifact the better, as you can use a rotation to stun the boss for 1 sec at a time with 1 person calling the rotation. The signal you look for is Longing raising both hands (not just 1 hand which can fake you out).

Despair – Rogue, Barbarian, Wizard, Fighter

The longest and hardest fight of the bunch and I’ve only done it twice. This boss stands perfectly still…. and you can only dps it after the green chains have appeared on a player and been cleansed. Red chains = redirected dps like in the Sisters of Fury fight. Orange Chains = You Die (sorry). Green chains = cleanse them and dps the boss like crazy. I’ve seen videos of Despair being 1 phased after the green chains.  Unfortunately, there are usually plenty of deaths and rez sickness, so scrolls are usually used, unless you have top notch DPS.  An experienced healer will help a lot, and I’ve seen teams complete this boss with no tank.  This fight I have the least confidence with so feel free to add your own hints and correct me too. 

Thanks goes to Immy from Legendary Chaos for the write up.

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