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Latest News and Announcements

last updated 22nd September 2021

Coming October 1st 2021 – Echoes of Prophecy

What will it be, some say it will be like the episodes like last year but based on something to do with dragons. For further information check out our write up Echoes of Prophecy.

Mod 21 is here

Mod 21 launched 27th July 2021 on PC. Check out some aspects of Mod 21 as the new Bard class. Max character level is now 20. Read up on the changes in the official forum. The promotional video has been released:

Dev Blog: New Leveling Experience | Neverwinter (arcgames.com)

Check out our Bard builds we have sourced so far and information about the new leveling and other changes on the mod 21 tab. The leveling rewards are here New Levelling Rewards – Tredecim (wordpress.com) as well as a glimpse of new stronghold maps: Stronghold Maps mod 21 – Tredecim (wordpress.com)

Sharandar Episode 3 starts on PC June 8th

The new Sharandar Campaign has started and much like The Redeemed Citadel, its in parts. Part 1, The Iron Tooth, is currently underway earning AD, tradebars and boons x 2 (gold for alts on your account after you collect your first AD and tradebars). Part 2 (Episode 2): The Soul Keeper has launched in PC April 13 and will bring with it some new heroic encounters. Check out the write up on MMORPG.com where they talk about the Waking Nightmares. Go to http://bit.ly/3eMhi1y If you are after another challenge, check out the Mod 20 Bounty post. Sharandar and Combat changes are here on PC. Check out our page on it: Mod 20 Combat and other changes – Tredecim (wordpress.com)

The new dungeon is unlocked and is called The Vault of Stars (VoS). It will only be initially opened on public queue, the ability to queue privately is coming later. It is described as: Clash against the members of the Gloaming Court as you uncover ancient secrets of the unseelie fey. Three new bosses await, with a new array of powerful rewards! Read up about it here. Early reviews from our Alliance members in the testing group include “my favorite dungeon ever!”

Are you grinding for Mirage Weapons – this may help How to grind for the Mirage weapons – Tredecim (wordpress.com)

Other stuff…

New to Neverwinter?

Are you a gamer thinking of playing Neverwinter? We’ve recently created an introduction to the eight classes in Neverwinter. This also might be useful for players with one class who are considering starting their second character. After you start your journey remember to join a guild in game to add a great source of help navigating the game.

Rainer’s Character Builder and Pocket Wiki

A great tool for new players is Content Creator Program member and superhero of the community, Rainer’s Character Builder. You can create endless builds offline to optimize your character and identify exactly what you need to chase in game.

Rainer’s Pocket Wiki

This document lays out key Neverwinter game elements by topic on each tab in the spreadsheet. Here is a link to his new version 2: Rainers’s Pocket Wiki V.2


Still doing campaigns? Here is some advice on what campaign is from what mod.

ACT Data Analysis

Want to test you character out? This information can help: ACT Combat Tracker.

Latest Fun Bits

Check out our new Fun Bits section of the site! This section is intended for anything not announcement or utility related, such as our Art Tour of Castle Ravenloft, or the post with the new Neverwinter demotivational posters. We also have a way to add some spice to your dungeon run with the Wheels of Wonder.


Streamers can be also a source of video fun, check out their page.

Need to know when and where profession buildings are up? At the moment there will be no schedule until we get the next mastercrafting update.