Welcome to the Cloak Alliance, a group of Neverwinter guilds from all over the world. While we are mainly pve based, you may find some members that enjoy pvp too. This is the original official website that has existed since the formation of this alliance in 2016. Ran by the members for the members of this Alliance and players of Neverwinter. If you like this site and want to keep updated, just click the follow at the sidebar.

Latest News and Announcements

last updated 12th Dec 2021

Mod 23 will be here in 2 days

This game is approaching 9 years so here are your special rewards coming for the Jubilee.

Other stuff…

Rainer’s Character Builder and Pocket Wiki

A great tool for new players is Content Creator Program member and superhero of the community, Rainer’s Character Builder. You can create endless builds offline to optimize your character and identify exactly what you need to chase in game.

Rainer’s Pocket Wiki

This document lays out key Neverwinter game elements by topic on each tab in the spreadsheet. Here is a link to his new version 2: Rainers’s Pocket Wiki V.2


Still doing campaigns? Here is some advice on what campaign is from what mod.

ACT Data Analysis

Want to test you character out? This information can help: ACT Combat Tracker.

Latest Fun Bits

Check out our new Fun Bits section of the site! This section is intended for anything not announcement or utility related, such as our Art Tour of Castle Ravenloft, or the post with the new Neverwinter demotivational posters. We also have a way to add some spice to your dungeon run with the Wheels of Wonder.


Streamers can be also a source of video fun, check out their page.

Need to know when and where profession buildings are up? At the moment there will be no schedule until we get the next mastercrafting update.