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Helm Spotlight – Monsters of War

It is tradition in our Alliance to promote the next highest level guild to helm so that they have the benefit of the building discount by being the helm and get to level 20.  We decided we should put our new helm in the spotlight and chat to one of their leaders Lord of War.

How was Monsters of War started?

MoW was started by GodofWar@cptwoofy, Lord Of War@rrevm and a few of cptwoofy’s friends way back in beta.  GodofWar got busy with real life for a while, so Lord Of War took over the guild in his absence.  It was meant to be a guild for a few friends to play the game together.  I would meet pug players that were so much fun to play the game with. I would friend request them.  I had so many friends that were from other guilds, but I did not care. As long as we had fun, that was all that mattered. 

Before long, these friends would request to belong to MoW.  It was an honour and loads of fun to have them in the guild.  We had multiple alts and used them to progress the guild.  We had less than ten members and progressed the guild to rank eight all by ourselves 🙂  GodofWar came back to lead the guild and was so impressed by our progress, that he began recruiting to make MoW the size that it is today.  Our plan has always been to have fun with good friends, I am happy to say we have enjoyed many hours playing Neverwinter 🙂

How did you choose your guild name?

Monsters of War was chosen by my son GodofWar@cptwoofy.  He has many figurines/playing pieces that he has assembled for the tabletop version, it takes up lots of space! 

Did you ever play D & D?

He plays D & D, I have not.

Funniest moment in Neverwinter

The funniest moment for me was when I realised a good friend player that I had been playing the game with for over three years was really a woman!  Up until that point, so many female characters were just guys as far as I knew. I was surprised to meet a real girl, especially one that always kicked the other guys butts when it came to playing the game 🙂  One of our party members while questing made a crude remark, which was unusual for us, but he was a new member.  My friend became very quiet, since we always used text, we never heard voices.  The crude remark was made to her cute female character.  I private messaged “You are a guy aren’t you?”  The reply was, “No I am a girl”.  The funny part is, to this day the offending member has since been promoted to rank seven status does not speak crudely anymore, but still does not know this other member is a girl 🙂

What do you miss from the old days of the start of Neverwinter?

What I miss from the old days of Neverwinter are the wonderful old armour sets that looked great!  Also the fact that nothing was bound before.

What would you like to see next in Neverwinter?

Next I would like to see no more character bound items in the game.  It would be nice to be able to share all assets between account toons, even such things as mounts and companions.  As far as content, I have been pleased so far.  Once we reach level 20, it will be nice to be able to assist the other guilds reach their level 20.  I am so impressed the other level 20 guild stayed in alliance to continue helping the others.  I thought perhaps there would always be an influx of lowers guilds with the level 20 guilds leaving the alliance.  I am glad this is not the case, because we have such awesome people in the alliance and it is a joy to be able to continue enjoying their company and play styles 🙂

How has it been since joining the Cloaks Alliance?

The Alliance has been a joy for us to be a part of and we humbly appreciate being invited to this group of wonderful players 🙂

Thanks for your interest in us AlleyKate 🙂

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Need a little help hunting in Barovia ?

Thanks to Mika from WG, we now have a fully guided map for those hunts – great for those who have not memorised them yet.


Barovia_Map for hunts

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Hunting time again mod 13

Thanks to we have some hunt maps already prepared so happy hunting,


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Sharpedge has updated his info for CW

For the Control Wizard lovers, here is your Mod 13 update, check it out as Mod 13 hits in 10 days or so

new version is on MMOMinds:

Sharpedge’s guide to cw – MMOminds

older version below:

thanks to Sharpedge and co for all the work they do, so awesome.

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12k but does it mean you are ready for Tong (Tomb of the nine gods)

12k is the mention item level to enter tong but the reality is, this is an end content dungeon and 12k probably refers to the minimum item level needed.  The first boss is a race between killing the boss and a player attempting to save balls from hitting the team before running out of hit points.  The third boss has 3 nasty souls that have to die before the boss eats them or the party dies. Here is a little check list you might want to consider before attempting this end content dungeon.

  • Have you completed all of your campaign boons?
  • Have you completed FBI and Master Spellplague?
  • Have you got at least rank 9 enchantments?
  • Have you ranked up your weapon enchants?
  • Are your companions that are you running are well geared?
  • Are you heading closer to 14k rather than 12k?
  • Do you have 4 points in your powers?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, you may just be tong ready.  Don’t forget to ask any alliance member who has completed tong several times to check if you are tong ready then ask for a training run.  If your training runs fail, ask why and then see what you can improve on for next time.

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I have hit level 70 – now what

So you have just hit level 70 and you are keen to join in the fun that other level 70 players have been doing for the last 3 months – 4 years but I would like to offer some advice before you jump in head first in to all those wonderful dungeons.

  1. Make sure you have turned on your guild boons.  If you have not done this already, do so or ask a fellow guild leader/member how.  The usual advice is you get your armour penetration to 60 percent (6800) then stack your other offense items.
  2. Work on your campaign boons.  Every boon from every campaign area now increases your item level.  Not only does your item level increase so does your playing effectiveness.  If you are short on time during the day, make sure you pick up the quests from areas such as Sharandar, Dread ring, Icewind Dale, Well of the dragons and Bryn Shander etc and do more at once on a separate day. (see the bit about 60-70 and what  to do).  Suggest 2 campaigns at a time.
  3. Get some new gear.  If you have been donating to the guild coffers you may have some guild marks to buy new level 70 gear.  Ask you leader/guild member where and how.  You may also like to find out who can make weapons for you too or which ones you should work towards obtaining. 2 slot rings can be obtained from edemo, and Castle never.
  4. Ask for training or gearing dungeon runs.  Until you hit around the 10k item level, it is probably best to ask in alliance chat for a training dungeon run (one that teaches you how to do the dungeon) or a gearing run (one where higher level item characters can help you obtain seals to buy new gear with). Again call the assistance of your guild leaders/officers etc.  Watch out for speed runs if you want to learn how to do a particular dungeon, you may not have time to catch your breath and smell the air as very high item level characters kill most in their wake. If speed runs are not your thing please don’t hesitate to say as there is nothing worse than getting left behind to die during one of those runs.
  5. Learn how to make effective dungeon parties.  This is especially important if most of your party is still a lower item level.  The general recommendation is a healer of some kind, a tank of some kind and some dps.  Rainbow parties are always fun.
  6.  Ask for help/advice and remember some players have had 4 years to get BIS (best in slot) gear together so don’t try to do this in 2 weeks.


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New level 60-70 so now what? is some good advice

Elemental Evil -If strong enough, do Spinward Rise first so you get artifact main hand.

Underdark -Stop claiming encounter rewards when weekly Ichor limit is met. -Start making keys but make sure you can afford the daily progress.

Dread Ring / Well of Dragons -Do ONLY demon hunting on most days. Accumulate other quests. -Do NOT waste currency on gauntlets, while working on boons.

Sharandar -Do areas every OTHER day, for full set of quests. The Maze Engine -Get teleport scrolls from AH, so you don’t waste time returning after quest is complete.

Icewind Dale -Make sure you save currencies for unlocking Dwarven Valley asap. -ONLY buy boons after Dwarven Valley is unlocked. Rest is useless!! -Icewind pass quests can be accumulated for a few days. -Do demon hunting and Dwarven Valley quests every day.

Tyranny of Dragons -Dailies become hard at level 60, so good idea to do dailies for pages prior to that. -Stop doing dailies given in PE, when only two boons left. They take forever, so pages from weeklies will suffice.

This is from

For Neverwinter on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Campaigns – avoid wasting time/currency”.

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Calender for events


Let us know what you want added.

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How to run Dragon Flight

Dragon Flight

How to start

Dragon flight can be started in one of 2 ways

  1. A Travelling Wizard available every 2 hours starting from 7:30 AM EST (Eastern Standard).
  2. [Golden Bell] purchased from the Zen store
  3. Request to join Queue group by posting +DF in Alliance Chat
  4. If you enter a stronghold and a dragon flight is going on, Leave the stronghold and follow step 3. The map only hold 40 players so if you enter you may be keeping people in the Queue group from getting in the map.

Keep chat to a minimum to allow for group leaders to focus on getting organized. Be attentive. Respond when asked out of courtesy to your host. Do not spam chat for any reason.

The organizer will ask for up to 8 volunteers for party leaders. 4 for Red dragon and 4 for Green dragon. Respond in alliance chat with your Role/Class – Example +CW Lead Green. If there are more than 4 party leaders for each dragon please be orderly and condense parties. If more than 20 people are on a dragon it becomes immune to all damage.

Party leaders have the following responsibilities:

Inviting people to your party when they say + and the color you have been assigned

Report to organizer how many people are in your party including which classes.Ex: DC/OP Tank/CW x 2/SW

Make sure your team follows you if your leaving a dragon or if you’re assigned to stay and turn off attacking companions if they are on their way to Blue Dragon.

Find where to go. Refer to the color of the circles on the map provided on

Respond to invites promptly. Melee DPS and additional Healer’s and tanks will be asked to go to red and zerg to blueRanged DPS + one or 2 healers and 1 tank will be asked to go to green and zerg to black

Please respond to chat by putting the following information in chat so that party leaders can invite and organize- Class abbreviation, Role, and Color of dragon. EX: +CW DPS Green/ +GF Buff Red/ +OP Heal Green/ +DC Debuff Green. The organizers now don’t have to inspect you or ask what role you will fill. This saves time for everyone!

One Tank/Heal/and DPS will be asked to volunteer to stay at Red or Green while everyone else will run to their next dragon. The DPS should be able to deal enough damage to get red and green down to 2% while everyone else is burning the other dragons. If your staying at green dragon – everyone move out of range of the poison cloud after you’ve got your dragon down to 2%.

Pay attention to chat and the health of the dragons and to any Empowerers that pop up. If an empowerer spawns near you KILL it immediately because it makes the dragon more dangerous the longer it is alive. When your dragon is at 10% health a  call will be put out for you to run to the next dragon. Everyone but the volunteers (who have already been determined by this point) needs to leave as soon as the empoweres are dead and stop attacking the dragon. Red Dragon Teams will head to Blue Dragon. Green Dragon teams will head to Black Dragon.


Red -> Blue zerg Tips

Unsummon any and all companions. Augments are ok to keep but any defender/ striker/ leader/ controller companions must be unsummoned. If you’re not sure just unsummon your companion. Blue Dragon has a debuff that if the target dies it one shots everyone within a certain radius. Companion can get the debuff.


Green -> Black Tips

If you Die at Black dragon it’s important for you to immediately respawn at a campfire as you have created a ghost and it puts everyone else in danger who tries to revive you. The More deaths the more ghosts the dragon spawns.

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Dragon Flight Runs

Keep updated with times that Alliance guilds will run the dragon flight (affectionately called by Fair Dinkum 2.0 “Dragon BBQ”) that are open to Alliance members.  Check here for further details coming soon.

First details are in:

  • Fair Dinkum 2.0 will try to run them Saturday and Sunday afternoons their times and all welcome to join of any level etc.  Keep you eye out in Alliance chat for announcements.
  • Greycloaks hosts Dragon Flight Events, twice a week. Friday Happy Hour and Saturday BBQ are both at the same time, 10 PM GMT ( 6 PM EST, 3 PM PST).
    Blackcloaks hosts Sunday BBQ Dragon Flight event at 12AM GMT (8 PM EST, 5 PM PST)

Check the Alliance chat regularly for announcements.

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Alliance help

The Alliance can help you and your stronghold progress in many ways, from collecting influence to gearing up.  Just ask your guild leaders or put a call out in alliance chat.

Want to chat to someone or listen to instructions.  We now use discord.  Discord has been set up for most of the Alliance guilds and a special alliance channel has also been organised.  Ask your guild leaders for an invite.  Invites only last 24 hours so you may have to ask for that invite if you forgot to get it the first time.

Download discord from


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List of Mod 14 build guides (work in progress)

Hello all, I will slowly gather a list of mod 14 build guides that people recommend. Would like to thank those people who take the time to write them up for other Neverwinter players.  Here is the start.

Trickster Rogue (the talk of the town)

Peanut Stabber Guide

Control Wizard (control?)

A Guide to Wizardry

Sharp’s Uncensored CW Builds (M13)

Great Weapon Fighter


Scourge Warlock


Guardian fighter


Oathbound Paladin


Devoted Cleric


Hunter Ranger

GWF build

Need a current GWF build, then take at look at this one. Thanks go out to the people that take the time to share their builds.

Free Rank 14 as we head towards the 5 year anniversary of Neverwinter

The Protector’s Jubilee is back this year but with very special rewards and Neverwinter makes it’s 5 year anniversary.  Free preservation wards and coalescent ward and even a free rank 14.

“Free Rank 14 Enchantment! – Players can claim ONE free Rank 14 Enchantment (Bound to Account) from a choice of four. This enchantment cannot be converted into RP or used in a way other than slotting/unslotting. Claimed on Zen Market once per account.”

Pick up the quests during the event and with 5 days worth there are prizes for the taking.  See the link below for more details:

Ravenloft is coming in June – Mod 14

Everyone is talking about the new mod that is coming, will we see vampires is the big question? I took a small look on preview server to see what is going on.  The fact we have day time and night time and the need for speed at night may mean the presence of vampires and the need to run fast. For what is actually there I will wait.

Here is what I did find on starting the venture in to the new area.  New level 70’s be excited.  Waiting for you as you complete the entry quest is a fully gear out character pieces with Rank 8’s and 3 artifacts.  Your character will immediately reach around 10k depending on how many boons you have acquired so far in your progression at level 70.

Coming are some changes to Ad refining and random queues so read about it here:

Also, did I see a new mount coming in the Masquerade event? A broom stick with 2k power…this I want.

Raffle thank you from Wraithguard upon reaching 20

Members of the Amazing Tredecim Alliance!
Wraithguard wants to thank the entirety of our always helpful, ever generous Alliance as we step down from Helm Guild. As such, we are holding a raffle for the Alliance – prizes include companions, mounts, artifacts, and refinement. Anyone is eligible to enter, all they need to do is send an in game mail to @covawarmage with their account handle and a note stating they would like to enter the raffle. You may have one entry per account and there will be 13 winners to reflect the number of awesome guilds we have in our Alliance. The raffle will run from 2/14 to 2/21.

Cova & Kaia
Leaders of Wraithguard

What may you be able to choose:
1. Aurora’s Whole Realms Catalogue
2. Emblem of the Seldarine
3. Shard of Valindra’s Crown
4. Soul Sight Crystal
5. Token of Chromatic Storm
6. Crag Cat
7. Dappled Riding Horse
8. Jubilee Parade Horse
9. Shadow Wolf
10. Starry Panther
11. Winter Wolf
12. Armored Orc Wolf
13. Cantankerous Mage
14. Fawn of Shiallia
15. Flame Sprite
16. Helmite Paladin Ghost
17. Ice Sprite
18. Intellect Devourer
19. Laughing Skull
20. Lava Galeb Duhr
21. Lizardfolk Shaman
22. Moonshae Druid
23. Mystagogue
24. Neverember Guard
25. Portal Hound
26. Rimefire Golem
27. Swashbuckler
28. Traveling Entertainer
29. Wayward Wizard
30. Yeth Hound
31. Rust Monster

1. Emblem of the Seldarine
2. Eye of Lathander
3. Kessell’s Spheres Of Annihilation
4. Soul Sight Crystal
5. Sphere of Black Ice
6. Symbol of Air
7. Arkaiun Courser
8. Howler
9. Medium Snowswift Horse
10. Medium Tiger
11. Moonbear
12. Panther
13. Poisonous Looking Spider
14. Sabino Destrier
15. Tuigan Courser
16. Water Horse
17. Ghost
18. Hawk
19. Jagged Dancing Blade
20. Lightfoot Thief
21. Phase Spider
22. Quasit
23. Skeletal Dog
24. Wandering Scarecrow
25. Water Archon
26. Wererat Thief
27. Wolf
28. Zhentarim Warlock
29. Emerald

1. Oghma’s Token of Free Movement
2. Soul Sight Crystal
3. Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack
4. Leopard of Chult
5. Mysterious Chicken Egg
6. Mysterious Crystal Charger
7. Twisted Dwarf Scroll Case
8. White Tiger
9. Alchemist Experimenter
10. Angel of Protection
11. Apprentice Healer
12. Battlefield Medic
13. Black Ice Prospector
14. Crab
15. Laughing Skull
16. Lillend
17. Manticore
18. Paranoid Delusion
19. Redcap Powrie
20. Tamed Velociraptor
21. Volcanic Galeb Duhr
22. Will-O’-Wisp

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