cropped-zhodia-pic.jpgWelcome to the Cloak Alliance, a group of 13 guilds from all over the world in Neverwinter that have come together. We are building our stongholds and fighting the good fight. While mainly pve based, you may find some members that do pvp.

We use discord to keep in contact in game with chat and other features so ask your leaders for an invite. Like this site and want to keep updated, just click the follow on this page.


Latest News and Announcements


Module 15, the Heart of Fire, will feature Acquisitions Incorporated.  Our internship begins on November 6, 2018. Looks like we get to interact with legendary Jim Darkmagic and Omin Dran! We have a blog entry covering the recent announcements.

We are tracking updates to the preview server to help our alliance members Navigate the Mod 15 transition. Please be advised that this information is, as always, subject to change before the new content reaches the production Neverwinter server. We have just added a sneak peak at Mod 15 preview-New gear item level 600. We are covering the new crafting in a separate section called Looking at doing crafting in Mod 15?

Official information about professions can be found in the Dev Blog.

The news on gear and salvage is found in the forums.

Every class will have changes in Mod 15. Check out the list of links:  Proposed class changes for Mod 15

Our own GreyHastur has already done some testing of the  HR for Mod 15. Check out the post and his video for more information.

Latest Useful Things

For those Devoted Clerics looking for a way (or perhaps a new way) to bind Exaltation using aliases, see the post about Binding Exaltation. With the upcoming changes to Professions, you may want to maximize your Professions before the system is overhauled. See the post about Masterwork Professions. If you’re new to the concept of Item Level in game, read our commentary on how to interpret Item Level.

Latest Fun Bits

Check out our new Fun Bits section of the site! This section is intended for anything not announcement or utility related, such as our Art Tour of Castle Ravenloft, or the post with the new Neverwinter demotivational posters. We also have a way to add some spice to your dungeon run with the Wheels of Wonder.

Our newest entries are part of a series called “From Another View”, where we look at Neverwinter locales outside the perspective of running content. Check out the latest entry on Illusionist’s Gambit, both the Castle Never entry and the Old Dragon’s Lair entry. Previously in the series we covered: