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Welcome to the Cloak Alliance, a group of 13 Neverwinter guilds from all over the world. We are building our Strongholds and fighting the good fight. While mainly pve based, you may find some members that pvp.

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Latest News and Announcements

Neverwinter 2020 Roadmap and P3 Podcasts

Want insight into what the development team is thinking? See our CDP Roundup post, which also includes links to selected community member reaction in the P3 podcasts. If you missed the 2020 Roadmap stream, check out the replay!

Neverwinter has a new Executive Producer, Chris Whiteside, who joined the team back in December 2019. His username in the forums is cwhitesidedev#9752 which appears simply as cwhitesidedev in posts he authors. Welcome Chris!

Mod 18 Infernal Descent

Struggling with IC mechanics? Check out Rainer’s video! TheAxolotl has also updated the Barbarian Tank in Builds with a section devoted to this dungeon. Better yet, want a strategy guide for the bosses in the Infernal Citadel? TheAxolotl has published his guide to coming back from the Infernal Citadel alive. Want to know where the hunts are in Avernus, we have the map.

M18 Infernal Citadel Stat Caps

Thanks for Rainer for documenting the new stat caps (in his pocket wiki) necessary for the Infernal Citadel in Module 18, Infernal Descent. You can subscribe to his YouTube channel for his latest updates.

Armor Penetration: 85000Accuracy: 85000
Critical Strike: 85000Combat Advantage: 135000
Defense: 85000Deflection: 85000
Critical Avoidance: 90000Awareness: 95000

Watch our Alliance members online!

Lord Willow is a Neverwinter streaming content provider as well as video creator on YouTube. Check out his Twitch Channel at Lord_Willow. Lord Willow usually streams early evenings in Eastern Standard Time, or UTC -4, but check out his schedule for full details.

Alliance member Enna streams on her Backpetal Twitch channel. Enna streams during mornings in Europe so you can now spend your whole day watching Alliance members stream. Start with Enna, move to Hastur and finish with Willow!

If you didn’t already know, Cloaks leader Greyhastur has been streaming Neverwinter on Twitch since August of 2017! He currently streams on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday in the mornings, Pacific Daylight Time, or UTC -7. To visit his YouTube channel, click here.

Alliance member MisfitMouse has been playing Neverwinter for years. Her positive attitude is infectious and she’s all about the gameplay. If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy the fun the game can bring, check out her channel by clicking here.

Spiritcloak iFantomeN has been playing Neverwinter long before he joined our Alliance, back to 2013. He’s been back for about six months after a hiatus that begun after Chult/Omu but his barbarian doesn’t seem to have missed a step. Check out his Twitch channel and watch his veteran play.

Greycloak Dono has started streaming his Ranger gameplay, which runs the gambit from daily grind to Infernal Citadel runs, often with our Alliance. He hasn’t been streaming as long as Greyhastur so head on over to his channel and hit that Follow button.

Class Builds (M18 updates)

Our own Lord Willow has developed class builds for Mod 16+ for most of the Neverwinter classes. Any of the links below with the M18 designation have build content specific to Module 18, Infernal Descent. Thanks to our own TheAxolotl for his contributions as well. Check out his post on managing aggro!

ACT Data Analysis

Want to test you character out? This information can help: ACT Combat Tracker.

Alternatively, you can use Lord Willow’s Power BI log analysis tool for Neverwinter (screenshot below). Check out his YouTube video on this alternative to ACT.

Looking for Mod 16 Undermountain information? Other than our M16 class builds, which can be found in the build section and are still largely viable for M18. check out our M16 Undermountain guide.

Other stuff…

Still doing campaigns? Here is some advice on what campaign is from what mod.

The new Stronghold professions vendor schedule for 2019 is out and begins 25 Feb 2019.

Need to know when and where profession buildings are up? 

Latest Useful Things

If you’re looking for a resource to explore Neverwinter content online, we’ve created a page of links in different categories to help direct you to resources.

Latest Fun Bits

Check out our new Fun Bits section of the site! This section is intended for anything not announcement or utility related, such as our Art Tour of Castle Ravenloft, or the post with the new Neverwinter demotivational posters. We also have a way to add some spice to your dungeon run with the Wheels of Wonder.

Our newest entries are part of a series called “From Another View”, where we look at Neverwinter locales outside the perspective of running content. Check out the latest entry on Valindra’s Tower to see the hidden courtyard. Previously in the series we covered: